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Eastern Samar creates Outbreak Response Team vs. dengue

July 28, 2010

BORONGAN CITY  –  With the current record of about 600 dengue cases, Eastern Samar Governor Conrado B. Nicart, Jr. ordered the most urgent action to combat the disease.

The order which was spelled out in a letter sent to the city and municipal mayors, and chiefs of hospitals, instructed among others the health personnel, led by Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Marian Isiderio to organize three Outbreak Response Teams, which would coordinate with the mayors down to the barangay chairmen.

In an interview, Dr. Isiderio mentioned that Gov. Nicart first instructed them, to strengthen the information campaign and advocacy, and second, check the hospital conditions in the entire province, vis-à-vis supplies and other needs.

Immediately, Dr. Isiderio said that the three teams are arranged as follows: Team A, covers the municipalities of San Julian up to Arteche; Team B, for Maydolong to Guiuan and Team C would concentrate in schools and in Borongan where most of the patients come from.

The Lady Health Officer mentioned that indeed, the teams’ main objective would be to increase the people’s level of understanding and ultimately convince them to act on the 4S: 1-Search and Destroy; 2-Seek and Control; 3-Self-Protection by using mosquito nets and repellants; and 4-Say no to indiscriminate fogging.  She warned that fogging cannot just be done because there are some criteria which are being followed before any fogging thing is done.

Asked why dengue in the province has blown to this level and magnitude, the information-generous doctor replied.

“The rainy season has set in and these deadly mosquitoes thrive in clean, stagnant waters, i.e. flower vases, uncovered water deposits, bottles, used car tires, etc. Last year we had some 450 dengue cases for the whole year, whereas from January to July 14 this year about 620 had already been reported”, Dr. Isiderio reported.

“We are very happy, some personnel from DOH Surveillance Team are set to come and check our situation and help us through, but it would still be best for every household to assume the responsibility of cleaning their houses and surroundings”, Dr. Isiderio suggested.

The Provincial Health Officer has been busy here and there, monitoring and supervising all the rest of the district and municipal hospitals as well as networking with stakeholders in the effort to contain dengue.  (PIA-Eastern Samar)