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Paranas holds MPOC, Two rebel returnees surrender high powered firearms

By EMY C. BONIFACIO, Samar News.com
August 22, 2010

CATBALOGAN CITY  –  The Local Government of the Municipality of Paranas convened in joint session the Municipal Peace and Order Council (MPOC) and the People's Day Forum last August 16 at its new constructed people's hall in the poblacion. The forty (40) Barangay Chairmen representing the forty four (44) Barangays comprising the municipality, together with the Heads of the different national and local agencies and POs were in attendance. The joint forum was chaired by the MPOC Presiding Officer, Mayor Felix Babalcon, this municipality.

Gracing the activity were representatives of the PNP, P/Inspector Lucino Quimado; Lt Col. William Penafiel, 34IB Battalion Commander; Col. Ramon Baldemor, Deputy Commander of the 801st Brigade; Lt. Col. Frederico Tutaan, G7 representing Maj. Gen. Arthur I. Tabaquero of the Philippine Army of the 8ID, Camp Lukban, Brgy. Maulong, Catbalogan Samar.

The issues which were primarily discussed pertained to the concerted efforts of the stakeholders in maintaining the peace and order situation of the community as well as the developmental programs which the local government is presently undertaking that are intended to uplift the lives of its constituents.

The PNP discussed briefly their continuing programs and accomplishments. PNP records also showed minor criminalities ranging from theft, estafa, illegal fishing and illegal possession of firearms which were immediately acted upon by the police by filing appropriate charges in court.

Likewise, programs coming from the Department of Agriculture, such as the availability of certified seeds and planting assistance to farmers were announced. It also disseminated an invitation from the Philippine Crop Insurance for farmers to apply for a Crop Insurance with a minimal fee of P300 per hectare. This ensures protection of farm crops/products from disasters and natural calamities.

In the same venue, the Municipal Health Officer shared a memorandum from the DOH on the alarming increase of dengue cases in Eastern Visayas which is recorded to be the highest with 4,766 cases and 63 deaths. DOH statistics revealed a 1.73% increase in last year's data. In this instance, the Barangay Chairmen were advised to mobilize Community Watch Search to monitor and destroy dengue mosquito breeding areas and report cases.

The presentation of two (2) rebel returnees by the AFP highlighted the activity. In a press conference, SN.com got in contact with brothers Cesar Gabac alias Orian/Uki and Juanito Gabac, who happen to be former members of the Regional Guerilla Unit who are operating in Central Samar. According to the reports, a civilian informant, alias Nito/Bambi tipped the willingness of the Gabac brothers to return to the folds of the law.

The negotiations with brothers Cesar and Juanito were made by the elements of the 34th Infantry Battalion based in San Jose de Buan. Its commanding Officer, Lt. Col. William Penafiel, directed his men to undertake the necessary identification of the subjects and the  conduct of security operations that led to the surrender of the two and the recovery of one (1) M16 rifle bearing SN 4904162, one (1) magazine filled with nineteen (1) live rounds of ammunition of M16, two (2) back pack filled with civilian clothes, two (2) poncho and 0ne (1) upper receiver group of M16 rifle and two (2) empty magazines of M14 rifle located outskirt of their farmhouse in Barangay Anagasi, Paranas, Samar last July 25, 2010.

It was learned that Cesar Gabac joined the NPA 1n 1986 after being lured by the promises and pro-people propaganda of the NPAs. He actively participated in the various activities of the organization until he became a team leader for a group of five. In 1987, he got disappointed over the group's inability to address his family needs that led to the death of his father. This instance made him realize the incapacity of the group to solve the bigger social issues that they promise to their members. He recalled having participated in the ambush of Gen. Cabides' team in San Jose de Buan last 2006.

The combined security operations of the HSVc Company and the Alpha Company of the 34th IB, led by 1LT Jewelry Servinas, and the humane treatment afforded by the military to the two rebel returnees during their custody, proved productive results. On July 27, 2010, Cesar Gabac was once again motivated to surrender a cache of firearms and other war materials hidden also at the outskirt of the same barangay. The recovered firearms and war paraphernalia were presented to the media and the crowd during the press conference.

Mayor Babalcon expressed his thanks to the military for the sincere efforts in minimizing/stopping insurgency, stressing its deterrent effects on development. He immediately ordered the appropriation of Php 20,000.00 cash incentive for the Gabac brothers.

On the other hand, Lt. Col. Penafiel acknowledged the successful security operations and the tipster's information in the area as evidences of a unified effort of both the army and the civilian populace. He encouraged more rebels to join the Gabac brothers' decision to surrender and avail of the livelihood packages that the Social Integration Program is offering.  He assured the rebels of a sincere social rehabilitation program that will bring back their dignity and pride as productive citizens of Samar.





The 10th Philippine Contingent at the midst of adversity

August 13, 2010

TACLOBAN CITY  –  Christopher Columbus and his men, while on voyage in search for spices in the new  world for the kingdom of Spain, accidentally made the greatest discovery in the world history – THE HAITI.  It was inhabited by the Arawaks (Indians) who were peacefully living in the land.

Soon after the discovery, Christopher Columbus named the land Hispañola which was later divided into two: Republic of Haiti in the West and the Dominican Republic situated in the East.

Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, and is ranked 149th of the 182 countries on human development index. The Australian government travel advisory had previously expressed concerns that Haiti emergency services would be unable to cope in the event of major disaster and the country is “economically vulnerable” by the Food and Agriculture Organization. It is no stranger to natural disaster. In addition to earthquake, it has been struck frequently by cyclones that caused flooding and widespread damage.

As to the peace and order situation, there is the immediate problem of the breakdown in law and order in Haiti. It is difficult for that country to sit idly. We support legal Constitutional Authority’s search to rely on legalism which can amount to inaction. Also, there is an anecdotal evidence of an insurgency that claims to control half of the country. The reality is that in a nation like this (Haiti) with an approximate of 8 million people, there is no military. The police force of just 4,000 individuals meant that the governmental authority was thin on the ground in any event.  It was not difficult to dislodge a few policemen by coming along with superior weapons and the will to murder and pillage. There could be no pride in the scenes of carriage and disorders that had flowed from the guns of the rebel factions.  Likewise, the dislodging of the head of State in Haiti’s creeping attempt to overthrow the government of Haiti by force, constitute serious THREAT to the INTERNATIONAL PEACE AND SECURITY in the region. Thereby, the SECURITY COUNCIL decided to establish the MISSION. The office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights Advisor has worked in the implementation of MINUSTAH’s human rights mandate.

Minustah has the promotion and protection of human rights mandate, which includes:

1. To support the Transitional Government as well as Haitian human institution and groups in their efforts to promote and protection of human rights, particularly of WOMEN and CHILDREN in order to ensure individual accountability for human rights and redress of victims;

2. To monitor and report on human rights situation, in cooperation with the Office of High Commissioner for Human Rights including on the Situation of returned of the refugees and displaced persons.

To restore the law and order in this country will require someone to do it.  This means other nation’s troops must take place in order to Restore Stability in Haiti.

The Philippines is one of the signatories in the United Nation, being so, it is the Philippines’ renounced war as an instrument of national policy, adopts the generally accepted principles of international law as part of the law of the land and adheres to the policy of peace, equality, justice, freedom, cooperation, and amity with all nations (Sec. 2, Art. ll of the 1987 Philippines Constitution).  Since the United nation sought the assistance of our nation in restoring peace and order in Haiti, the Philippine Government through the Armed Forces of the Philippines, just like other Contingent, had deployed the 10th Philippine Contingent to Haiti in support of operational Uphold Democracy.

On August 22, 2009, the Philippine Government deployed to Haiti 172-strong Philippine Contingent led by Colonel Lope C. Dagoy, the Commander of the 10th Philippine Contingent. The critical role of the group is to prevent the said country from plunging into chaos. To accomplish this, the group needed to have a regular dialogue to the populace in explaining the Minustah’s mandates The gesture of humanity, exemplify the values of solidarity and commitment to service by the 10th Philippine Contingent, was given recognition for its exemplary work in fulfilling its U.N. mandate, in securing the U.N. humanitarian relief operations, as well as looking after the welfare of the Filipinos in Haiti.

The dedication of the 10th Philippine Contingent in carrying out their mission has caught the attention of Ambassador Hedi Annabi, Special Representative of the Security-General and head of the United Nation’s Stabilization Mission in Haiti.  In recognizing the important role of the members of the 10th Phil. Contingent led by Col. Lope Dagoy, the United Nation officials in a ceremony presented to the group the U.N. peacekeeping medal for exemplary work in the service of peace and security.  The untiring and unwavering support extended by the group does not only benefit the people thereat, but also redound to the great credit of the President through the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

While they’re serving as peacekeeper, the deadly earthquake with a magnitude of 7.3 (Ritchel Scale) hit the country, causing the death of approximately 200,000 people of different races, thousands homeless, commercial system like telephone lines, cellular phone signals and internet to be destroyed. Most roads were blocked by landslides and falling debris from the buildings. Colonel Dagoy, upon seeing the collapsed of the 12-storey MINUSTAH headquarter immediately recalled among others his (35) Philippine Contingent Personnel working therein presumably being trapped under its rubbles, likewise hearing their howling agonies asking help for survival. In no time, he immediately organized his available men at the unit parking area in the hope to rescue more survivors.  As they continue to rescue more survivors from the adjacent buildings, the 10th Phil. Contingent was glad and overwhelmed upon seeing the Phil Contingent headquarters, which had remained standing despite of the major cracks and damages it had gone through.

While Haiti is facing the disaster, there was an institutionalized response as a result of strong bonding with Filipino Community and the 10th Philippine Contingent. The help came mostly from the members of Phil. Contingent through the leadership of Col. Dagoy, who promptly and effectively managed the going operations, like the availability of food rations, water, medicines supplies in spite of an increasing number of wounded persons caused by a killer earthquake.

In addition to the task given to the Philippine Contingent, they were also tasked in the repatriation of 64 Filipinos from earthquake ravaged in Haiti.

The minimal damage caused by the devastating earthquake among Filipino community members was because of the prompt action of the 10th Phil. Contingent, and the quick response and deep commitment to duty shown by Col. Dagoy and his team.

The response to the disaster reveals something important about human beings.  It is simple, though it sounds sentimental. For some reason humans have a huge capacity for empathy, for giving, for helping those who are hurt.  This need to help seems as instinctive as member of the 10th Phil. Contingent led by Col. Lope C. Dagoy’s desire to assist the victims of a killer earthquake in Haiti.  We Filipinos, salute to those who demonstrate devotion to duty as what the members and the Commander of the 10th Philippine Contingent have shown. CONGRATULATIONS!!!





The sturdy Rose and the Cocaine bricks

(A tribute to a mother and an Officer)

August 4, 2010

BORONGAN CITY  –  She was a frail, sick engineering student with a heart ailment that hampered her graduation from college, but today she was instrumental in the recovery of about 68 bricks of Cocaine (next to Llorente which had more ) which were found ashore of Borongan City, Eastern Samar.

Police Supt. Rose Mambulao turns-over 16 bricks of high-grade cocaine, which were surrendered to her by two fishermen in Brgy. Divinubo, to PSupt. Emerson Maibo of the ESPPO, Camp Asidillo, Borongan City, Eastern Samar last July 23.

The name is Police Superintendent Rosula “Rose” Sabio Mambulao, 55, Chief of Police, this City.

The series of recovery began in December 23, 2009 in the island of Divinubo, some 25-minute motorboat ride from Borongan.  On the same day, another cocaine bricks were recovered in barangay Cabong, just about two kilometers from the city.  The next day, another 14 packs of cocaine were recovered back in Divinubo island.

Little did the lady officer knew that the Divinubo and Cabong recoveries were just openings of cans with worms; more and more fishermen surrendered the stuff to her and her team; the latest was last third week of July when Yolanda Mondedo, a housewife from barangay Locso-on, turned over to her four bricks of the illegal substance.  Yolanda said, she was in Manila when her husband found the melting substance near the sea; she said her husband sorted the still compacted part of the suspected cocaine bars.  Confused and knew nothing to do, he kept it in their house, but he could not sleep.  She said her husband ordered her to go home to help him decide on what to do with the stuff.

“The persistent information campaign of the police authorities, led by Ma’am Rose through Pulong-Pulong and radio broadcast helped us decide to finally surrender to them the bricks,” Mondedo confessed. “We are thankful that we were informed about the criminal liability we will have to bear if we don’t surrender these bricks, never mind if we don’t become millionaire out of this bricks, I told my husband; I think peace is better,” the woman added.

The Chief of Police said, she did a lot of convincing powers to the residents where intelligence assets would report that some of the residents have the illegal substance in the keeping.

“I am thankful that there are times when before the end of my talk, a fisherman or two would surface from the crowd with the bricks in their hands,” she revealed.

The recent recoveries included four bricks last July 19, by brothers Roberto and Dominador Azul of Divinubo, 16 bricks by Edwin Doculan and Edgar Beros and the four by Mondedo.

Who is this sturdy Rose in the police service?  At home she is the disciplinarian mother of four and a wife to another member of the PNP; her eldest son is also a PO2, the next is a resident doctor in Tacloban, another is an accountant and the only daughter is a registered nurse.

She is the typical housewife next door in duster, who loves the Korean movies until daybreak of watching, dancing and social drinking.  She admitted that hers was not a so easy life as a young girl maybe have taught her to be strong.

In the interview, she revealed life was incomparably hard in Quinapondan town where she was raised with her three other siblings.  She said before morning school, she would tap the dews in the gumamela plants down their house for her body lotion, just to eliminate the scaly dry skin “pugis” in her legs because seldom could they buy even the cheap Victoria for hair oil and lotion at the same time.  As a college student, they ate corn with salted “hipon” almost everyday.

But it did not deter her dream to move one.  While advised by the doctor to rest to improve her heart condition, she heard of a recruitment process where she applied, underwent the tough agility test and neuro, and in 1977, at 21 she became a patrolwoman and she discovered she got cured of her ailment.

Since then, the towering 5’5” officer had had unstoppable trainings, schoolings and encounters.  The latest was when she led a team of policemen, who conducted a raid and succeeded in the recovery of sachets of Shabu in a barangay in Oras town in December 2008. The operation yielded millions worth of the illegal drug and the arrest of a suspected family of pushers, one of them the mother.

Today, after several tour of duties in different stations in the region, this sturdy Rose has earned an array of medals: an undetermined number of Medalya ng Papuri, Medalya ng Kagaligan, Medalya ng Kasanayan and a national award as an Outstanding Officer for WCCD.

Dominador Azul (left) handshakes with PSupt. Rosula Sabio Mambulao during the awarding rites at the Governor’s Office. To his left is Hon. Gov. Conrado B. Nicart, Jr. who gave Azul a cash award of P2,000 for the two bricks that he surrendered. Second from right is PSSupt. Felixberto Marudo Castillo, DSC, Provincial Police Director.

This July, Honorable Governor Conrado Nicart, accorded her a recognition together with Senior Supt. Felixberto Castillo for their outstanding performance, just like the other COPs, in the recovery of the cocaine that put Eastern Samar in the limelight worldwide. Here, another medal was added up to her collection; Medalya ng Kagalingan.

It was said that a Chinese vessel carrying the prohibited substance dumped them in the Pacific, upon realizing that a US Anti-Illegal Drug Enforcement Team was running after them in hot pursuit.  As these suspected cocaine bricks were thrown into the sea, some inched closer to the shores of Eastern Samar and was founded by the fishermen in San Policarpo, Borongan, Llorente and elsewhere along the coastal areas of the province.

Police Supt Rose Mambulao can be tough and sturdy when needed in wars, but as a person, as a mother and friend, she is soft and compassionate.  Asked what she considers her biggest accomplishment, “My children,” she humbly replied.

Yet, life has not been a bed of roses for me, so to speak.

“Destiny has been good to me, but I have my own share of life’s ups and downs,” the candid sharing of this friendly woman went on.  “Without our imperfections maybe life could be colorless. Somehow, we can’t be regretful with some of life’s lapses, after all “the road of life was not meant to be lived backward but forward,” she cracked.

At 56 next year, the final curtain for police duties for this lady officer will finally fall. Still young and energetic she could still see herself actively participating in the community, minus the cocaine, hopefully, she jibed.  Asked if she can be a politician, ”why not?”, she answered, “pero sayang ada it ak hin-retire-ran? Ayaw nala. Ballroom dancing nala,” she laughed.  (PIA-Eastern Samar)





DENR 8’s forest protection and law enforcement efforts gaining

July 27, 2010

TACLOBAN CITY  –  The Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Region 8’s intensified efforts on forest protection and law enforcement have gained grounds as the different operatives of the agency confiscated forest products; jailed forest law violators; suspended employees who were remiss of their duties; implemented stringent policies on giving permits to lumber dealers; and recognized the vital role of the peoples’ organizations and other sectors in forest conservation.

DENR-8 RED Primitivo C. Galinato, Jr.

The no-nonsense effort is consistent with the management direction “From the Ridges to the Reefs” which was launched during the assumption of Regional Executive Director Primitivo C. Galinato, Jr.   as the DENR regional chief on November 10, 2009.

Consistent with the said direction, RED Galinato and the different sectoral services, line bureaus and Provincial and Community Environment and Natural Resources Offices have implemented the management strategies for the protection of the environment and conservation of natural resources.

On March 24, 2010, RED Galinato called the 121 Forest Rangers to a summit and exhorted them to consolidate their forces in combating illegal activities in the forest.  The forest rangers were formed into a regional association to organize, strengthen and harmonize their forces.  Quick Response Teams were also created to operate in their respective jurisdictions and merge forces if needed.  Days after the summit on April 14, 2010, the Quick Response Teams from CENROS Albuera, Palo and Baybay all in Leyte had joint operations and confiscated motorcycles loaded with contraband lumber in Capoocan, Leyte.

The perpetrators: RicRic Seblante et. al. coming from the towns of Capoocan and Carigara, Leyte were all jailed in Carigiara.  Criminal complaints were filed against them before the Municipal Trial Court of Carigara for violation of P.D. 705, the Forestry Code of the Philippines.

In a separate report, Forest Management Service Regional Technical Director Felipe S. Calub disclosed that 57 confiscation events of a total of 127 cubic meters of lumber valued at P1.3 million were conducted by the Quick Response Teams from the different field offices throughout the region from January to June of this year.

Recently, the DENR has also received an order from Regional Trial Court, Branch 36 of Carigara, Leyte ordering the disposition of a seized motorboat, two boat keels and illegally sourced lauan lumber, as it meted a penalty to Santiago Villamor and Joseph Villamor from San Miguel, Leyte who have been found violating the forestry code.

After through investigation, the DENR has also caused the suspension of its own employee, Armando Doque who had issued rattan transport permit beyond his authority.

“We may be hard in implementing the one strike policy in dealing with our own employees who do not do their job properly. On the other hand, we give due recognition and reward to our best performing employees.  On June 28, during the culmination program of the Environment Month, the DENR gave recognition to 12 employees and 36 retirees for giving important contributions to the DENR’s thrust and programs.  The DENR had also given recognition to 13 partners from the private sector, local government units and the media for their untiring support to the DENR.  Forest protection and law enforcement is a tough job that we also need the help of our partners from other sectors in dealing with the perpetrators of the forest and doing forest development programs”, RED Galinato said.

The DENR is also imposing the stringent policy of not giving expired lumber dealers, renewal of their license to operate if they cannot assure a legitimate source of lumber which they can trade.  These can come from existing private plantation in and outside Region 8.  “The applicant lumber dealer cannot just show us papers but we have to validate whether they have existing legitimate source of lumber supply”. Galinato added.

Another strategy is seeking the involvement of the people’s organizations under the Community Based Forest Management Program in forest management, they being the actual occupants of the forest areas.  “We will be calling these POs to a summit this coming July 22 to 23 to discuss with them the best strategies for the development and protection of forest areas, Galinato quipped.

The management direction “From the Ridges to the Reefs” is consistent with one of the current priority thrust of DENR Secretary Ramon J. P. Paje on forest protection and development for productivity.  This direction considers that the forestlands should be amply protected as anything that happens in the forest would certainly affect the balance of the lowland including the marine and coastal areas.





Supplemental feeding in Catbalogan gets a twist

July 22, 2010

CATBALOGAN CITY  –  Some 30 malnourished children in Barangay 7, Catbalogan City have been reporting to the barangay hall for their daily ration of nutritious food sponsored by the city government and Makulay ang Buhay feeding program with commercial partners.

Barangay Nutrition Scholar (BNS) Antonia Lomboy told PIA that the feeding program that started in April until September this year is a blessing.

“When I see the kids in the streets, I tell them to go to the barangay hall to get food“, she told PIA.

The invitation is well received and kids would start coming in, bringing with them their own dish and plastic tumblers for their food and milk.

The menu varies from day to day, and is provided by the commercial partners. The kids get to have each day a glass of milk too.

In June, 25 of the kids with below normal weight has normalized, Lomboy proudly reported.

Barangay Chairman Jun Tenedero said partners like the police and Girl Scouts have also assisted the program in their own little way. “This is a partnership of almost every one,” Tenedero added.

Yesterday, July 21 was a special day to the kids, one special patron by the name of Enzo Yu sponsored chicken and spaghetti from Jollibee for them and some 150 children more.

The kids wore their best clothing and some toothless smiles as they ate with the Jolibee mascot.

But Lomboy led them to sing a happy birthday song first before the youngsters devoured their special birthday meal.

Norma Ramirez who is a mother of three malnourished kids and a regular assistant of BNS Lomboy took all her children to the party.

“Di gud kami hini mam nakakatilaw hit jolibee (We can’t afford this type of food),” Norma said trying to restrain her brood of five that had started scampering for the choice chicken cuts. She also did not miss the opportunity to pose with Jollibee and her children.

Enzo Yu took a sneak peek at the children, just smiled without saying a word and left the eating children shortly.

Chairman Tenedero said Yu is a regular donor of the barangay and has been supporting the feeding program in the past years.

Tomorrow, the kids will return to their regular meal with fortified recipes and they will always remember the day when Jollibee visited them. They did not even know why and who is Enzo Yu. (PIA Samar)





Putting the Filipino calamansi into the limelight this Nutrition Month

By Philippine Information Agency (PIA 8)
July 13, 2010

TACLOBAN CITY  –  As Region 8 joins the other regions across the country in celebrating this month of July as Nutrition Month, it is but fitting to put into the limelight the Filipino calamansi.

Foreigners describe it as the small green citrus native to the Philippines. The fruit looks like a small lime and is relative of the mandarin orange and the pomelo, others say.

Yes, the lowly versatile tart fruit has gained culinary popularity in the other countries and is being used in many recipes ranging from cocktails to salsas.

Many Filipinos call it calamansi, others call it calamondin, others call it suter. This is citrofortunella microcarpa, a round greenish to yellow in color, 2 cm to 4.5 cm fruit which is normally found in the kitchen of Filipino homes since it does wonders of wonders as a sour flavoring to a variety of dishes from the sautéed rice noodles called bihon to pancit palabok; from the arroz caldo to beefsteak Filipino style.

Calamansi is the secret ingredient to many mouthwatering Filipino delicacies. This writer remembers that the juice of the calamansi leaves are extracted and added to the leche plan to give it an exotic taste. How would the famous Leyte kinilaw taste without the secret ingredient called calamansi? What would dieters do without the calamansi to make the grapelike seeweeds called lato?

What is more refreshing than a glass of calamansi juice or iced tea laced with calamansi on a weather unusually unbearable because of global warming?  Squeeze halved 4 to 5 pieces calamansi, to a cup. Strain it. Add honey or sugar. It's a good source of vitamin C. It keeps common colds away.

So versatile the calamansi is that it is even used for personal hygiene as a deodorant and a whitening agent. Others use it as detergent, removing the grease from the hands, and as a cleansing scrub to pans and dirty or stained clothes. Doesn't Grandma crumbles calamansi leaves and smell it to recover from dizzy spells?

Yet how many calamansi growers have thought that calamansi can be processed into commercial food products such as ready-to-drink juice, juice concentrate, jelly, and jam, and marmalade to name a few?

Indeed, there are many calamansi-based products which are potential sources of sustainable livelihood.

The Department of Science and Technology Industrial Technology Development Institute has developed business concepts involving calamansi processing technologies particularly on Calamansi Concentrate, Calamansi Juice Drink, and Calamansi Jelly. Through this, one will be able to help ensure that the young children of Region 8 will be assured of the supply of the nutritious drink.

If your interest has been aroused and now you want to graduate from being just a user or planter of calamansi, please contact DOST 8 under the leadership of Director Edgardo Esperancilla. He will surely be too willing to patiently answer your query.

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