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NDF-EV slams 8th ID's US-funded “road to war”

Chan: “We are more than ready!”

NDF-EV criticizes MSQRT as a palliative measure and a platform for absolving human rights violators

Sec. Robredo offers P200K for identity and P1M for the arrest of mayor Uy’s killer

Samar I DPWH initiates media conference for transparency efforts

Artists, journalists, academe call for release of detained cultural worker

DOT-8 conducts workshop on tourism plan preparation

Chiz condemns culture of impunity in the military

Kasugbong Samar initiates regional MSQRT assembly

Attend to duty or face disciplinary actions, Robredo warns local government officials




NDF-EV urges Gov. Nicart to support the peace talks at the national level

June 1, 2011

The National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas today declined the offer of Eastern Samar Gov. Conrado Nicart, Jr., to discuss peace in the province and said the gesture for peace will be much better if the governor will support the peace talks at the national level.

Gov. Conrado Nicart, Jr.

“The issue of peace is bigger than in Eastern Samar alone,” said Fr. Santiago Salas, NDF-EV spokesperson. “That is why the peace talks should be held at the national level as it is now to thresh out the root causes of the armed conflict and to make a just and lasting peace possible. Holding peace talks at the local level will only play into the hands of the militarists and fascists who want to sow confusion and sabotage genuine peace by such a divide-and-rule tactic against the revolutionary forces,”

Fr. Salas added that the peace talks are proceeding at a snail's pace because the Aquino government is showing a lack of political initiative, and because militarists and fascists are working behind the scene to push “counterinsurgency” scheme Oplan Bayanihan.

“While the Aquino government has committed to releasing the NDFP peace consultants and other political prisoners, not a single one has been released and the military is monopolizing the say-so by insisting the political prisoners have to go through the gauntlet of the judicial process.

That is the reality, even though Noynoy Aquino can cut to the chase by ordering the release of political prisoners through executive fiat, as his mother Cory Aquino did in 1986 in ordering the release of Jose Ma. Sison and others imprisoned by the Marcos dictatorship. It seems the militarists and fascists are making all the decisions because they want to wage total war against the revolutionary movement through Oplan Bayanihan.”

The NDF-EV spokesperson advised Gov. Nicart to support the peace talks and help frustrate the militarists and fascists. “Gov. Nicart can help further the cause of peace by expressing support for the release of all political prisoners and other human rights issues. He can support the people in opposing Oplan Bayanihan as well as human rights violations caused by militarization in Eastern Samar. He can support the people's demands for socio-economic reforms such as opposing large-scale mining and logging in the province. By listening to the people and supporting their grievances, Gov. Nicart can make positive contributions to addressing the root causes of the armed conflict, continuing the peace talks, and paving the way for a just and lasting peace.”





A father and son shot dead in Tabango

By RPCRD, Police Regional Office 8
May 31, 2011

CAMP RUPERTO K KANGLEON, Palo, Leyte  –  PCSupt Arnold Rayala Revilla directed the Tabango Police to probe the criminal side of the incident regarding on the recent shooting incident at about 7:00 PM of May 27, 2011, at Brgy Tugas, Tabango Leyte.

"We will look into the details to determine precisely why it happened – if the gunman was under the influence of drugs or if he was psychologically imbalanced," he said.

Pedro Parcon, 58 yrs old, married, carpenter and Charlito Parcon, 27 yrs old, single, habal-habal driver/barangay tanod and certain Jose Saric Vellorijo of legal age, married, jobless and a resident of said place were hit by a gunshot by one Rodrigo Damayo Sr alias Rudy with the use of cal .45 pistol bearing Serial Nr 744853 with FA’s License Nr 1034201/1915779 valid until 11 March 2012.

Initial investigation disclosed that the aforesaid place of incident was celebrating vesper night and Socio-cultural Entertainment wherein the said suspect who is a Chief Tanod together with his five barangay tanod members were detailed by their barangay chairman to maintain peace and order for the duration of said event.

While in the height of the celebration, a commotion transpired involving Mr Pedro Parcon and his son Charlito Parcon both believed to be under the influence of liquor and armed with a long bolo and a squid hook who with no apparent reason went wild and threatened the crowd causing panic/alarm and scandal at the scene and subsequently attacked the duty barangay tanods which prompted Chief Tanod Damayo to fire a warning shot twice to pacify the duo.

At that instance, Mr Charlito Parcon attacked barangay chief tanod Damayo using a squid hook hitting the left back portion of his body prompting the latter to shoot hitting the chest of Charlito. When Mr Parcon learned that his son was shot, the latter immediately attacked Damayo, however, the latter luckily evaded and managed to shoot Pedro Parcon hitting his left thigh while bystander Jose Saric Vellorijo was hit at his left leg by a stray bullet.

Victims were immediately brought to Tabango Community Hospital, however, Mr Pedro Parcon and his son were declared DOA due to the sustained gun shot wound. Brgy Tanod Rodrigo Damayo surrendered to Tabango Poilce Station along with his firearm for safekeeping and proper disposition while Tabango Police coordinated with Dr Angel Cordero, Medico Legal Officer of PNP Crime Lab 8, for autopsy while appropriate criminal charges against the suspect is being prepared for filing in court.





PRO8 arrest eight (8) wanted persons

By RPCRD, Police Regional Office 8
May 30, 2011

CAMP RUPERTO K KANGLEON, Palo, Leyte  –  PCSupt Arnold Rayala Revilla, PRO8 Regional Director, reveals that the police operations in Eastern Visayas has always been intensifying the arrest of wanted persons which resulted to the recent arrest of eight (8) of the most wanted persons.

He said that the PNP remains serious in its efforts to bring to jail Eastern Visayas’s most wanted criminals. Among the operational imperatives set forth by PNP Chief, Police Director General Raul M. Bacalzo, when he assumed command over the police force last year is the intensified manhunt operations against syndicated crime groups; the most wanted persons.

Yesterday, May 29, 2011 at about 12:55 noon at the vicinity of Brgy San Juan, Sta Rita, Samar, elements of Regional Intelligence Unit (RIU) 8 led by PSupt Elmedio B Tagra, Chief, RIU8 arrested Goddy Olita alias Rudy, 39 yrs old, on board a bus bound for Manila by virtue of WOA for the crime of robbery with homicide docketed under Criminal Case NR 10-12-3472 issued by Hon Judge Ma Daisy P Gonzales, of Branch 25 Regional Trial Court, Maasin City, Southern Leyte.

Subject person is a member of the Olita Group, a robbery/hold-up group operating at the boundary of Maasin City, Southern Leyte and Leyte Province. Said warrant of arrest was issued in connection to the killing one Francisco Bug-os, 46 yrs old, a businessman of Sitio Cantimog, Maasin City, Southern Leyte in broad daylight on November 3, 2010 at about 9:30 am and subsequently taking all the cash which were in possession of the victim amounting to more or less P20,000.

Custodial interview is presently on-going to elicit from the said arrested person the identities of the other members of the Olita group and its modus operandi for the conduct of follow-up case operations.

Then, at about 6:30 AM of May 27, 2011, at Brgy C, Tarangnan, Samar, elements of Tarangnan Municipal Police Station led by PInsp Reynaldo Codilla Cajurao arrested Rommel Galian, 29 yrs old, single and a resident of Brgy B, Poblacion of said municipality by virtue of WOA for the crime of attempted homicide docketed under CC NR 3205 issued on March 25, 2011 by Hon Felipe B Maglana, Presiding Judge of 2nd MCTC,Tarangnan, Samar with recommended bailbond fixed at Twelve Thousand pesos (P12,000). Subject person was subsequently released by virtue of release order issued on May 27, 2011 by Hon Judge Felipe Maglana after posting cash bond.

Next, at about 7:30 AM of May 28, 2011, at Brgy San Isidro, San Julian, Eastern Samar, elements of San Julian Municipal Police Station led by PInsp Dexter L Astacaan together with 5 PNCOS arrested Sammy Basada by virtue of WOA for the crime of attempted murder docketed under CC NR11754 issued by Hon Rowena Nieves Tan, Presiding Judge, RTC Br 2, Borongan City. Subject person was brought to San Julian Municipal Police Station for documentation prior turned-over to the court of origin for proper disposition.

After that, at about 5:30 PM of May 27, 2011, at corner Codilla Street and National Highway, Brgy Valencia, Ormoc City, team led by PI Manuelito D Wenceslao, OIC PS2, OCPO arrested Dave Ramones, 21 yrs old, single, jobless and resident of Purok 2A, Brgy Valencia, Ormoc City by virtue of WOA under CC Nr M-ORM-11-00144-CR for reckless imprudence resulting to homicide, issued by Hon Jushua Roger Palalay, Presiding Judge, MTCC, Ormoc City dated 23 May 2011 with P30,000 recommended bail bond. Said arrested person is now detained at Police Station 2 lock-up cell for proper disposition.

Later, at about 3:20 PM of May 27, 2011, at Brgy Miranda, Gandara, Samar, elements of Gandara Municipal Police Station led by PI Fritz Blanco together with five (5) PNCOs apprehended Steve Refuncion, 27 yrs old, married and a resident of said place by virtue of WOA for violation of complex crime of reckless imprudence and serious physical injury pursuant to Art 365 of RPC in relation to Art 48 of same code docketed under CC Nr 6234 issued by Hon Felipe Maglana Jr, Acting Presiding Judge, MCTC, Gandara, Samar with recommended bail bond of P10,000 for his temporary liberty. Subject arrested person is now detained at Gandara lock-up cell for proper disposition.

Soon after, at about 6:30 AM of May 26, 2011, at Brgy Imelda, Tolosa, Leyte, elements of Tolosa Municipal Police Station led by PI Tito Villarino, Chief of Police, apprehended Alex Bacano, 28 yrs old, single, jobless and a resident of Brgy San Roque, Tolosa, Leyte by virtue of WOA for homicide docketed under CC Nr 2011-05-281 issued by Hon Judge Rogelio Sescon, Presiding Judge of RTC Branch 9, Bulwagan ng Katarungan, Tacloban City. Said accused is now detained at Tolosa lock-up cell for proper disposition.

Shortly at about 3:00 PM of May 26, 2011, at Sitio Lawis, Brgy Palhi, Baybay City, Leyte, elements of Baybay City Police Station led by PO3 Danilo Ruiz, arrested Crislito Cuizon Galenzoga alias Obing, 27 yrs old, married, farmer and a resident of Brgy Mahayahay, Baybay City, Leyte by virtue of WOA issued by Hon Judge Clinton Nuevo, Presiding Judge of RTC Baybay City for the crime of theft docketed under CC Nr B-11-05-48 with Php22,000 bail bond. Said accused is now detained at Baybay City Police Station for proper disposition.

In a moment, at about 9:59 AM of May 26, 2011, at Brgy Canlinga, Dagami, Leyte, elements of Dagami Police Station led by PSI Romulo Alvarina, chief of police, arrested Alberto D Dela Cruz, alias Roberto Dazo, 35 yrs old, married, farmer and a resident of same place by virtue of WOA for the crime of qualified theft issued by Hon Judge Yolanda Oblado Dagandan, Presiding Judge of RTC Br 15, Burauen, Leyte docketed under CC Nr BN-03-4634 with recommended bail bond of Php30,000. Subject person is presently detained at Dagami Police Station for proper disposition.





Illegal loggers nab

By RPCRD, Police Regional Office 8
May 30, 2011

CAMP RUPERTO K KANGLEON, Palo, Leyte  –  PSSupt Elizar Patano Egloso, PRO8 Information Officer, discloses that PRO8 has scored 3,354 board-feet on its fight against illegal logging.  These accomplishments are part with the police regular responsibility with the enforcement of special laws and ordinances in helping, protecting, preserving and enhancing the environment and natural resources, to wit:

At about 8:00 AM of May 28, 2011, elements of Hinunangan Municipal Police Station led by PSInsp Castor L Cabilogan, chief of police, conducted operation against illegal logging activities at Brgy Sto Niño II Hinunangan, Southern Leyte which resulted to the recovery of abandoned illegally sawn lumbers in different dimensions: four (4) pcs 1.5x10x12 and four (4) pcs 2x3x12 with a total volume of 84 bd-ft with an estimated market value amounting to Ph2,100. Recovered lumbers are presently under the custody of Hinunangan Municipal Police Station for documentation and proper disposition.

Meantime, at about 2:30 PM of May 27, 2011, at Sitio Kauswagan, Brgy Barayong, Palo, Leyte, joint elements of Palo Police Station and CENRO led by PSInsp Delfin D Sabanal, OIC and Gaspar Cabidog, CENRO Chief Utilization Unit conducted ocular inspection thereat upon receipt of a report from a concerned citizen that an alleged illegal cutting of lumbers is in progress at said area. Upon verification of said report, said team recovered 232 pcs of illegally sawn lumbers in different dimensions of Gimelina specie with a total volume of 2,655 bd-ft allegedly owned by Rowena Batula, a resident of Brgy Barayong, Palo, Leyte. Recovered lumbers are now in the custody of Gerardo Fernandez, Brgy Kagawad of Barayong, Palo, Leyte.

Then, at about 1:24 PM of May 27, 2011 at Sitio Bangon, Brgy Sta Rosa, Balangiga, Eastern Samar, elements of Balangiga Municipal Police Station led by SPO1 Arnold Legaspi with 3 other PNCOs responded to a text message from concerned citizen residing at said Brgy informing that an illegally cut lumber was placed along the river side. Said team recovered 14 pcs 2x4x16 illegally sawn hot lumber of red lawaan specie with a total volume of 149 bd-ft with estimated market value of P4,480. Said confiscated hot lumber were brought to Balangiga Municipal Police Station for documentation and proper disposition.

Followed by at about 11:30 AM of May 27, 2011, at Sitio Malinao, Brgy 07, Can-avid, Eastern Samar, elements of Can-avid Municipal Police Station received info from a concerned citizen thru Short Messages System (SMS), an abandoned forest product along the riverside of Sitio Malinao, Brgy 7, Can-avid, Eastern Samar. Upon receipt of the info, team led by PI Ricardo R Nebrija, chief of police, with 3 PNCOs proceeded to the area and recovered/confiscated 87 bd-ft of illegally cut/sawn lumber of different species with estimated market value of P1,218. Confiscated items were brought to Can-avid Municipal Police Station for safekeeping and proper disposition.

Afterwards, at about 10:00 PM of May 27, 2011, at Sitio Kanlumadyao, Brgy Libas, San Julian, Eastern Samar, elements of San Julian Municipal Police Station led by SPO4 Edgardo D Pomarca with 6 other PNCOs conducted operation on anti-ill logging at said place and recovered/confiscated abandoned illegally sawn lumber with the following dimensions: 15 pcs 2x2x12 and 5 pcs 2x6x10 with a total volume of 110 bd-ft and an estimated market value of P2,200. Confiscated lumber were brought to San Julian Municipal Police Station for documentation and proper disposition.

Subsequently, at about 10:00 PM of May 26, 2011, PNP personnel of Libagon Municipal Police Station led by PI Jay Balberian while conducting mobile patrol at Brgy Otikon, Libagon, Southern Leyte a member of BIN of said barangay revealed that there were several flitches of lumber brought by unidentified person situated at the bushy area of said place. Said team recovered twenty seven (27) pcs of 2”x2”x18” abandoned lawaan lumbers in different dimensions with a total volume of 162 bd-ft with a market value of P3,240 while the unidentified suspect fled towards unknown direction. The confiscated items were brought to Libagon Municipal Police Station for safekeeping and proper disposition.

Later, at about 10:00 AM of May 25, 2011, at Brgy San Gabriel, Maydolong, Eastern Samar, elements of Maydolong Police Station led by PInsp Tito C Mojica, chief of police, together with six (6) PNCOs conducted anti-illegal logging operation at the said place which resulted to the recovery/confiscation of abandoned illegally sawn lumbers of different sizes and dimensions: five (5) pcs 2”x10”x8’, four (4) pcs 2”x6”x8” and one pc 2”x8”x8” with total volume of one hundred seven (107) bd-ft and with estimated market value of three thousand two hundred ten pesos (P3,210). Said confiscated lumber were brought to Maydolong Police Station for documentation prior turn-over to Maydolong CENRO for proper disposition





Palace issues new guidelines on purchase of gov't vehicles

Press Release
May 28, 2011

MALACAÑANG  –  President Benigno Aquino III has delegated the authority to approve the acquisition of government motor vehicles to Cabinet secretaries, and to the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) for purchases by local government units (LGUs), under a new  set of guidelines aimed at streamlining operations in the bureaucracy while promoting public accountability.

Executive Secretary Paquito N. Ochoa Jr. said on Saturday that the Chief Executive signed Administrative Order No. 15 on May 25, 2011 to transfer such authority from the Office of the President (OP) to specific government agencies and to reiterate existing policies on the prohibition on the acquisition of luxury vehicles.

“Our objective here is to delegate the authority to approve the requests for the purchase of vehicles to the line agencies that are in a better position to determine whether the requests to purchase vehicles are justified,” Ochoa explained.

“In our 10 months here, we have determined that there is a need to decentralize a lot of procedures because so many papers need Malacañang approval even though we may not be the best office to process these requests. For example, we could not see the purpose behind requiring OP approval for administrative matters like the purchase of vehicles by LGUs in the provinces when there is an agency that is tasked to oversee LGU concerns,” he added. According to Ochoa, AO 15 also directs all government offices to immediately account for all their motor vehicle units and draw up a disposal program for all luxury motor vehicles, which they will submit to the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) within six months.

Under the new guidelines, the DBM has the authority to evaluate requests and recommend acquisition of motor vehicles by departments and attached agencies, including government-owned and –controlled corporations and government financial institutions. The authority to approve the requests rests with the heads of the concerned departments.  LGUs planning to acquire motor vehicles, on the other hand, must secure the approval of the DILG instead of the Office of the President.

For "specific-purpose vehicles” such as medical ambulances, military and police patrols and fire trucks, road construction and cargo equipment, among others, local executives may approve the purchase of these types of vehicles if the funds come from their own funds. LGUs who intend to purchase these types of vehicles using funds from the national government, however, must secure approval from the DBM.

For motor vehicles of other government offices and agencies not covered by the AO, evaluation and recommendation will be done by the DBM and the approval by the OP.

AO 15 amends AO 233 dated August 1, 2008, which governs the purchase and use of luxury vehicles by government agencies for their operations. This was further strengthened under Memorandum Order No. 9 issued in December 2010, which prohibits the acquisition of high-end cars and sports utility vehicles (SUVs).





Two died in bus accident in Samar

By RPCRD, Police Regional Office 8
May 25, 2011

CAMP RUPERTO K KANGLEON, Palo, Leyte  –  The case regarding bus accident at Brgy San Isidro, Sta Rita, Samar yesterday May 24, 2011 at around 11:00 in the morning has been properly turnover to the Highway Patrol Group 8 for proper disposition after Sta Rita police responded and conducted investigation, according to PSupt Elizar Patano Egloso, Police Regional Office 8 Spokesperson.

He said that the responding police officers headed by PInsp Eric L Leuterio are now conducting hot pursuit to the driver who immediately fled at the scene after the incident while the other police officers assisted other passengers in the bus.

Based on the report this office received, while PP Busline with Plate Number TYU-163 from Manila heading to Palompon, Leyte driven by Ricky Milliones, of legal age, a resident of Brgy Palid Uno, Leyte-Leyte, was traveling along Maharlika Highway at Brgy San Isidro, Sta Rita, Samar that upon reaching particularly at the curve portion of said barangay, the driver of same bus overtook to the other bus which resulted to swerve at the shoulder of the highway and subsequently hit/bump to a gemilina tree, likewise hitting a house and the three (3) bystanders, and as a consequences hereof, two victims died on the spot while the other one (1) was seriously injured and immediately was brought to Divine Word Hospital Tacloban City for medical treatment.

The damages incurred were the front and side portion of the bus and totally damage house owned by Auria Peñalosa.

The victims who died on the spot were: Marvin Abadiac, 12 yrs old, and Marco Paulo Calutan, 13 yrs old, both a resident of Brgy San Isidro, Sta Rita, Samar.  Injured were John Paul Cabutin, 14 yrs old, a resident of same barangay.





Former political prisoners slam special privileges for moneyed prisoners

May 23, 2011

The Samahan ng Ex-detainees Laban sa Detensyon at Aresto (SELDA), an organization of former political prisoners, today denounced the practice of granting special privileges given to moneyed prisoners in jails such as in the National Bilibid Prisons in the light of the recent news that former Batangas Gov. Antonio Leviste, convicted of homicide, was able to leave the jail facility without authorization.

Bonifacio Ilagan, Vice-chairperson of SELDA, said Leviste’s case is a classic example on the varying treatments given to prisoners, especially to prisoners who are wealthy, as compared to the situation of the 32,000 inmates, including 53 political prisoners, in said detention facility.

“While Leviste and murder convict Rolito Go, who was also reportedly enjoying the same privileges as the latter, can go in and out of prison, political prisoners, for example, in the Medium Security Compound in the NBP and in detention facilities in Camp Bagong Diwa are in detention cells together with inmates convicted of or undergoing trial for common crimes,” he said.

Ilagan cited the UN Body of Principles for the Protection of All Persons under any Form of Detention or Imprisonment and the UN Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners that obliges states to segregate political prisoners from other prisoners.

“These political prisoners have been long languishing inside jails and have experienced various injustices while in detention as they were heaped upon with criminal charges. It is for this reason that we are persistent in our demands for their immediate release,” he commented.

Ilagan cited the case of activist Rolando Pañamogan, who was unjustly charged and convicted with frustrated murder and is now detained in NBP, as among those who needs to be immediately released especially because he has been suffering from thyroid and liver problems.

“Pañamogan and the rest of the 346 political prisoners deserve to be freed, after long years of incarceration and illegal detention,” Ilagan said.  Ilagan further decried the government’s policy of political persecution against persons with different political beliefs and the filing of common criminal cases against political prisoners.

“Filing common crimes against political offenders conveniently hides the political nature of the cases against political prisoners thereby hiding the systematic political persecution committed by the government against people who have different political beliefs and getting away with it; this practice must be stopped,” decried Ilagan.


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