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P32B for AFP Modernization Program continues to flow this year says Oban

Who is the real evil?

The military is using SIPPAD to rubber-stamp Oplan Bayanihan

Leyte SP to hear anew proposed Leyte-Mindanao power grid sharing project

ANAD oppose nomination of Diokno and Tañada as next Ombudsman

NDF-EV urges Gov. Nicart to support the peace talks at the national level

NDF-EV slams 8th ID's US-funded “road to war”

Chan: “We are more than ready!”

NDF-EV criticizes MSQRT as a palliative measure and a platform for absolving human rights violators

Sec. Robredo offers P200K for identity and P1M for the arrest of mayor Uy’s killer





AFP Chief of Staff commends the 8ID Command’s successful engagement with the Civil Society Organizations and the LGUs

July 11, 2011

CATBALOGAN CITY  –  In a routine visit to the 8th Infantry Division, Philippine Army, ACS General Eduardo SL Oban Jr. has personally congratulated the 8ID family for its outstanding accomplishments for the 1st semester of 2011. The accomplishments were in line with the objectives of the Internal Peace Security Plans-Bayanihan (IPSP Bayanihan).

Based on the over-all performance evaluation conducted by the AFP General Headquarters, two (2) brigades (801st and 803rd) were included in the top 5 list and three (3) Battalions (14IB, 19IB and 34IB) of the “Stormtroopers” were made part of the top 10 list of performing units of the Philippine Army. It has recorded 36 encounters, 46 firearms recovered and 22 enemies neutralized.

Gen. Oban commended MGen Mario Chan for his strong leadership. He cited Chan’s concretely-planned and critically-analysed strategies that paved way to the 8ID’s successes.  Jokingly, Gen. Oban said that they both belonged to the “Plans Family” because they never stopped planning.

“The IPSP will be largely dependent upon the Commander’s imagination, creativity and appreciation of the environment and strategic aspects in the implementation of his campaign plans”, Oban disclosed.

Furthermore, he appreciated the efforts of the 8ID leadership for its successful engagements with the non-military sectors such as the non-government organizations, people’s organizations, church and the academe.

“Each and every member of the society should be with us because we only have one dream – to have a lasting peace. We saw this in all the efforts shown by the 8ID under the leadership of Gen. Chan. We should encourage our stakeholders and plan on how to invite them to participate and get the support of the other sectors. This was achieved by the General. He has good relations with the LGUs. They are important because they are the ones who will implement the delivery of the basic services and projects. This is the challenge for all commanders. Our only role is to catalyze the stakeholders towards the road going to the attainment of our objectives” Oban stressed.

“Let’s commend the 8ID for the direction towards road networks development and the implementation of projects under PAMANA of our government. We have played a very important role in the first quarter. Let’s sustain the efforts” was Gen. Oban’s continuing challenge to the officers and men present.

On the other hand, MGen Chan commits to pursue his development agenda for Samar in response to the public-private partnerships that are being encouraged under the IPSP Bayanihan. The General has been repeatedly heard talking about the military’s vital role and participation in the implementation of the proposed road infrastructures that would interconnect the tri-boundaries of Samar.

In a latest report, ground breaking activity preparations for the Gandara-Matuguinao Road Project are now being facilitated. Chan disclosed that coordination meetings have already been made with the DPWH, the Department of National Defense and the military’s Engineering Units and the Local chief Executives for its immediate implementation. He expects the road to be passable by the end of September 2011.

Chan is not all bothered by reports that his leadership at the 8ID is presently being challenged by a group’s petition to unseat him due to unconfirmed reports or allegations of being involved in political partisanship. He strongly denies the allegations and asserts on the non-partisan status of his position.

“Decision like this is political in nature that is dictated by the incumbent leadership. The AFP will just abide by it. If I will be ordered to move out of the 8ID, I have to obey because I am a soldier in the first place. I am ready for it, to accept whatever decision. Meantime, I will just do what I can do while I’m here. I assure everyone that I have been fair in my dealings with everybody and I will continue my commitment to change Samar Island and make it one of the best tourists’ destination,” was the General’s ready answer.

Chan is confident that he has the support of the multi-sectoral groups who also dream of developing Samar. The recently held Samar Island Partnership for Peace and Development (SIPPAD) assembly attended by the three (3) Bishops of the Samar islands and representatives of the civil society groups, expressed an all-out support to Chan’s clear direction in ensuring the peace and development of the area. Specifically, he stressed the urgency of interconnecting the three islands thru the road networks. This, according to him, will be the road that would end the war against poverty and would uplift the lives of the people.

Gen. Oban furthermore believes that the 8ID’s outstanding performance and the good feedbacks that he’s gathered from all other sectors would be enough to keep Gen. Chan in command until he completes the implementation of his plans and programs that would serve the interests of the majority in his area of responsibility.

In a related story, the AFP Chief of Staff also took the opportunity of disseminating the various programs that would boost the morale and welfare of the troops. He announced the availability of 10 thousand housing units for the AFP and another 10 thousand units for the PNP. The continuity of the Pension Plans Benefits was assured and the proposed reforms or changes will be made effective for the newcomers only.

With reference to the suggested reforms during his assumption speech, Gen. Oban informed that the commissary services have already been improved, thereby making available supplies for their daily needs at reasonable prices. This was intended to increase the purchasing power of the soldiers.

Likewise, he is decisive in pushing reforms on logistics and financial management. He recalled how the AFP Fund Scam affected every soldier and their families when the AFP was tagged as the most corrupt agency in the government.

“It became a challenge to show the people that we are a model of good governance – make the organization stronger and transparent in all our actions. I will leave footprints behind with things that I expect to happen within the year. And I will also leave a blueprint that will serve as guide for our future leadership to push for financial reforms” was how Oban concretized the challenge to fight corruption in the AFP.

“Reforms cannot be done overnight. Slowly, we see the weaknesses and continuous improvement happens.  We are focused on an 18 point action plan to include reforms on logistics, management, training and personnel. This will be implemented in my incumbency. We will leave blueprints. Until now, slowly, we are creating public trust and confidence.  Actually, we have also been receiving expressions of support and encouragement for us to continue the challenge” explains Gen Oban as he suggests for the revisiting of the AFP organizational structure and system.

The soldiers were once again reminded to strictly abide with the provisions of the Human Rights, International Humanitarian Law and the rule of law. Oban proudly disclosed that since his assumption, there were no human rights violations received in the newly created AFP Human Rights Office.

“Hopefully, it will continue and become part of the culture of the AFP to become agents of human security”, Oban said.

“I don’t want half-baked or half-cooked reforms for the soldiers. We belong to the Plans Family. Kaya puro plano kami. Kailanangang planuhin namin yan para alam namin pagdating sa dulo kung hanggang saan lang tayo at kung hanggang saan ang ipagpapatuloy ng papalit sa akin. Ganyang klase ang gusto nating approach. Ayoko yung i-coconcentrate natin para masabing tinapos ko yan. Half cooked. Process properly. Kung aabot hanggang December, we leave a blue print for their continuous implementation. We also have a mechanism for feedback para continuous ang improvement and enhancement” were Gen. Oban’s final statements.





Sec. Ona approves water system project for Guiuan

July 11, 2011

BORONGAN, Eastern Samar  –  Health Secretary Enrique Ona responded positively to the clamor of Guiuan, Eastern Samar Mayor Annaliz Kwan as regards water system in her municipality.

During the live telecast of Pilipinas Natin-Human Development Forum telecast in Calicoan Island, Guiuan, Kwan pose her question.

“Secretary Ona, If you may please recall, when we had our shoot for sanitation at the National Kidney Transplant Institute (NKTI), I asked for your help for water allocated fund for Guiuan, eto po ay napa-importante sa amin since we are promoting Guiuan as a tourist destination, water is a very big problem here,” Kwan said addressing Health Secretary Ona.

Ona responded smiling saying, “Mayor tamang- tama ho na itong pondo ng potable water under sa LWUA ay attached sa DOH.”

“Mabibigyan na ho natin ng rapid implementation itong potable water program, kasi ho ito ay isang programa na kasama natin ang DILG (Department of Interior and Local Govenment) at NAPC (National Anti-poverty Commission), ang NAPC ang nag i identify, DILG ang nag i-implement at DOH ang magbabayad,” Ona said.

He added, “Kaya ito pong programa ay talaga siguro makakaabot na in the next few months sa inyo.”

Mayor Kwan was so glad with Ona’s response, even more so when Albay Governor Joey Salceda who was at the other end commented.

“I guess i translate ko lang si Secretary Ona dahil lagi ko naman itong kausap, Mayor, it means yes!” Salceda said.

Though not seen on TV anymore, Mayor Kwan’s staff and the whole NBN, PIA and Radyo ng Bayan crew applauded with the positive development.

Mayor Kwan was still in high spirits as she hosted the lunch of fresh sea-water food to her one dozen-visitors at the Calicoan Villa.

Guiuan is promoting Calicoan as a tourist destination and several resorts have been constructed on the white sand beaches of Calicoan.

As Guiuan is a strip of land between two bodies of water, the Pacific Ocean and Leyte Gulf, access to potable water has been a problem.

Mayor Kwan would have wanted to ask newly-installed Secretary of the Department of Transportation and Communication Mar Roxas for the rehabilitation of Guiuan airport, still in support to her tourism project, but for now, the promise of a potable water system was good enough.





Daram Mayor aims an Organic Vegetable Production from Women's Farm

Mayor Lucia Latorre-Astorga with Daram Mobile Kusina Women's Organization in a meeting on the implementation of Organic Vegetable Production.

July 10, 2011

DARAM, Samar  –  Mayor Lucia Latorre-Astorga surprised the residents of a far flung barangay Nipa in the island municipality of Daram when she visited the place without notice this week. Awed, the residents altogether approached the simply visiting Mayor as she comes nearer to the center of the barangay.

Her intention of visiting the place is to meet with her Mobile Kusina Women's organization, popularly known as MK, and introduce to them the Organic Vegetable Production Project for MK's, where her administration is currently implementing under the sustainable agriculture program. With an agriculturist companion, Mr. Richard Milod, an expert in sustainable agriculture from a partner non-government organization ADF, the Mayor discussed with the women and barangay officials the concept of the project.

Barangay Nipa, is just one of the 6 pilot MK gardens who's actual training on organic farming is underway within the week. The others are situated in Birawan, Ubo, Badiang, Cabil-isan and Tugas. With the on-going 3-year program on nutrition in various elementary schools in partnership with Jollibee Foundation and ZFF, the Mayor hopes that the garden will cater the need for vegetables of the said program without purchasing it from the nearby towns while at the same time fulfilling the goals of the LGU in addressing the malnutrition problem of the island.

Hence, positively responding to the MDG's goal of reducing under five and maternal deaths and addressing micro-nutrients needs of the children and mothers. The project also hopes to make the garden a livelihood opportunity primarily for women but generally for the community itself. Saying that organic vegetable is "in" the market today, the Mayor said, this simple intentions may and could be turned out into large and increase income among families in Daram.





ANAD hits Duterte’s rule in Davao City as brazen thuggery!

By ANAD Parylist
July 10, 2011

QUEZON CITY  –  ANAD Rep. Jun Alcover called on Davaoeños to stand up for justice, in its real sense, as he decried the Duterte family’s iron fist and dictatorial rule in Davao City.  Rep. Alcover said that the condemnable “I-punched-the-sheriff” incident last July 1 in Barangay Soliman, Agdao District; and the reported refusal of Sheriff-victim Abe Andres to file criminal charges against the City Mayor is more than enough proof to show that the city is truly ruled by thugs where the word of the gang-boss is the law.

“I can’t think of anything else but Duterte’s fiefdom in the making when, in television news reports, I saw City Vice-Mayor Digong Duterte and his son poking dirty fingers against their critics and taunting CHR chair Etta Rosales to helplessness,” the ANAD solon said.

“Vice-Mayor Duterte and his son, a Davao City councilor, poking their dirty fingers are not mere exercises of their freedom of expression but an open challenge to the rule of law and national legal authority. This is a highly despicable display of public disservice and sheer arrogance deliberately made by a public official!” Rep. Alcover pointed out.

“I understand the sheriff’s feeling when he apologized on television and expressed his desire not to file a case against the City Mayor. No one in Davao City would dare raise a finger against the Duterte family without putting his dear life and that of his family, on the line. Without any second thought, the Duterte’s exude power and blood reminiscent of the dreaded Mafia syndicates as they seemed untouchables in their own turf with about 90% of Davaoeños cowed in fear while 10% just keeping mum yet having deep reservations against them,” he added.

“Government must now show to all, that public officials are duty-bound to uphold the rule of law and that they must conduct themselves in the highest standards of public service,” said ANAD Rep. Jun Alcover in reaction to the seeming timid response of Malacañang, the DILG, and the League of Cities of the Philippines, to the incident.

“Malacañang and DILG Secretary Jessie Robredo are duty-bound to act accordingly and with dispatch to prevent a repeat of Davao City Mayor Sara-Duterte-Carpio’s brazen display of thuggery to happen in other areas of the country,” Rep. Alcover stressed.

“At the same time, as a lawyer, City Mayor Duterte is fully aware of the consequences of her act. She blatantly obstructed the imposition of a lawful order of the court for which she should be cited for contempt and subjected to appropriate disciplinary sanctions by the Supreme Court,” Rep. Alcover added.





Leyte to join trade, investment expos in foreign countries

By Provincial Media Relations Center
July 9, 2011

TACLOBAN CITY  –  The province of Leyte is gearing up to join trade and investments fair in other countries this year to strengthen investments campaign to the province.

Gov. Icot Petilla

It was learned from Leyte Governor Carlos Jericho Petilla that the provincial government of Leyte, through the Leyte Tourism and Investment Promotions Center (LTIPC), is planning to join international trade and investment fair in London and one other country in Europe within the year.

The governor said tourism and economic boost in the province could come in good and viable investments from interested and dependable investors in and outside the country.

Joining investments fair, the governor said, is one way not only to promote the locality but also to encourage investors and businesses to come.

It also intends to provide linkages between and among the private sector groups and the government agencies and instrumentalities. Joining international fairs is opening the door of opportunities for the province even wider.

“We are looking at trade and fairs to give us the opportunity to show our capabilities, our products and our market,” Gov. Petilla said.

He added going global in Leyte’s ‘selling mission’ is hoped to lead the influx of investments in the province and the region and the creation of employment opportunities for the people.

Tourism wise, the province has earlier identified island beach getaways, diving and eco-tourism spots, spa and wellness attractions, as well as cultural destinations as the province’s main offerings to travel trade players in trade exhibitions.

“Admittedly, the government is not a good investor. We cannot do this on our own, we rather need investors to invest on us,” Gov. Petilla said.

Still high on his priority list, he added, is for the province to have a “destination hotel” that could lure tourists and provide jobs for the locals.

Meanwhile, earlier in March this year, the province of Leyte through the Department of Trade and Industry Leyte Provincial Office, showcased export quality products at the National Trade Fair 2011 in Manila. These export quality products were from the gifts, decors, and handicrafts sector. The Leyte producers had the opportunity to meet new buyers particularly institutional buyers in Manila.


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