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A guide to boosting cultural pride among Filipinos


Even though some claim that tradition is falling to the wayside, it looks like both religious and cultural practices are really hear to stay. Whether Filipinos are residing in their country of origin or abroad, they want to ensure that they display their cultural pride. How can they go about doing this?

Starting at Home

The best place to start any cultural teachings is at home. From the time they are young, parents can teach their children about the cultural traditions of their ancestors. In addition to learning the stories, they can also eat cultural foods and celebrate holidays in the traditional manners. Some parents tend to flounder away from tradition as the children become teenagers; however, those concerned with showing pride will keep them up.

Religious Organizations

While there is not one religion to which all Filipinos belong, the Roman Catholic faith has a large majority. 86 percent of people in the Philippines practice this faith according to Northern Illinois University's article written by Jack Miller entitled "Religion in the Philippines." When Filipinos are living abroad, they can seek out Roman Catholic churches with a high percentage of Filipinos who attend them. Through this, they will be able to build both stronger cultural and religious ties. Both of these components of life are so intrinsically tied to have pride in one's background.

Starting Committees

When individuals are really interested in promoting their Filipino pride, they should consider starting a committee in the community. Doing so will likely be easier in communities that have high concentrations of Filipinos living within them. They might propose that the community has a Filipino pride day, or they may promote more education about the Philippines in schools. In order to start such committees, interested parties should talk to the local government. Additionally, they could also head to the local library and contact the department of parks and recreation. These two establishments are usually the hub of activities and events in many towns in the United States.

Education and Knowledge

Perhaps you are not a Filipino who is looking to boost your own pride in the culture. However, you are trying to inspire a love for it in others. Host an international day at your school where everyone brings a different dish that represents their background. This will give Filipinos a chance to present their own unique dishes. You can also hand out pamphlets or provide brochures to individuals who are visiting places that have ties to the Filipino culture. The more people know, the more they are intrigued to learn even more. Ultimately, you want to ensure that individuals know as much as they can about this unique culture.

Boosting cultural pride can be difficult, especially when people are living away from their homeland. However, one of the great parts about the world is that people are different, and they have so much to offer to one another. Make sure you take the opportunity the next time you have the chance to display pride in the Filipino culture.