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Name:  Genevieve Gabiana-Gorissen
Address:   Uhlandstrasse 11, Kranenburg  47559, Germany
Contact Email:
Date:     April 16, 2004

        Hello again SAMAR.NEWS.COM! Thank you so much! Now, me & Delia Mendaruz-Brunyee do chat almost everyday and agreed to see each other in London next month, together with Ethelwolda Espares-Asotigue.
        SSPC Batch '86, enjoy & have fun this weekend hit aton Alumni Homecoming. Lourdes Ty-Singzon, Antonieta Jacob & Cielito Cananua-Dacoco..I MISS YOU! I will call you on Saturday Night Socials para makaestorya ko liwat aton mga ka-batch. Lourdes, don't, Delia & Ethel will talk what we could do/help for our 2012 Alumni Hosting. It will be a big & special celebration since it is also the 100th Anniversary of STS/SSAT/SSPC.
        Gloria Cinco-Huela, thank you! Some of our batchmate are already responding! Bobby Mosquera is a new addition. SSPC BATCH '86 please contact us!!! We need to help one-another in preparation for our 2012 Alumni Hosting in SSPC. It would be wonderful to see each other again after we graduated from High School.
        Sad to know that my former workplace, Ultrascan Diagnostic Clinic in Catbalogan is now closed. So much wonderful memories I had there. My warmest regards to my friends at DECOBEAM & QUEEN ARTS STUDIO.
        My fellow Samarnon.. Voting time is getting near, please think hard and vote someone who is/are good enough for our town/province/country. My husband Andre, is a City Council member under the SPD Political Party here in Germany. I cannot help but compare how peaceful & fair the politics here. I Hoping that ours there would be like it too in future.
        Kuya Ray, thank you so much!!! Thank you for creating this wonderful website! God bless and more power! Warmest regards to everyone there in Catbalogan.

Name:   Glen Piczon
Address:   Ormoc, Leyte
Contact Email:
Date:     April 16, 2004


Name:   J. Delantar
Address:   New York City, NY
Contact Email:
Date:  15.April.2004

        Taga Balangiga E. Samar ako, damo nga salamat han imo website. It  is really important to learn more the latest news about Samar and Leyte.  Mabuhay ka!

Name:    Liza
Address:   Aventis Pharma, Orient Square Bldg, Ortigas Center, Pasig City 1604, Philippines
Contact Email:
Date:   15 April 2004

        Hi Mr Ray! I just want to greet my batchmates in Samar High Class 1991. Happy Alumni Homecoming! Kumusta liwat ngadto han akon mga sangkay nga hira Dickson and Paz Bernales, hoy mga tsong, its time for a baby girl! hehehe. Hello ngadto ha Saudi kan Christine Joy Balasbas. More power!

Name:  Carme
Address:   Madisonville, Texas  77864, U.S.A.
Contact Email:
Date:   04/15/04

     Thanks for this wonderful website. I am so happy to see this website. The familiar pictures of the town and capitol made me homesick. Although, Texas has been my home, Catbalogan, inspite of the dirty streets(some) and poverty, will always be dear to my heart.
     I hope for the continued success of this website and thank you again for creating I enjoyed the news and all.

Name:   Marlet Badeo
Address:   1466 Florentino Street, Area 17, UP Campus, QC 1101, Philippines
Contact Email:
Date:   April 13, 2004

        President Gloria Arroyo and the K4 Senatorial Candidates will be visiting Samar provinces starting tomorrow April 14, 2004 as part of their campaign sorties in the Eastern Visayas region.
        The sortie begun early today in a rally at Maasin City in Southern Leyte. The K4 candidates arrived in Tacloban and motored to Southern Leyte as their whistle stop rally today. They group will proceed to Baybay, Leyte and Ormoc City where they will stay during the night.
        Tommorrow, the K4 group will be hopping Biliran, Leyte and Samar islands.

Name:    Vince Pornelos
Address:   Peppermint Row, Dreamhomes Subd, Brgy. Dela Paz, Pasig, Manila  1600, Philippines
Contact Email:
Date:    April 12, 2004

        Hi everyone! Does anybody know of the "Pornelos" family in Samar? I've been looking for family members, especially my father, Vicente Pornelos. Any information would be greatly appreciated. thanks!

Name:   Adelbert S. Batica
Address:   2525 Columbus Ave. South, Minneapolis, Minnesota  55404, U.S.A.
Contact Email:
Date:   April 11, 2004

        Thank you, Ray Gaspay, for taking charge of this great forum for Samarnons and others.  I check Samarnews every now and then just to see if there are any new developments in our beloved island of Samar.  Taga Basay ako, pero damo it akon mga kasangkayan ha Oeste, Este, ngan Norte.  Danay liwat ako magbilin hin mga mensahe dida hit Borongan website, kay mahidlaw gud hit Samar.  Ngaran ak aadi ha Minnesota, ngan mahagkot didi ngan hirayo gud hit California, padayon it akon hiro-hisgot mahitungod hin mga issues hit akon favorito nga Professor, hi Cesar Torres, labi kay damo liwat it ak mga kilala dida ha Villa.  Editor ngay-an ako ("unofficial" la lugaring) hit "Radyo Baktas", it "unofficial" nga newsletter hit Basaynon Katig-uban U.S.A.-Canada. 
        Maupay gud ini nga nagkakamay-ada kita hin sugad hini nga higayon pagkahimangraw, kay basi di kita manhingalimot han aton minayuyo nga isla ngan provincia, bis pa kita diin mapadpad han mga balud han kapalaran.  Ngan Professor Cesar - upaya nala it pagtambong hit iyo centennial ha Samar High, kay ngaran ak diri alumnus, an akon iroy didto ha Samar High pagtapos han high school, sanglit may ko gihap connection.  Labot pa, may ko mga kaurupdan ha Catbalogan.  Happy Easter ha iyo ngatanan!  Resurrexit sicut dixit, Alleluia!  He is Risen indeed!

Name:  Jojo Gelera
Address:   Bacoor, Cavite, Philippines
Contact Email:
Date:    April 10, 2004

        Hello to everyone especially my ka-apelyido(GELERA) dyan sa Samar. Please visit the website of our Lolo-Honorio Gelera Foundation -i.e.
        Also, please visit the website for the Health, Income & Job Opportunities @
        Mabuhay tayong lahat!

Name:   Bobby P. Mosquera
Address:   Al Khazna FLAT- 301 Al Karama, Dubai, P.O. Box 8475, United Arab Emirates
Contact Email:
Date:    April 07, 2004

        It's a pleasant hello lolly and how are you at this holy week season hope you visit you're love one and pray for there soul in eternal life. I have meet Dylan and Benjie before my flight here in Dubai. Best wish to your family.

Name:   Raquel
Address:  Hemet,  CA, USA
Contact Email:
Date:    April 6, 2004

Hello again,
        Hey Joel Isanan, your name sounds very familiar. Back in the early nineties, I was just a kid. My father never failed to send me to Gandara for the youth camp. I had a blast every time, and all year long I would look forward to that camp. I don't know if you are the same Joel, but if you are related to Josephine Ramos, you could very well be. Oh! well, I like your passion for the Waray-Waray as a community. Calbayog is my home city, and I have heard great things going in there! There are three hospitals that I heard of, there is the provincial hospital, The Sanitarium hospital and the new one right where the airport area. I am surprise that all these years nothing much has changed in Catbalogan and Gandara. I haven't been home for 5 years so I rely on the net, and my family to keep me posted. What's keeping the investors to establish businesses in Samar? Anybody has an answer? Happy resurrection to every-one!!!! Hello papa Ordie, mama Annie & to all my sisters!!! Keep loving Jesus, He is awesome!!!!

Name:    Marilou Vasquez
Address:   Houston, TX
Contact Email:
Date:     04/04/04

        Kumusta na han akon mga ka batch, SNS '73; diri ado ako makakauli para han homecoming like i planned to do. waray ako maka bakasyon but i'll be thinking of you guys. I wish nga aada liwat ako...

Name:   zaid lomuntad
Address:   Kauswagan, Lanao del Norte
Contact Email:
Date:    April 3, 2004

        mabuhay ka ray gaspay...sana may balita din sa eastern samar..kay taga oras ako....

Name:   Joseph Nephtaly Serfino
Address:   305 Ashley Dr., Rochester, NY 14620, USA
Contact Email:
Date:   March 31, 2004

           Greetings ha iyo ngatanan labi na gud ha akon pamilya ha burak ug mga kasangkayan dda ha catbalogan.
           This is really awesome. For me, access to is like being home away from home and i know it's the same thing to those kababayans who are now residing in the different parts of the globe. I hope that we all be one in using this website as a tool in making a positive note for progress not just for the province of samar but for the whole nation as well.
            Salamat Ray and hope to see you all in august (mamingaw na hinduro hit family gatherings ngan friday night escapades han barkada he he he).

Name:    edsel mulleda
Address:   Brgy. 2, Catbalogan, Samar  6700, Philippines
Contact Email:
Date:    March 31, 2001

  its really great to have a website like this, sayang nga lang at naunahan ako,,,,,

Name:   M. Filipinas
Address:   San Francisco, California, U.S.A.
Date:    March 30, 2004

        Hi everyone, I invite you all to the "Join the Discussion Forum" in this website.  You will be able to air what you feel and know about what's going on in Samar, why is Samar, in Catbalogan particulary as the capital town, not showing progress, why the streets are dirty and so fort and so on...Are there really graft and corruption happening there? ....who are responsible?  These questions are mind-boggling.  By giving your views or personal opinions, we can at least "awaken" the "sleep pretenders" and the culprits to be cautious of whatever, God knows what, they are doing to SAMAR.

Name:  Candice Hong
Address:  Upper Montclair, NJ  07043, USA
Contact Email:
Date:    27 March 2004

        Reflections of Samar
        I am almost  twenty years old but I traveled to the Philippines for the first time last  December. With my parents working full-time and my older brother, Mark, and my younger sister, Rachel, and I in school for most of the year, no time seemed like the right time. Until December of 2003, that is. We survived the sixteen hour plane ride and attended my dadís UP Medical Schoolís Class Silver Jubilee Celebration in Manila. I cannot adequately describe the gamut of thoughts, ideas and emotions that ran through my body upon seeing my familyís country for the first time.
        My time spent in the Philippines was a complete eye-opening experience, especially once we ventured into the provinces. While Manila at least resembles our large cities in the States, I had seen nothing like the provinces. I have always desired to see my parentsí birthplaces and how they spent their childhoods - the guava tree my mom climbed in her youth and the blue-green ocean where my dad first learned to swim. My wishes became a reality when we traveled to Nueva Vizcaya and later Catbalogan, Samar during our two and half week jaunt.
        The drive to Catbalogan from the airport was a journey in itself. I stared out of the window in awe as I witnessed the quaint villages and verdant countryside pass. Always smiling, people looked happy despite the seeming poverty. While in Catbalogan, I met relatives I only knew from the vivid stories my dad told us. I played games with my younger cousins, Arkie, Arel and little Paw-Paw and enjoyed native delicacies in the home of Samarís Vice Governor, Mano Erning. I rode a tricycle (for the first time!) with my dad and sister to the bakeshop where we ordered delicious Filipino desserts, like hopia de pili and mazapan. As we walked back to the Maqueda Bay Hotel, we paid our respects to Our Lady of Ubanon Church.
        With the rest of my family, we drove through the streets of Catbalogan. Acting as our tour guide, my dad excitedly pointed some of the sites significant to his youth: St. Bartolomew Church where he served as an altar boy, St. Maryís College of Catbalogan (formerly Sacred Heart College) where he attended grammar school, Samar Capitol Building and its Obelisk, Samar Provincial Hospital, where he briefly worked prior to coming to the States, Samar High School where he was a member of the Class of 1969, and the pier he and his childhood friends used as a jump-off to swim on Sunday afternoons much to the chagrin of my lola.
        We saw the historic sites and buildings in Samar and Leyte, but the most rewarding part of our excursion to Samar was the excitement written across my dadís face. I can only imagine what he was thinking as he made his long way down memory lane. He literally glowed from the second he hugged his younger brother at the airport in Tacloban to the high school friends he met up with after not seeing them after twenty-four years. Upon seeing my father, his high school classmate Charry proceeded to jump up and down with a childish glee. When he and his childhood friend Alice met up, neither could keep themselves from laughing and reminiscing of the good olí days of their youth. Despite her familyís busy schedule, they spent an entire day with us at Buri Beach where we swam after eating the most scrumptious crabs, shrimp and sinugba.
        All of the people - relatives and old and new friends -  that I met with my family extended such a gracious hand of hospitality towards us, and for that I wish to deeply thank them for continually including my family in their plans. On behalf of the Hong family, I wish to express my deepest  gratitude. I loved my time there and learned so much, that Iím already planning a trip back . . .soon!

Name:   Garth and Delma Ongheen
Address:  Targinnie Road, Yarwun, Queensland  4694, Australia
Contact Email:
Date:    24th March 2004

        Hello to one and all and a big hello to the folks in Samar Catbalogan.
        I am an Australian man married to my Filipina wife of 23 years {from Luzon}. I came across this site a couple of weeks ago from a {link of a local business in Catbalogan} and find it very interesting. A big thank you to Ray Gaspay for opening up to the world wide web, SAMAR.
        My wife and i would love to visit Samar and the attractions it has to offer whilst on vacation in the Philippines. Samar news has done a good job in presentation of Samar through its web site.
        What we would like to find out more about is accommodation in Catbalogan and any car hire companies and or tours to the various places of interest for tourist? Do you have any interesting dive sites or coral reefs to visit?
        Thanking you Garth!

Name:    Joel Isanan
Address:   Stockton, CA, USA
Contact Email:
Date:   March 23, 2004

        Based on the e-mails I read and from this website (thanks to Mr.Ray Gaspay!), it seems to me that there are a lot of waray-warays who are residing in different places around the globe, who have different outstanding educational background, excellent achievements, and admirable jobs in a lot of fields.  That clearly shows we are not really that "waray upay" trademark as labeled by some.  I am re-assured that being a waray is something that I can be proud of. I am more proud because of these people.  However, it is interesting to note that we now see from the outside world what is in the inside of Samar.  Our question lies in this:  How far has Samar gone, in terms of growth and development, through all these years?  Compared to other neighboring provinces, not to mention Leyte, we are not as developed in many aspects, like health services (as mentioned by Johnny Calinao), agriculture, economics, infrastructures (see how our roads are from Leyte to Samar!)and etc.  Leyte residents are proud to "sell" the province because there's a lot of things to offer in that part of our region. 
     I am therefore encouraging the waray-warays around the globe to come together and become a voice to effect changes in our beloved province of Samar.  I admit we are not legislators, chief executives or anybody in that nature, but my belief convicts me that we can do something to "stir the glass" so that we can influence the powers-that-be who have been chosen as "drivers", in a political sense, to steer the wheel in the right direction.  Our achievements in different fields will have a great impact on our province if we can work together to impart something we know to help better the lives of our fellow Samarnons.  In a politician's "If not now...when, if not us...whoelse.." dogma, reflects one's commitment to put our knowledge and vision, based on our achievements in life, into action, because no matter how we have achieved to manage our personal lives and become somebody in a certain field, things become futile if we will not share it for the betterment of the lives of our fellow Waraynons.  How?  this question now lies on us how we do it.  Remember, as Waraynons, we each have the obligation to look after Samar, now that we have the capability to do it, by sharing something what we know.  Frankly, I don't know how exactly we have to do it, but I'm sure most of you folks who have great achievements, can share great ideas how it should be done!

Name:   Valentin "Tennie" Cruz Jubane, JR.
Address:   5722 Gateway LN. NE, Bremerton, Washington  98311, USA
Contact Email:
Date:    March 22, 2004

        Once again ako nga taga Catbalogan Samar la ug pobre la nga waray-waray, nagtapos la ha Samar School Of Arts & Trades (High School) ngan nagtapos la ako han (B.S.M.T.) college ha Southwestern University, Cebu City, Philippines, ngan tinuod nga umangkon nira Bishop Maximiano T. Cruz ug ni Msgr. Maning T. Cruz, ( an nanay ko nga ira manghod ug usa la nga babaye) ngan nalilipay gud ako hinduro han akon pakapasar liwat han United States National Credentialing Agency ha pagka Clinical Laboratory Scientist (for 50 States) han nag agi nga Biyernes Marso 19, 2004.
        I am so proud to be a Catbaloganon ug Waray-Waray la kay ini nga License/Certificate pan Lima ko na ine. May ada ako license dida ha Pilipinas as Medical Technologist (PRC), may ada liwat ako certificate/license ha pagka American Medical Technologist-National (50 States), may ada liwat ako license/certificate ha pagka Clinical Laboratory Scientists ha hine nga sumusunod nga mga States of California (Dept.Health of Services) ug ha State of Louisiana (Louisiana State Board Of Medical Examiners). Sanglit sagdon ko la ini hiton akon mga igkasi taga Catbaloganon  nga ayaw gud niyo karagi iton iyo pag aram ug mag upay nga mga utok. Mga Waray-waray la kita ngatanan pero pahibaro on ta an iba nga dire Waray  nga kita (Waray Waray) mga dire Tapang ug waray hibaro.
        I'm very proud also of my fellow Samarnons like Congressman A. Nachura, ug Mr. Odon Sabarre for their unsurpassed highest achievements in life. These two Samarnons are very unique and fine individuals. Each one of them has a very unique and unmatched talent & intelligence that I only hope each and everyone Samarnon be inspired of and follow their footsteps. I don't know much about these two great Samarnons before not until I started surfing the internet thru this great Website of Mr. Ray Gaspay. My family and I are looking forward to visit Catbalogan by next year's summer break. Mr. Ray Gaspay, once again damo nala nga salamat. See you next year. May the Good Lord & the only Son of God who is Jesus Christ shower

Name:   elaine rodulfa
Address:   Camp 7, Baguio City, Benguet  2600, Philippines
Contact Email:
Date:   March 21, 2004

        hello!!! to all my friends dida ha catbalogan. salamat nga mayda na hini nga website para macontact  ko naman akon mga clasm8 ha SNS. hi to may bestfriend and clasm8, LANI MAJOMETANO, ROSALINA TAMBOR, XENIA MAE TAN & RONAN MAGA and his wife STEFFANY ABELLAR of muŮoz st. i haven't seen them more or less 14 yrs. kon hino man nakilala ha ira paki siring e-email nala ako. SALAMAT NGA MADAMO!!!

Name:   Raul Calinao
Address:   213 Mary St., Hamilton, Ontario  L8L 4W2, Canada
Contact Email:
Date:  March 19, 2004

        My brother, Johnny, raised an issue that need vigilant attention from our fellow Samarnons who still have respect to life. We cannot deny the fact that the gov't has appropriated the needed funds to keep the GANDARA HOSPITAL running the way it should run. Given the fact that the funds may not be sufficient, it is made worse by MISAPPROPRIATION. The SELFISHNESS of the powerful FEW had adversely affected the lives of MANY powerless poor. Where in the world can you find a hospital that is shared by 4 municipalities? Wake up fellow Samarnons.

Name:  Nin Nin Hermosa
Address:    Australia
Contact Email:
Date:   19/March/2004

        Yo! How ya doin guyz? Muzta na kuya RAY. Still remembah me? How's things na? I was in the philippines nga pala between December 2003 and February 2004. And sayang we didnt meet po. I enjoyed ma vacation naman. Super. I updated ma website nga pala. You can visit it if you are not busy.
        I will be back in the phils soon, if not this year, next year nalang, Tatapusin ko lang study ko...then gonna fly back to phils. Sana magkita tayo kuya. Regards to all the samarnons.

Name:   Johnny Calinao
Address:   1845 N. Pistachio Ave., Clovis, California  93611, U.S.A.
Contact Email:
Date:   March 16, 2004

       Is there a way that our concerns and questions will be addressed by the authorities involved in Samar. Ray, I will be very glad if an answer to my questions will be addressed by any person whom the question directly concerns. I am a native of Gandara, Samar and when I went home couples of years ago, I noticed that Gandara Emergency Hospital is being shared by 4 municipalities. San Jorge, Matuguinao, Pagsanjan and Gandara. I also noticed that the building is deteriorating, lack of equipments, medication prices are very expensive and there is no system or protocol in case of emergency, no blood bank whatsoever. I strongly believe that through your website the healthcare system in Samar will be reformed. Based on my survey, the following questions arises;
        1. How many hospitals are there in Samar?
        2. How much budget do these hospitals get in every year?
       3. Is it true that budget are not released unless certain percentage of money are taken as padalunot to the disbursing Officer? Please investigate.
        4. How will you reform the entire healthcare system in Samar?
        5. Who is the person in charge to answer my questions?
        I will be very glad if someone from the Governor's office come out and address my questions. Let's make our hospitals a facility for everybody not just for the underprivileged. To the public officials in Samar, It's gonna come back to you if no effort will be taken immediately. Time is running out, what if somebody had a heart attack? ABER.

Name:   Raquel
Address:  Hemet,  CA, USA
Contact Email:
Date:    March 16, 2004

        G'DAY SAMARE—OS,
        To every-one who have heard of the name Jesus Christ,( that probably includes every-one) go see Mel Gibson's movie "THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST". It is a must see movie especially before the presidential election. We need to start voting with conviction, not just a popular name. A popular name is good if there is a personal integrity attached to it. Please  vote wisely!

Name:   Caesar E. Garcia
Address:   Oregano St., Block 11 Lot 131, Robinson's Homes, Antipolo City, Rizal, Philippines
Contact Email:
Date:   March 12, 2004

        To my Friends & Classmates at LIT Engineering batch'81, Tawagi ako! thanks!  639-0394 / 09182456447. High School Batch'76

Name:  nelda zamoras
Address:  london  nw1 4rj, united kigdom
Contact Email:
Date:  march 9, 2004

        Hello Samarnons, kumosta kam ngatanan, and to all my relatives, I was told by my parents that most of my relatives are here in leyte, I am daughter of Bienvenida Ramones Marces & the late Clemente Bulambao Zamoras taga barangay Pilar Oquindo Calbayog City, who ever an nakilala sa amon please e-mail

Name:  Karla Corteza
Address:  Dubai,  UAE
Contact Email:
Date:   06 March 2004

        Hi Everyone!! Im originally from Burauen, Leyte. I have been in Dubai since March 2001 living with my mom and kuya! I miss Leyte so much!! Ive been searching for sites related to Leyte and this is the best I've come across so far. Congratulations to the webmaster, keep up the good work!

Name:  Raul Calinao
Address:  213 Mary St, Hamilton, Ontario  L8L 4W2, Canada
Contact Email:
Date:   March 6, 2004

        The ingenuity of Samarenos cannot be concealed even in this highly technological period of our lives. Damo nga salamat ha imo, Ray. I have just learned that my favorite Fr. Bobby passed away last year. I would have not known this sad news were it not for this site. I am a native of GANDARA and I saw many familiar names in this message board. The ISANAN's and AGUILAR's  happened to be my relatives. Anyway, more power to all SAMARENOS wherever you are.

Name:   venjie
Address:  5529 gipsy avenue, las vegas, nevada  89107, usa
Contact Email:
Date:  march 01, 2004

        Maupay nga adlaw ha iyo nga tanan....Big hello to marla cabrasawan and analissa babalcon... miss you

Name:   Charito Montejo Sakamaki
Address:  Minami-Kamata, Ota-ku, Tokyo  144-0035, Japan
Contact Email:
Date:   Feb. 29,2004

        First, I'd like to thank Mr. Gaspay, rather, Ray, for creating this wonderful, great page, w/c gives me a rare opportunity of extending my heartfelt greetings to all of you- my kababayan and to congratulate the SNS centennial alumni celebration! I pray you be blessed w/ good weather. Sadly, I wouldn't be able to attend this big, exciting event, so pakibalitaan na la niyo ako. Otherwise, makikibalita na la ako to class '74.
        Lastly, could anyone of you please tell me sns's website? Thanks!

Name:  Delia Mendaruz-Brunyee
Address:  100 Howeth Road, Ensbury Park, Bournemouth, Dorset  BH10 5ED, U.K.
Contact Email:
Date:   29 Feb 2004

        I just have to thank this great website! My long lost batchmates in year '86 from SSPC have read it and we're now keeping in contact with each other. Thanks to Lolly Cenco-Huela and Genevieve Gabiana who's now in Germany. Gene, great to chat with you on the webcam.... I'd probably see you here in Bournemouth when you come in May. It would be fantastic! Together with Ethelwolda Espares who happens to live just 'round the corner'. Anyone else, I might see you all in the next alumni homecoming. Please keep in touch.

Name:  Genevieve Gabiana-Gorissen
Address:  Germany
Contact Email:
Date:  February 26, 2004

        Hello Kuya Ray! My friend Karen told me about this site. Thanks a lot! I would like to leave a message for our batchmate DELIA MENDARUZ. We haven't heared from her kasi for a long time na.
        "Hello Delia! Are you in Germany or London? Please try to contact me if you have time. I'm here in Germany, maybe pwede kita magkita or if you're in London, Ethelwolda Espares-Asotigue is there. Hoping to hear from you!"
        Warm regards to everyone there in Catbalogan especially to my SSPC Batchmate '86. Hello also to my friends at Decobeam. Thank you so much SamarNews.Com! God Bless!

Name:  Farah Fritzie P. Astorga
Address:  Block 78 Lot 2 Phase 2, Golden City Subd., Sta. Rosa, Laguna  4026, Philippines
Contact Email:
Date:   February 26, 2004

        It was just by accident that I've gone to this web site but I'm very happy because I felt like I'm in the right place being with the right people...anyways good luck to all people from Leyte and Samar...where my clan came from. Though we're all now living in different parts of the world...we could say that there's no place like home...God bless every one!...P.S. regards to my cousins, friends and relatives there in Samar and Leyte who eill happen to see this message...Also regards to Jobe Cabrasawan..a long lost friend...Good luck dong!

Name:   Vanie
Address:  Brunie
Contact Email:
Date:   26-Feb-04

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        If you have something to advertise, we also have this opportunity in our site, we also offer FREE Advertisement for your OFW related ads.
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        Many thanks and more power to this site. I'll add your website address on our recommended links...

Name:  kirby lomuntad
Address:  Aurora, Illinois  60504, USA
Contact Email:
Date:   Feb 23, 2004

       hey dudes!
       what else i can say?i guess they've said enough!!!!!!!!!!
       this is really absolutely,marvelously fantastic!!!!!!!
       great job Mr RAY!
       kinda regards to all the katbaloganon's most especially to my dear brother KIT LOMUNTAD and the rest of my fraternal brothers in ALPHA PHI OMEGA and KING COLES KATBALOGAN!


Au Revoir,


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