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Dawning of the vultures of freedom and democracy!

A Press statement by ANAD Partylist Cong. Pastor M. Alcover Jr.
January 21, 2012

The country is now made to bear witness to a very important political development that might alter the historical track of our freedoms, democratic well being, and institutions. The Filipino people is forced to a very serious situation purposely and meticulously culled by those whose ulterior motive is to institute political change: from a republican-presidential to the violent and inhuman communist dictatorship, either through the sheaths and swords of the brutal Maoist terrorist Communist Party of the Philippines-New Peoples Army-National Democratic Front (CPP-NPA-NDF); or the so-called Smiling Communists in Akbayan Partylist perceived to be less violent but still is efficient in using the dreaded iron-fist rule once they get hold of the reins of governance.

The ‘Impeachment Trial’ of Chief Justice Renato Corona is but a tip of an entire ingenious plan designed to stir public opinion away from and against government thus fueling mob rule to hasten the establishment of a revolutionary government by way of sharing the power and authority of government between the constitutionally mandated officials of government and the Maoist terrorist CPP-NPA-NDF.

This game plan was ably laid down and set into motion by the wily Maoist terrorist CPP-NPA-NDF political operators, particularly those that succeeded in infiltrating Malacañang and the pedestal of power and governance in the country. Not to be outdone are the equally deceptive yet cunning political operators of the Smiling Communists that are currently nestled in equally influential positions in the executive and constitutional offices of government.

Our sources in the pedestals of power and authority revealed that among the distinguished actors in these scheme are: then Akbayan President Ronald Llamas who is now PNoy’s Presidential Adviser on Political Affairs; Secretary Teresita ‘Ging’ Quintos-Deles head of the very influential Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPAPP); and Loretta Ann ‘Etta’ Rosales, Chairman of the Commission on Human Rights (CHR), a constitutional office; among others. Equally wagging their Maoist terrorist CPP-NPA-NDF influence and lies are Justice Secretary Leila de Lima, cousin of the wife of CPP chairman Jose Ma. Sison, Juliet de Lima; Atty. Alex Padilla, chief negotiator of the GPH panel; panel members: Atty. Pablito Sanidad, Maria Lourdes Tison, and Jurgette Honculada; Jose Luis Martin Gascon, and Eugenio Roberto Cadiz of the GPH Monitoring Committee; and Fr. Albert E. Alejo SJ, Secretariat Head, GPH Monitoring Committee.

This is aside from the many Maoist terrorist legal/front sectoral organizations that are currently stirring the sentiments of Filipinos and fomenting public outcry against government. By far, these groups and individuals are one in carrying out Mao Tse Tung’s doctrine: A good communist is one who has mastered the art of creating a revolutionary situation!

Now, their forces are joined because they’ve just one common objective and enemy – to create disgust and hate among our people eventually causing the fall and capitulation of the duly constituted free and democratic government of the Republic of the Philippines and replace it with their brand of communist dictatorship!

The Alliance for Nationalism and Democracy (ANAD) Partylist is fully aware that the debilitating communist worms and viruses are all over. One staunch political leader was quoted saying – “They are all over the place!”

What then is the scenario that they’ve unfolded? While the Maoist sectoral KMP-AMGL are boisterous in their call for the distribution of Hacienda Luisita to the thousands of its farm-worker beneficiaries and at the same time strongly opposed to the Motion for Reconsideration filed with the Supreme Court by the management of Hacienda Luisita Inc. (HLI), Bayan Muna and other Maoist terrorist sectoral front organizations are behind the anti-Chief Justice Corona campaign to kick the latter out of the Supreme Court.

This ingenious plot is not known to many. But ANAD is fully confident in saying that there is “more than meets the eye” in this. One must not miss that time when Bayan Muna and their ilk decided to support President Aquino III despite the fact that the KMPAMGL campaign in Hacienda Luisita is directly opposed to the consciousness and heart of the President. Many would then ask: Why are they doing this? The answer is but simple: Bayan Muna Rep. Teddy Casino et. al. are more than serious and hell-bent in asking PNoy for the passage of the Freedom of Information (FOI) bill that was then endorsed by PNoy to Congress as a priority legislative measure.

As far as the communists are concerned, the FOI measure is far more important than the Hacienda Luisita farm-workers’ interest. They know for a fact that with their present influence in Malacañang and their efficient infiltration of the structures of government, the FOI bill, once it becomes a law, could best serve their intentions by the informations and documents that their hands could lay on, e.g. political, economic, and security concerns, to hasten the collapse of our government.

On the other hand, obvious is the fact that once CJ Corona is ousted from the Supreme Court, the communists are seeing better prospects for the denial of the HLI’s Motion for Reconsideration. It is just like hitting two birds at the same time. But still and always, the passage of the FOI bill remains on top of their priority.

The widely circulated “The Philippines Communist Creeping Invasion”, though discreetly among well-meaning pro-democracy Filipinos, bared all of the machinations, lies, and plays that the communists, e.g. Maoist and Smiling communists, planned and unfurled to serve their devious ends. Even the so-called rightist forces, either in the AFP, PNP, and the civilian sectors, were effectively co-opted for their devilish ends.

The big question left for us would then be: What happens when Jose Ma. Sison makes his triumphant return to the country and later on given a Cabinet position, under the guise of the so-called National Unification Plan that reportedly is supported by PNoy? Isn’t this the ‘Dawning of the vultures of freedom and democracy?

ANAD Rep. Jun Alcover recently warned, “Our cherished freedoms and democratic life is definitely fading out and about to be lost, and the situation is getting murky in cadence with the developing political landscape of the country. Power sharing in government is a prelude to the eventual take over of government by the Maoist terrorists!

Once this happens, because of our willful refusal to protect and preserve our freedoms and democratic institutions, only God know what will happen to us!”

The next step or steps to be made largely depends on what every peace and freedom loving Filipino shall commit and do amidst the sounding of the bells for us to wake up and do our share for the preservation of our freedoms, democracy, and the protection of our people!