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Cayetano opposes Sarmiento’s CJ nomination

By Office of Sen. Alan Peter S. Cayetano
July 21, 2012

PASAY CITY – Senate Minority Leader Alan Peter Cayetano strongly opposed yesterday the nomination of Comelec Commissioner Rene Sarmiento as Chief Justice (CJ), saying Sarmiento “allowed if not abetted” the perpetration of fraud in the 2007 and 2010 elections.

“We have just undergone the painful impeachment of the head of the judiciary. What the judiciary needs now is a CJ who will not only heal the wounds of impeachment, but, more importantly, restore the people’s faith and confidence in the Supreme Court,” said Cayetano in his letter to the Judicial and Bar Council (JBC).

“We cannot afford to commit another mistake in the appointment of a CJ. We cannot appoint somebody like Commissioner Sarmiento whose competence, integrity, probity, and independence are not beyond suspicion,” he stressed.

Cayetano accused Sarmiento and other members of the Comelec of not deciding with dispatch his nuisance candidate complaint against one Joselito Pepito Cayetano in the 2007 senatorial elections, leading to confusion among voters and the sabotaging of his chances of winning.

The senator said the Comelec only disqualified Joselito Pepito three days before the election and, worse, declared on election day that since their decision was not yet final and executory, any vote for “Cayetano” would not be counted in his (Alan Peter’s) favor.

“Furthermore, in an unprecedented move, both COMELEC and the Department of Education launched a campaign to call schools and Board of Election Inspectors members to order them not to count 'Cayetano' votes in my favor,” Cayetano told the JBC.

This was happening while the former First Gentleman Mike Arroyo was openly campaigning against him and telling politicians that he should not win at all cost, said the senator.

The former First Gentleman is the husband of Former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, who appointed Commissioner Sarmiento.

Cayetano pointed out that the decision only accomplished what the handlers of Joselito Pepito sought to do, which was to sow confusion among the electorate.

“Many voters thought that Joselito Pepito had already been disqualified so they just wrote ‘Cayetano’ on the ballots to vote for me. Millions of these votes were considered stray by order of the COMELEC, resulting in substantial reduction of my total votes,” the senator said.

Cayetano said Sarmiento did not protest this “machination” and that “no angry denunciation, no stinging dissent – not even a whimper” was heard from the Comelec official.

“Later on during the counting of the votes, he (Sarmiento) would also inexplicably turn a blind eye to the statistically impossible results of zero (0) vote for candidates Noynoy Aquino, Ping Lacson and myself in some areas.”

Cayetano also charged Sarmiento, as one of those who took charge of the elections in Mindanao in 2007, which resulted in the orchestrated defeat of then senatorial candidate Koko Pimentel.

“During an interview with a news anchor, Commissioner Sarmiento denied having in their custody blank election returns. But when shown a video of COMELEC personnel bringing into Maria Cristina Hotel in Iligan City copies of blank election returns, Commissioner Sarmiento took back his denial and explained that the blank election returns were brought to the hotel for safekeeping,” the senator said.

“Witnesses would later come out claiming that Commissioner Sarmiento was involved in the grand conspiracy to rig the 2007 Senatorial election to try to defeat then candidates Noynoy Aquino, Ping Lacson and myself,” he added.

And despite the issues regarding the operations of the so-called “Garci Boys” in the 2004 elections, Sarmiento has not stood up, initiated or moved for an investigation of said individuals. In fact, instead of investigating and punishing these people, many of the said “Garci Boys” were promoted, said Cayetano.

“If fraud can be perpetrated to a member of Congress, and in a much-publicized case, imagine how it can be done easily to other citizens. Commissioner Sarmiento had the obligation to uphold the integrity of the ballots and protect the people’s will and not protect the machinations and schemes of powerful traditional politicians,” the solon said.

Cayetano added that even after the Senate started investigating the cheating in the 2004 and 2007 elections, where testimonies showed machinations of said “Garci Boys”, Sarmiento did nothing.

“His inclusion in the list of aspirants for the position of Chief Justice to the Supreme Court may prove to be an embarrassment if I do not bring these events, facts, and matters to the attention of the Honorable members of this Council. I will be as guilty as Commissioner Sarmiento if I remain silent. While Commissioner Sarmiento styles himself as an election reformist, his actions – and inactions – show otherwise,” said Cayetano.

Sarmiento’s actions and inactions were not only evident during the 2007 and 2010 elections, but even in his voting record, which is far from exemplary, said Cayetano, citing Nila G. Aguillo v. Isidro L. Hemedes, Jr. and Benjamin C. Del Rosario v. Rommel A. Gecolea.

“The above-described conduct of Commissioner Sarmiento in the performance of his duties as a high ranking official of the COMELEC puts under heavy cloud of doubt his integrity, impartiality and propriety, which are all required from a member of the judiciary, much more from the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

“All of the above-mentioned events, facts and matters can be easily verified as they are of public knowledge and borne out by public and official records. Moreover, since most of these were reported in the national media, a simple search in the internet will show the factual background of my statements.

Under the rules, the JBC may conduct a discreet investigation with Cayetano expressing readiness to “provide more information and assist in any way to get the truth, the whole truth.”





PNoy’s legacy: more coal plants than those built by all his predecessors combined?

July 21, 2012

QUEZON CITY  –  Ahead of the President’s State of the Nation address this Monday, Greenpeace today urged President Benigno Aquino III to take a clear stand for renewable energy (RE) and cancel all 16 coal-fired power plant proposals approved since he took office in 2010.

“Greenpeace is calling on President Aquino to revoke all coal power plants approved during his term. Otherwise, he will be leaving a legacy as the president who built more coal plants than all of his predecessors combined, inflicting pollution and climate change on the Filipino people,” said Anna Abad, Climate and Energy Campaigner for Greenpeace Southeast Asia.

Coal is the world’s dirtiest fossil fuel. Coal endangers the health and livelihood of communities and is one of the major causes of climate change. Unfortunately, PNoy’s current energy policy has opened the door to dozens of new coal-fired power plants that Greenpeace believes will effectively shut out any significant renewable energy uptake in the Philippines.

Under the direction of Secretary Jose Almendras, the Department of Energy has approved an unprecedented number of coal projects, at least 16 nationwide, with a combined output of 4,552 MW – a figure which far exceeds the aggregate number of coal projects approved by previous administrations.

While it was busy rolling out the red carpet for coal, the DOE also effectively blocked the full implementation of the Renewable Energy Law, allowing the approval of feed-in-tariff (FIT) rates for renewable energy to drag on. The delay of RE FIT rates have caused the delay and cancellation of RE power proposals in the country.

Globally, investments in renewable energy are outstripping that of fossil fuels. In the Philippines, however, the Aquino administration has secured coal projects until the end of the President’s term, consequently preventing the chances for more significant renewable energy projects to take off.

For communities who will end up hosting these plants, this means living under the shadow of life-threatening toxic emissions, destroyed livelihoods and greater water scarcity. For Filipinos in general, this also means greater energy insecurity and higher electricity costs in the long term given the ever-increasing price of finite coal and fossil fuel supplies globally.

Earlier, communities from Bataan, Davao, Negros, Subic-Olongapo, and Zamboanga, among others, voiced their outrage and disapproval for DOE’s coal projects in an open letter addressed to the President.

“It is disheartening that the administration is being muddled by the wanton politics of the energy industry facilitated by none other than the Energy Secretary. Greenpeace believes that now is the time for the President to show his commitment to good governance and stand by his pledge to ensure RE will ‘fuel our movement towards the rebuilding of this nation,’” said Abad.

“The upcoming State of the Nation address offers the opportunity for the President to renew that commitment by making clear that he will stand not with big coal businesses, but with the communities who will become victims of coal plant pollution, and the whole nation which is reeling under the impacts of climate change. As a start, the President must cancel the proposed coal plants to ensure that the environment is protected and conserved, not exploited for short term benefits in the guise of economic growth. He must also oppose any attempt to block, weaken, or delay the full implementation of the RE Law,” Abad concluded.





Protestant bishops echo political detainees call for freedom

July 21, 2012

QUEZON CITY  –  Eight Bishops from the United Church of Christ in the Philippines (UCCP) expressed support to the ongoing hunger strike/fasting of political prisoners. In a statement, the Bishops urged Pres. Noynoy Aquino “to consider the plight of political detainees under his administration and their call for a general, unconditional and omnibus amnesty.”

The hunger strike/fasting which started last July 16 is on its fifth day. On July 19, some 18 political prisoners in Metro Manila, Agusan del Sur, Cebu and Tagum City heightened their action by going on hunger strike to highlight the call for their release. Five hundred (500) inmates at the Compostela Valley Provincial Rehabilitation Center joined the political prisoners in sympathy. Political prisoners in 10 jails throughout the country have joined the hunger strike/fast.

The UCCP Bishops said they are “compelled to amplify” the on-going hunger strike of political prisoners in the “face of such callous dismissal by the Aquino Administration”, referring to the earlier pronouncement of Malacañang that “there are no political prisoners” in the country.

They also called for the release the 14 National Democratic Front (NDF) peace consultants who are covered by the Government of the Philippines (GPH) and NDF Joint Agreement on Safety and Immunity Guarantees (JASIG). “As Church advocates committed to the peace process, we view such action as a significant step in bringing forward and revitalizing the GPH-NDFP peace talks.”

In a separate statement, NDF peace consultant Ramon Patriarca criticized the Aquino government because “it has not done enough to comply with its commitments in the many bilateral agreements it forged with the NDF. One cannot but suspect that the June 15 Oslo initiative was meant only as another ‘pogi point’ for the president’s State of the Nation Address (SONA) or, as a mere posturing preparatory to ending altogether the GPH-NDF peace negotiations consistent with his Oplan Bayanihan counter-revolutionary program.” Patriarca is a political prisoner at the Camp Lapu-Lapu, AFP Central Command headquarters in Lahug, Cebu City. He is among the political prisoners who are on hunger strike.

The UCCP Bishops who signed the statement of support were: Bishops Reuel Norman O. Marigza, General Secretary of the UCCP, Elorde M. Sambat, North Luzon Jurisdictional Area, Roel P. Mendoza, Middle Luzon Jurisdictional Area, Arturo R. Asi, South Luzon Jurisdictional Area, Jaime M. Moriles, West Visayas Juridictional Area, Dulce Pia-Rose, East Visayas Jurisdictional Area, Melzar D. Labuntog, Northwest Mindanao Jurisdictional Area, Modesto D. Villasanta, Southeast Mindanao Jurisdictional Area.





3-day ICOT Caravan held in Baybay City

By Provincial Media Relations Center
July 21, 2012

TACLOBAN CITY  –  Leyte province’s landmark program, the Inter-Community Operation Tambulig or "ICOT Caravan", a health program that provides free service to communities started by Leyte Gov. Carlos Jericho Petilla, wheeled off again for a three-day health caravan in Baybay City.

The caravan was held in Brgy. Makinhas, Bitanhuan and at the Baybay City Gymnasium in three consecutive dates, serving the more than 90 barangays of the city.

Hundreds of indigents from clustered barangays of Baybay received free consultations and medicines during the medical mission.

Representing the governor during the three-day medical caravan was his younger brother, businessman Dominic Petilla, who led in the distribution of food packs to residents in the various villages together with Baybay City Mayor Carmen Cari.

Among the services provided by the ICOT Caravan are medical, dental, veterinary, Philhealth coverage for the indigents, personal grooming, and other services including the nutritional feeding program.

In addition, the younger Petilla, who is being groomed to run for a gubernatorial post next year, also led in the distribution of vitamins to pupils at the Baybay Central School.

The younger Petilla assured this is one program of the provincial government that he will continue, should he be given the chance to serve the province in the future, just as his parents and his incumbent governor-brother before him.

“Bringing the services direct to the people is one way of bringing the government closer to the people. That has always been the trademark of how our family has served the people of Leyte,” Dominic said.

Since it started in 2004, ICOT Caravan has already won praises from officials and common folk in all the municipalities where it renders services. Composed of doctors, medical specialists, surgeons, dentists, nursing and medical student-volunteers and community organization of the Provincial Governor’s Office, the province’s ICOT Caravan is being sent not only to communities seldom serviced by doctors but in all the municipalities in the Leyte province.





Still “aiming nowhere” at justice

Martial Law victims warn of Aquino compromise with the Marcoses

July 21, 2012

QUEZON CITY  –  Organization of ex-political prisoners SELDA (Samahan ng mga Ex-Detainees laban sa Detensyon at Aresto) warned the Aquino government not to enter into compromise with the Marcoses, amid efforts of the Nacionalista Party and the Liberal Party to merge into a coalition in preparation for the 2013 elections.

“The Marcoses and the Aquinos in one party coalition is equivalent to compromising the call for justice of Martial Law victims. We will not be surprised if Justice for Martial Law victims remain elusive under his term,” SELDA vice chairperson Bonifacio Ilagan said.

Ilagan added that Aquino should stop claiming to be a victim of Martial Law if any compromise happens.

“This is a fight we have brought all the way, and the last person to render this futile is Pres. Aquino,” Ilagan said.

According to Ilagan, they will join the protests on Monday together with other victims of the government’s “empty promises of justice.”

“A year after Pres. Aquino declared in his previous SONA that the government aims to give due compensation to the victims of Martial Law, it is still an arrow aiming at nowhere,” Ilagan said.

According to SELDA, there was no progress in the quest for recognition and giving due compensation to the victims of the Marcos dictatorship under the Aquino administration. “If there was,” according to Ilagan, “it was all due to the effort of the victims and their families.”

“A number of prominent Martial Law victims have died this year, while many have grown more sick and old. Yet, we gathered all our energies to tread the halls of the Senate and Lower House. We wrote letters, we marched the streets. When will the Aquino government do their job, when we are all dead?” Ilagan asked.

This July, three SELDA leaders passed away due to sickness. Jose “Bong” Barsoles, 61, chairperson of SELDA-National Capital Region died on June 29; Romeo Luneta, 69, SELDA Board member; and Margarita “Maita” Gomez, 65, SELDA Board member.

SELDA has been urging the Senate to pass Senate Bill 2976, or the Marcos Victims Compensation Bill, which aims to recognize and give due compensation to the 9,539 Martial Law victims who successfully filed a historic class suit against the dictator Marcos, including other victims who were not signed as plaintiffs in the case.

“We continue to demand the Aquino government to pass the indemnification bill before the year ends. We will not tolerate any more delay,” Ilagan declared.





What is happening to the AFP?

By ANAD Partylist
July 20, 2012

QUEZON CITY  –  “General, what has happened to the AFP?” This is the question posed by the Alliance for Nationalism and Democracy (ANAD) on AFP Chief of Staff Gen. Jessie Dellosa in reaction to Bayan Muna Rep. Neri Colmenares’ lecture: Human Rights Legal Mechanism: The Writ of Amparo before officers and men of the Phil. Army’s 3rd Infantry Division, at the University of San Agustin, in Iloilo City last July 16. (Bayan Muna solon lectures soldiers on human rights, pp. 11, The Freeman, 7/19/12)

“Is this your best and surest way to ‘win the peace’ and end the 44-years of Maoist terrorism?” asked ANAD Rep. Jun Alcover as he decried the fact that with the things happening in our midst, the Maoist terrorist CPP-NPA-NDF is now dictating the tempo and methodology of the Armed Forces’ counter-insurgency operations.

“It is my belief that the AFP is now going nuts and crazy in seeking ways and measures to resolve Maoist terrorism in the country!” added Rep. Alcover as he pointed out that instead, “The AFP leadership should’ve told Colmenares to show his full adherence to the rule of law, justice, and the protection of human rights by convincing Satur Ocampo and the remaining few thousands of NPAs to give up their firearms and self-styled and demonic misadventure that already has become senseless and worthless,” he said.

The former NPA commander and political officer in Eastern and Central Visayas stressed that Bayan Muna is a political organization of the National Democratic Front (NDF). “It is on record that the founding chair of the Maoist CPP-NPA-NDF Jose Ma. Sison, last March 4, 1987 in Brussels, Belgium, openly admitted that Bagong Alyansa Makabayan (BAYAN) and Bayan Muna are part of the communist’s revolutionary forces and its united front effort against the government. So what business does Rep. Colmenares have in taking the podium before the officers and men of the Phil. Army, their avowed enemy, but to promote and protect the interest of his Maoist masters!” said Rep. Alcover.

Saying that in using the Maoist personalities, the AFP does not enjoy any psychological advantage over Maoist terrorists, “In terms of propaganda, nothing has changed as the balance still remains in favor of the Maoist terrorist organization and not the government,” Rep. Alcover explained.

Citing his experience and the knowledge gained while in the Maoist University covering some 10 years, “The calumny, deceptions, and pretensions now waged by them (Maoist armed and political forces) are the very same teachings that were rammed on us in the underground. Now I am a witness to these things happening in our midst. In many forums with government and the private sector, I was not remiss in warning them by openly sharing this information. But it seems nobody listened!” Rep. Alcover added.

At the same time, Rep. Alcover said that the latest incident is indeed like rubbing salt to the wounds already suffered by the government’s armed forces when then Maj. Gen. Emmanuel Bautista, commanding general of the Army’s 3rd ID, during a confrontation between the military, police, and ‘militant’ groups (sic!) at the office of Iloilo Gov. Arthur Defensor Sr. in October 5, 2011, admitted that the military was indeed behind the vilification and red-tagging of ‘militant’ groups in Western Visayas. (Army admits campus red-baiting, Panay News, 10-09-2011,) “The army officer referred to in the aforesaid news item is now the commanding general of the Philippine Army,” Rep. Alcover said.

“Deplorable is the fact that with IPSP Bayanihan, the AFP leadership has indeed changed tack as is now using Maoist communist personalities to teach soldiers how to engage Maoist terrorist armed and political forces in the field. What a sickening development!” Rep. Alcover added.





UNA says case vs. Garcia and imminent suspension political harassment; Zambo gov next in line

By United Nationalist Alliance (UNA)
July 20, 2012

MANILA  –  The United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) on Friday slammed the filing of a graft case and the impending issuance of preventive suspension against Cebu Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia, calling the moves political harassment.

The coalition also noted a pattern of harassment of local officials sympathetic to UNA by government officials "more loyal to their party than their offices."

“The cruel and conspicuous timing of the filing of the graft case and the impending suspension of Governor Garcia appears to be more political harassment than a genuine desire to rid the government of scalawags,” said UNA spokesperson Atty. JV Bautista in a statement.

Bautista pointed out that the news of Garcia’s suspension only surfaced when she was declared an official senatorial candidate of the coalition.

“[Governor Garcia] faces an impending suspension from office only after she was announced as an official candidate of UNA for senator and less than a year from the May 2013 elections,” he said.

“Governor Auring Cerilles of Zamboanga, whose sympathies are with UNA, is also reportedly another target of harassment. Local executives are being threatened if they refuse to join the ruling party. The on-going rigodon of police, fire, and prison officials, who are not aligned with their political supporters, shows that the dirty tricks being played are not confined to the elected officials,” Bautista added.

UNA urged the administration to shun acts of political harassment and persecution or risk losing “the moral high ground from where it claims to draw popular support.”

“Electoral contests must be fought with dignity and high principles, not with harassment and dirty tricks,” Bautista said.

He called for the immediate cessation of political harassment against Garcia and other UNA supporters.

“The road to clean elections in 2013 must start now,” Bautista concluded.





DAR honors Agraryo scholars in East Visayas

By Philippine Information Agency (PIA 8)
July 20, 2012

TACLOBAN CITY  –  The Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) recently feted thirteen (13) recipients of the Programang Agraryo Iskolar (PAI) in Eastern Visayas who completed their college education and earned bachelor’s degrees last March of this year.

DAR Regional Director Eliasem Castillo presented certificates of recognition to the scholars during the culmination rite of the 24th anniversary celebration of the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP) held on June 28 at the DAR Regional Office.

Director Castillo informed that of the 13 scholars who graduated this year from the different state universities and colleges in the region, seven were from Samar; three from Eastern Samar; two from Leyte; and one from Southern Leyte.

The successful Programang Agraryo Iskolars are Ginalyn Agravante, Niel Alvarez, Angelita Bote, Madel Noval, Jayson Rolio and Jessalyn Ocenar who all earned the degree on Bachelor of Agriculture Technology at the Northwest Samar State University, while Ma. Liza Beldad finished Bachelor of Secondary Education from the same institution.

The other honorees were Gregorio Boco who took up BS Secondary Education Major in Mathematics, Rommel Walohan who finished BS Elementary Education, and Jessalyn Ellado who finished BS Business Administration, all at the Eastern Samar State University.

Meanwhile, Jovy Caidoy took up BS Elementary Education at the Visayas State University); Jenilyn Clemencio took up BS Technology major in Home Economics and Livelihood Education at the Eastern Visayas State University; and Joseph Igpan finished BS Industrial Education from the Southern Leyte State University.

Igpan, in his testimony, recognized that without PAI it would be impossible for him to finish college education because his farmer-parents are really hard up and cannot afford to send him and his other siblings to school.

Igpan did not waste this opportunity. With his determination and intelligence, he took advantage of DAR’s scholarship program to realize his dream.

On his graduation day, he not only made his parents and the DAR management proud, he also stood as a bright shining star serving as an inspiration to other youth.

DAR 8 Information Officer Jose Alsmith L. Soria said that the PAI, which the agency considers as among its major accomplishments in improving the lives of the farmers, was introduced in 2003 to dependents of agrarian reform beneficiaries and had already produced over a hundred graduates in Region-8.

During the celebration of the 24th year Anniversary of CARP in the Region, DAR highlighted the gains of CARP in Region-8 by showcasing the programs and projects realized during its 24 years of implementation thru photo exhibit and introduced the products from the different agrarian reform communities (ARCs) in a trade fair.





President Aquino names OP undersecretary to JBC as De Lima’s replacement

Press Release
July 20, 2012

MANILA  –  President Benigno S. Aquino III has designated Undersecretary Michael Frederick L. Musngi of the Office of the President to replace Justice Secretary Leila De Lima as the Executive Department’s representative in the Judicial and Bar Council (JBC).

In his letter to the JBC dated July 19, 2012, President Aquino said: “I hereby designate Atty. Michael Frederick L. Musngi, Undersecretary of the Office of Special Concerns, Office of the President, as the representative of the Executive Branch, vice Secretary Leila M. De Lima, for the sole purpose of participating in the deliberations of the Judicial and Bar Council for the selection of nominees for the position of Chief Justice.”

De Lima has inhibited herself as ex-officio member of the JBC from the selection process after she accepted the nomination for the post of Chief Justice.

The JBC has acceded to the request of Executive Secretary Paquito N. Ochoa Jr. in behalf of the President to assign a substitute for De Lima to ensure that the three branches of government are equally represented in the deliberation of the council.

Following an en banc meeting, the council wrote to the Executive Secretary on July 17, 2012, that it had “agreed to accept the designation of a representative of the Executive Department in the JBC whose rank is not lower than Undersecretary.”

Musngi, who heads the Office of Special Concerns under the Office of the Executive Secretary, is a graduate of the Ateneo School of Law, and has been in government service since 2002, having worked at the Government Service Insurance System, the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Agrarian Reform and the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority.

He is the official representative of the Office of the President as ex-officio board member in the Maritime Industry Authority, the Philippine National Railways and the National Housing Authority.





Barangay chairman arrested for murder and frustrated murder

By RPCRD, Police Regional Office 8
July 20, 2012

CAMP RUPERTO KANGLEON, Palo, Leyte  –  A 64 year old incumbent Barangay Chairman was arrested by operatives on Wednesday morning, PNP PRO 8 said.

On July 18, 2012 at about 8:00 o’clock in the morning, joint elements of Sto. Niño Municipal Police Station and CIDG-Catbalogan led by PInsp Wilfredo Sarayan Monsanto and PInsp Manrico Calando Acorda respectively arrested a certain Mario Jimenez Jao, 64 years old, married, a resident and an incumbent Barangay Chairman of Sitio Mactang, Brgy. Ilo, Sto. Niño, Samar.

Jao was arrested by virtue of a Warrant of Arrest for Murder and Frustrated Murder docketed under Criminal case numbers 6640 and 6641 respectively issued by Honorable Judge Reynaldo B. Clemens of RTC Branch 31, Calbayog City, Samar with recommended bail of P200,000 for Frustrated Murder and no bail for the Murder case.

Subject accused person was turned-over to the court concerned for proper disposition.

Meanwhile, another wanted person charged for the crime of Robbery with Violence and Intimidation Against Persons was arrested by combined elements of Dagami Police Station and Leyte PPO Intel Section led by PSI Romulo G. Alavarina, COP on July 18, 2012.

Arrested person was identified as one Charito Espina Dumduma, 44 years old, married, jobless and a resident of Brgy. Cabariwan, Dagami, Leyte. He was charged for the crime of Robbery with Violence and Intimidation Against Persons with recommended bail of One Hundred Thousand Pesos (P100,000) issued by Honorable Judge Alphinor C. Serrano, Presiding Judge, RTC Branch 6, Bulwagan ng Katarungan, Tacloban City.

Dumduma is rank number 9 in the list of Most Wanted persons in the municipality of Dagami, Leyte.

PSSupt Roel Balintong Acidre, Chief, RPCRD notes, that the successful arrests and accounting of wanted persons is the result of the continuing cooperation of the people towards their police, thus, the public is also assured that the PNP will pursue its mandate of preserving peace and order and extend protective services in the community.



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