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DPWH-Biliran DEO information dissemination campaign
Ms. Chelsea Quijano-Salloman (standing front), Designated Information Officer of DPWH Biliran District Engineering Offices presents the best practices of her district office on the aspect of information dissemination during the 3rd quarterly meeting of Information Officers (IOs) and Community Development Information Officers (CDIOs) on September 18, 2018 held at Naval, Biliran Sangguniang Panlalawigan Conference Room.

DPWH-Biliran DEO strengthens information dissemination campaign

Press Release
October 2, 2018

NAVAL, Biliran – The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) Biliran District Engineering Office (DEO) has strengthen its information dissemination campaign thru extending linkages among Information Officers (IOs) in the Province of Biliran.

Initiated by the Philippine Information Agency (PIA) Biliran Provincial Information Office, IOs and Community Development Information Officers (CDIOs) held a quarterly meeting on September 18, 2018 at Naval, Biliran Sangguniang Panlalawigan Conference Room.

The objective of the said meeting is to reorganize and strengthen the association of government communicators in Biliran Province.

Mr. Rodrigo S. Victoria, PIA Biliran Provincial Information Manager said that there is really a necessity to organize an association of government communicators in the province.

“If we don’t have link from one agency to the other, information is distorted and information dissemination is not well-coordinated,” Victoria said.

For effective and efficient public information dissemination, IOs and CDIOs came out with a template of a unified and simple flow of communication with an established feedback communication flow.

To successfully implement the said process of communication sharing, members of the association has elected set of Biliran Communicators Network (BilComNet) officers.

The suggestion of changing the name of the association from Biliran Association of Government Information Officers (BAGIO) to BilComNet was realized to be fair for IOs from the private sectors.

Information sharing among the IOs of the national government agencies, and the CDIOs of the local government units of Biliran Province is one of the highlights during the quarterly meeting.

Each IOs, CDIOs, including Chelsea Quijano-Salloman, PIO Designate of DPWH Biliran DEO presented the highlights of the major programs of their respective offices.

The information shared is expected to be disseminated by IOs and CDIOs to each respective offices upon returning to their workplaces.

Salloman also presented the best practices of her district office on the aspect of information dissemination to give ideas to other agencies on how public communication is shared by Biliran DEO.

Part also of the quarterly meeting of the IOs is the discussion of Mr. Victoria on responsible sharing of information and fake news. The discussion gave the participants a better understanding on the topics in which they can apply in their information dissemination job.

The gathering of Biliran Communicators is an avenue for building one network for a fast and credible information dissemination in the Province of Biliran.