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Name:   Adelbert Batica
207 West 31st Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55408, USA
01 August 2006

Agidaw, ano, hi Mano Profesor Cesar!  Hin ka maupay hit iya analysis. Kay maiha naman ako nga waray bibisita ha Samarnews, sanglit an akon hadto huna-huna nga napakamikoy-mikoy la ini hiya, may ngay-an bag-o nga article nga iya iginsulip-it ha Samarnews (insight). Asya iton, Mano Profesor - paangbita it Samar hit imo mga analysis hit kabutang yana ha Filipinas, kay basi man liwat iton lomolopyo masayud ngan matukib. Maano man kon makigkita hi Senadora Madrigal hit mga dumagko hit kagi-osan didto ha Utrecht, basta la nga "sina-diyos" it iya mga panuyo, diri para la pag-proteger hit iya mga interes nga personal. Better to try one's hand at peace than do nothing.

Balitaw, Mano Profesor, yana nga imo na nahisgutan iton Frente Amplio ha Uruguay, masabat liwat ako hini nga imo mga pag-asoy. Akon la bibinisay-on, kay basi daro-damo man iton makasabot hini. Kay sayud ka naman ha ak, nga kon mahihimo dawla diri nala ak mag-iiningles kay mas nagabay ako han aton la ngahaw kalugaringon pinulongan, an aton minayuyo nga winaray. Kon asya man nga iton Filipinas naungara na gud hin kalinaw, maano man pag-adman iton kaagui han iba nga mga nacion. Ha tinuod la, damo gad nga mga butang it aton hibabaruan tikang ha Uruguay, ngan ha Latin America mismo, kon karuyag gud naton manhibaro. Kundi ini yana nga maupay ngan malinawon nga kabutang hiton Uruguay, nag-iha anay ini san-o matuman, an ngatanan nga lomolopyo nagburublig nga bumalik na an kalinaw.

In 1985, or around the same time that Marcos was contemplating a "snap" election, the Uruguayan military - finally tired of running the country for 12 years, decided to convene all political parties (except the Tupamaros) to prepare for the transition to civilian rule. Thus came about the historic "Pacto Club Naval" (Naval Club Pact, after the Navy Club, the venue of the historic conference). A general amnesty was declared, all political prisoners were released (among them, former Army Chief and Frente Amplio founder, Gen. Liber Seregni), elections were scheduled, and the military went back to the barracks. Frente Amplio ran a slate of candidates in 1985, but did not win. From 1985 to 2004, the dominant traditional parties (Blanco and Colorado) took turns running the country. In 1989, the Tupamaros finally made a commitment to renounce violence and take the electoral route, via two political formations: National Liberation Movement-Tupamaros and Movement for Popular Participation. They are now part of Frente Amplio, which was swept to victory in the 2004 elections. FA won the presidency, vice-presidency, and majorities in the Senate and Lower House. The current senate president is Jose Mujica, Tupamaro founder; the speaker of the house is Nora Castro, a former Tupamaro commander. Frente Amplio also controls 70% of Uruguay's local government units. And they did all these without firing a shot. Can something similar happen in the Philippines?  We can only hope and pray. If we are looking for models for peaceful social change, we only need to look at the world around us. We might yet learn a thing or two.

Note that while Frente Amplio's political victory shocked all of Latin America, the Frente is not sitting on its laurels. On the contrary, they have moved fast to address the most urgent issues affecting the country: poverty, unemployment and underemployment, and homelessness. The bulk of the government's budget is allocated for these three main issues. The new leadership is fully aware that without a massive anti-poverty program, the country cannot move forward and continue the healing and reconciliation process.

Sanglit, Mano Profesor - padayon hini nga imo pagsinurat, a ver pa man daro-damo ha aton an masayud, ngan magpadayon liwat an hiro-hisgot bahin han kahimtang han aton makalolooy nga nacion.  Pastilan, maiha na gud ini nga aton paghiningyapon nga mabag-o na iton Filipinas ngan umuswag ha kadayunan. San-o pa daw la kita matatalwas?

Name:  Manuel Cinco
1145 Ukana St., Honolulu, HI 96818, USA

Be nice to here from classmates 1972 to 1976 high school Sacred Heart College Catbalogan "Senior Sikat".

Name:   Aireen Santocildes Gauntlett
Address:  Torwood, Bonchurch, Ventnor,
Isle of Wight PO38 1NT, United Kingdom

Once again, A big world of Filipino's in England. Here in Isle of Wight, when I first arrived year 1997 we're ten Filipino's in Isle of Wight namely, Bernadette Green, Memie Cass, Liza Stone,Jovy Noris, Barbara, Marivic Young, Joyce,Linda, Dorcas, Din Parr. Then now year 2006 over 800 Filipinos in these little Island. I been in Singapore, Hong kong, Canada, Malaysia, Switzerland, France, YES! Filipino's every where.

To all of my friends over there, best of luck to all of you. I know we will meet again in again. In the city of London, millions of Filipinos. MABUHAY TAYONG MGA PILIPINO. "ARA KA DA ARI KO DI" TAGA GUIMARAS ILOILO AKO! KAMUSTA NA LANG SA INYO TANAN.

Name:   Gary
Address:  Kalispell, MT, USA
 July 29, 2006

I am looking forward to my second trip to Samar next month. I fell in love with your home during my first trip earlier this year. It was so lush and green and the air was fresh and smelled sweet. The people were friendly and I was never made to feel like I was unwelcome. I stayed at the Marju Krisel in Calbayog which is a fine place to stay having a large pool for fun and relaxation with the added bonus of San Miguel Light!!

The only negative I could find is an echo of what Manny Versoza wrote on July 11. Why aren't the government officials doing something about the road conditions? I see lots of money being spent on roads in the NCR and they are building a new expressway from Angeles to Subic. Couldn't some of that money have been put to better use providing Samareños with better roads? Just my thoughts.

I will be arriving in time for the fiesta in San Joaquin on August 15 & 16. If you happen to see a chubby, balding white man there, stop by and say hello.

Name:   Bea
Quezon City
July 28, 2006

Maupay nga adlaw sa iyo ngatanan! Just stopping by. I'm from Northern Samar. Just wondering kun yaon liwat didi taga-Catarman or taga-Northern Samar namanla. It is good to have this forum for all Samarnons. My mother is from Daram Western Samar and my father is from Borongan.

Kumusta nala sa ngatanan! Hello to those who reside abroad. I hope you are all doing well. God bless!


Name:   Gervin Callo
Address:   Fahad Al Salem Street, Kuwait City
27 July 2006

May nakilala akong Melisa Gabreto working here in Kuwait humihingi ng tulong upang matagpuan niya ang kanyang mga magulang, 9 yrs old pa raw siya noong na kidnap siya sa Manila isang babaeng hindi niya kilala. Ito po ang mga pangalan ng kanyang mga kapamilya at address:

Pedro Gabreto = Father
Maria Gulas Gabreto = Mother
Nilo Gabreto = brother
Meralyn Gabreto = Sister,  Barangay Rizal, Catarman, Northern Samar

Please kong kilala ninyo ang kanyang mga kapamilya contact me at Mobile Number +965 953-1916. Salamat

Name:   Bing
Cebu City, Philippines
24 Jul 2006

Hi everyone I need your help I’m not familiar in Leyte I never been there where is Villa Aurora Leyte ?? Hope someone can help thanks in advance.

Name:   Therese
Quezon City, Philippines
21 July 2006

This website is so cool. It is very admirable, that is why I want to say congratulations. Also, I read the article on the goat milking program in Naval. I applaud this project very much and hope for its success. Continue to provide good governance and mabuhay!

Name:   Niño Ver Donaire Hermosa
 Sydney, Australia

Hello people! Musta na po kayo diyan mga Samarnon. Just wanna say "HELLO" to all ma relatives sa pinas. Thanx a lot Kuya RAY. Keep up the good work. ROCK ON SAMARNONS...Here are my websites: -> Personal Website -> About Zumarraga Samar, but still under const. -> About San Isidro Zumarraga Samar -> About Mirc Undernet Server #catbalogan #sohk  #pasay -> About Mirc Undernet Server #borongan -> About Mirc Undernet Server #shs-asylum
Sacred Heart School Tacloban City -> About Mirc Undernet Server #uc University Of Cebu

Name:   Ernie Pomida
453 Lexington Rd., Auckland, New Zealand
July 14, 2006

This refers to that news item where a staff of Mayor Tekwa has suggested to Ms. Tessie Tomas to try out "Boulevard" (news) in one of her night out sprees. Unwittingly, Mr. Lim, the mayor's aide, seemed to have acknowledged that the drinking strip along Catbalogan's Arteche Boulevard is an official tourist attraction.

Sad to say, however, much can be said about that strip. For one, it is situated at the heart of Catbalogan's educational district. On both sides of the boulevard are located educational institutions including the DepEd, GSP, and BSP which are tasked to hone and develop not only the cognitive and psychomotor skills of the young but more so inculcate in them laudable values. Sadly, however, it was during Mayor Tekwa's incumbency that these drinking spots started to sprout along the boulevard. A number of complaints have been lodged against these compromising business ventures because they tend lure the young and the very young to a life of hedonistic wanton leisure at the expense of parents who would labor endlessly just to provide their exiled students enough allowances that unfortunately end up in the boulevard's liquor bins.

It is doubly disheartening that even barangay officials and BSP officials have recently joined the bandwagon to cash in on the frivolous lifestyle of our young students - study all day, drink all night- and we brag that this is a tourist spot. I wonder what moral anchorage our Tourism program has. The efforts of Mayor Tekwa to transform Catbalogan's economy is laudable, but development programs must not only comply with economic criteria but must more so conform with our deeply sated moral benchmarks. This, I regrettably fear, the good mayor lacks.

Name:   Marilou Bermejo
383 Del Rosario Street, Catbalogan, Samar
 July 13, 2006


Pagtawag han ngatanan nga mga kaurupdan ug mga kasangkayan, ginpapahibaro kamu nga hi LEOCADIO "LEO" DIOCTON SULTAN SR. amu in tumalkod na hin kadayunan hadton July 11, 2006 Tuesday, ug an iya patay nga lawas amu in ginhahayad didto han ira panimalay ha Mercedes, Catbalogan, Samar, Philippines.

An paglubong amu in pagbubihaton han July 22 Sabado ala una han kulop pagkatapos la hiton MISA REUIEM nga pagbbubuhaton ha Mercedes Chapel Catbalgan. Ginhahangyo an iyo kinasingkasing nga pag ampo para han dayun nga pagpahuway han kalag han nawara LEOCADIO "LEO" DIOCTON SULTAN.

Nagpaphibaro an pamilya Sultan.

Name:   Maria Theresa Solarta-Teruel
Stanhope St., Melbourne, Australia
 July 13, 2006

Hello ha tanan nga mga taga Catbalogan specially tanan nga mga taga Ubanon segunda. I miss you all guys, it's been a long time since I went home hoping to be there by 2010 in time for the hosting of SHS-SNS grand alumni. MINGAW NA AKO CATBALOGAN. Belated happy birthday kan Rocky Tizon.

Name:   Manny Versoza
Address:   Pobl. 2, Zumarraga,
Samar, Philippines
11 July  2006

My goodness! It really makes me sick everytime I go home from Manila seeing no improvements with our roads and highways. 5 years ago since college until now, the road still sucks! I'd love coming back to my hometown at least once and twice a year for a family reunion, I enjoy the fresh foods, the air, the nature, the cool folks, the places, only that I hate the roads. Yes the roads! I was thinking everytime I came home - oooh.. maybe next year it would already be okay. But my goodness! it's getting worse year after year!!!

Pleeeeease.... Government officials do something... I know this is the prayer of every Samarinos? They just don't have the guts and the venue to speak for this.

Makangangalas because you are excited to go home pero tatapu-on ka mga lubak-lubak nga kalsada, baga-baga't guinlulung-gong ha sakob hit sasakyan pagnagbyabyahe. Nakakapikon! Is this the way we promote tourism in Samar? Taga Samar ako pero danay magduha 'tak huna-huna pag-uli kay karuyag ko umuli nga maupay na it kalsada. Take my example with our supposed tourists. Deri hira gaganahan pagsakob pala ha Samar. Di ba? What more will they expect to see kung ang facade palang creates a negative impression na. Hope nag-o-online it aton mga government officials para mabasa naman iton mga karuyag signgon hiton mga taga Samar. For Mayor Tekwa, nagimprove konte an Catbalogan, go Mayor! you deserve a congratulations! Keep up the good work!

For Zumarraganhons who are here today, please try browsing our website  Feel free to give comments.

Name:   Girlie Grimaldi
New York, New York, U.S.A.
July 11, 2006

Re the article "Sprouting of Infras in Catbalogan Observed." I can't help but give praise to Catbalogan Mayor Coefredo "Tekwa" Uy for his vision, foresight and smart thinking of a prosperous, cleaner and peaceful Catbalogan. New infrastructures bring new businesses which in turn generate jobs and more income for Catbalogan. This will surely increase Catbalogan's annual income and certainly facilitate its cityhood status much faster. Keep up the good work, Mayor Uy! You deserve to be re-elected.

Name:   Maricel
July 11, 2006

The Laborer, kakilala mo it nag babaligya hit nga beach dida ha may Marabut, poide ba nga imo pakianahan kon tag pira at kon pipira it iya gin babaligya, pls buligi daw ako. Karuyag ko ngani haimo mag email. Di ri mayak nag fu-functions it akon email. Ambot nala diri ko man it aram. Salamat nala haimo ano it imo ngaran?

Name:   Abe Garado
July 10, 2006

Caolicoan Island is starting to appear under the tourism radar not only in the Philippines but also from abroad. There is now a Surfing Resort with six villas available for tourists to stay. You can find it on the internet, just search the calicoansurf.

If you are from abroad and interested in purchasing a property in Calicoan Island please send me an e-mail,

Name:   Ivy K. Lingaton
Address:   Acedillo,
National Road, Calbayog City, Samar
July 10, 2006

It's impeachment season once again and it looks that some people will spend money (again) although that money does not necessarily comes from their pockets, and yes siree! some people will also receive lots of money for their unprincipled positions. . . . .

As a Samareño I was happy that last year, our congressmen were for the impeachment of GMA, well it was initially clear.   For that lying, cheating and stealing, and the endless flip-flopping of national issues and government policies, but more importantly on the cheating and lying and the fact that Palparan was a general problem in Samar due to the exodus of farmers and barrio folks from the countryside because of koridas nga mga pamatay, every person was always a suspected subversive. . .  talk of criticizing the government, . .  you become instantly a subversive!

Later on, as you my dears have already observed, our congressmen Figueroa and Uy were silenced during the voting in congress!  Why?  Well they claimed that they just wanted general problem Palparan out of Samar. . . too flimsy and unprincipled stand for supposed to be or trying to be honorables. . .   Did the killing stop after Palparan? Will those killed be brought to life with the re-assigning of Palparan? Will those people who fled from their homes be remunerated of the damages that they suffered with the peace and order disturbed by the soldiers who became the people's persecutor rather than protector?

The shortness of memory of people is sometimes caused by dead people as Ninoy Aquino, Abad Santos, Escoda, Manuel Roxas and the endless projects promised by Malacanan pigsty.

The congressmen who were bought last year must be very thankful to the people who filed the impeachment complaints!  For very obvious reasons. . . it's fund raising time once again folks!

Who ever said that GMA is a poor diplomat? She even uses the Vatican and even the Pope to have photo-ops and pee-arr and leverage? Her style stinks more! Well I hope that the Vatican just gives her a usual protocol or welcome, just like what they did to Marcos but behind the scenes it really an opposite matter. . . How did GMA become what she is now when she is a daughter of DM the Incorruptible?

Lately, Figueroa has announced that he had worked with Malacanang on the completion of the Catbalogan Airport. . . he should have forgotten the study that mentioned that the wind current at Buri is unpredictable and is always dangerous to airplanes most especially when they are about to land in any weather. . .  He should study that, consult with professionals from Air Transport Office and PAG-ASA, cause if he will ignore this he would be killing his fellow Samareños. Figueroa may also make a killing in the public works funds for the airport, just like the story of another airport also in an island in Northern Samar, where a current congressman has been rumored to have acquired more from the funds of his proposed airport in his native Island!

By the way, who will be the people who will fly-in to Samar? The airport in Calbayog has less passengers, ditto with that of Catarman, than the previous years. Tourists are turned-off (including us, natives of this almost God-forsaken island) because of the worst concreted roads, is there such a thing? Only in Samar, courtesy of our Congressmen and GMA. . . they play discordant songs by saying let's develop tourism, let's have this and that festival to lure tourists,  but they forget the roads. . .  and bridges too. . . 

These incompetents are insulting us Samareños... And still we clap our hands when they exhort the teachers to stamp-out corruption? Kalu-ad gad hini nga mga tawo!

Speak your mind Samar!  Let your bells be heard!

Lastly, when Ramos was president who was the Samareño who asked him where father Rudy Romano or did he had any information where our brother was? After all, he was a ranking military man during Marcos' regime!

Thanks Ray for your hospitality... I hope this message will be posted by the fearless Samar News!

Name:   Leo Ramirez
Address:   6th St. barangay 11, Patag Dist., Catbalogan, Samar
July 9, 2006

Re:  Infras sprouting in Catbalogan!

I'd like to congratulate Mayor Tekwa for a job well done in Catbalogan. Bisan bag-o pala hiya nga nalingkod ha pwesto nakikita na naton an iya agi. I would say that Mayor Tekwa has got a vision for Catbaloganons and this is one of the most important qualities that some of our political leaders lack. Nike ads aptly puts it "JUST DO IT". These development endeavor will surely inspire and motivate us all to contribute in any ways we can to the realization of these goals. I happened to "play hantak" once with a "civilian" Tekwa when we were still young. Gone are those days, and people change. It is not how you start in life which is important it's how you finish!! Kudos to you sir!!!

Name:   Danilo Giampaolo
Honolulu, USA
July 9th, 2006

I'm looking for my lost friend Mito Oral of Catbalogan. Please send me any information that you might have. Thanks

Name:    Allen Aloysius O'Reilly
113 Chipstead Valley Road, Coulsdon, Surrey CR5 3BP, England, UK
8th July 2006


The following was announced by the Health Minister Lord Warner 2nd July 2006 without consultation, I believe the statement has ramifications for those D Grade / Band 5 Staff Nurses who are migrant workers and still Contract Employee. It might be seen as a way of creating vacancies in the NHS for the grade for graduating UK indigenous nurses in September 2006.. Now that the Grade D / Band 5 is listed as no longer shortage occupation, there is obviously no guarantee that the migrant nurse who's permit and contract are due for renewable that it may or may not be renewed, This causes me concern.

Allen Aloysius O'Reilly RN RMN Cert Ed ( Mental Health )
South London Filipino Community
London UK


NHS Employers issues support materials to help the NHS manage workforce changes

The extra investment in nurse education means that the NHS no longer needs to hire more junior nurses from abroad, Health Minister Lord Warner announced today.

Nursing has historically been included on the Home Office shortage occupation list to support international recruitment where NHS trusts have been unable to fill vacancies using UK or EEA trained staff.

By removing general nurses from the shortage occupation list, employers will need to advertise any vacancies first and only if they are unable to fill the post can they turn to international recruitment.

At present, this change applies to nursing posts graded at Agenda for Change bands 5 and 6, where overall the supply of nurses is now healthy.

Health Minister Lord Warner said:

“The NHS has seen historical levels of investment and a period of expansion in the nursing workforce since 1997 in order to help reduce waiting times, improve access to services and ensure high quality treatment and care.

“On top of this we have made a huge investment in education and training and in the development of robust recruitment and retention policies.  This is now bearing fruit.  We now have more than 379,000 qualified nurses working in the NHS, 82,000 more than in 1997 as well as record levels of nurses in training.

“We are now moving away from year-on-year growth in the NHS workforce to more of a steady state where there is a closer match between demand and supply. Large-scale international nurse recruitment across the NHS was only ever intended to be a short-term measure. The aim of the NHS has always been to look towards home-grown staff in the first instance and have a diverse workforce that reflects local communities.

“Therefore to ensure that UK resident and newly trained nurses are given every opportunity to continue their career in the UK and to secure the future workforce of the NHS, we are today taking Agenda for Change band 5 and 6 nurses off the shortage list. “

In addition, NHS Employers today issued a range of information to support NHS organisations when faced with workforce change, endorsed by Health Minister Lord Warner.

Drawn up in consultation with professional and staff interests, the documents offer practical support to NHS students, staff and managers who may be facing redeployment, redundancy or difficulty getting their first job after graduation.

Maximising employment opportunities in a changing NHS offers advice and best practice to employers on how to support their staff through the current workforce challenges.   It contains information on how trusts can make greater use of internal banks rather than relying on agency staff, recruit more new graduates into community roles, use accelerated development programmes to skill up the current workforce and make maximum use of the free national NHS jobs recruitment service.  A range of case studies illustrate what trusts are doing at local level to support their workforce.

NHS Employers is also publishing Retention of Experienced Staff in the NHS  which contains information on how trusts can retain senior staff during times of change.  This document and the other support tools are available on NHS Employers’ website at

Steve Barnett, Director of NHS Employers, said: “NHS Employers is providing a range of information that will help employers to support their staff through this period of change.  We are working closely with employers, staff organisation and other stakeholders at a national level to ensure that we all do everything we can to support the workforce through these changing times and to retain valuable skills and experience.”

Phil Gray, Chief Executive of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, said:  “Physiotherapists will welcome today’s document from NHS Employers as a clear signal to trusts that even in the current financial climate there is much they can do to put newly qualified physiotherapists to work and to retain the experienced practitioners who are innovating and modernising across the full range of care settings.”

Health Minister Lord Warner added: “It is clear that some NHS organisations are reviewing and rationalising the way they work to ensure they are fit for purpose and this includes considering the number of staff they employ and how they are best used.

“For this reason it is currently a worrying and uncertain time for some staff working in the NHS, and indeed for some healthcare graduates.

“I am reassured that where trusts are reducing posts they are mainly doing so through expected turnover, vacancy freezes, reducing the use of agency staff, and redeploying staff in different ways.  They are working hard to avoid redundancies and for the most part succeeding, despite some exaggerated claims.

"Unfortunately it seems that some redundancies will be inevitable, particularly in the most challenged trusts; but where posts are being reduced we want to ensure employers are involving staff in consultations about the way forward and are making every effort to ensure that care for patients is not affected.

“At a national level, the Department of Health is working closely with NHS Employers to ensure appropriate support and guidance is available.”

Many initiatives for improving health care – such as providing more treatment in the community and the introduction of new roles for staff and new providers of services – are changing how staff work, particularly in acute hospitals.

Chief Nursing Officer Christine Beasley said: “We’ve all seen the headlines claiming that thousands of staff face unemployment. Although the figures have been exaggerated clearly there are some nurses and midwives that are facing uncertainty in the NHS. In particular, new graduates are concerned they will not be able to find their first post.

“We do still need and will continue to need new staff to replace those who retire or take career breaks. Many employers, even those making reductions in workforce numbers still expect to take on newly qualified nurses graduates.

“However, new graduates in certain professions, such as nursing and physiotherapy, are likely to find more competition in finding their first job than in the recent past and people may have to be prepared to be mobile to secure a post.  My advice to students about to qualify is that there are jobs out there, perhaps not in your first choice of speciality or local trust but be open minded about where and in which areas you work.”

Intelligence from NHS Employers shows the situation is patchy - some trusts expect to take on all or most of their graduates but there are significant geographical variations, for example, the East Midlands has problems but London, Leeds, Manchester and Essex expect to take on most of their new nurses. Many areas are committed to finding posts for all their graduates and are being innovative and creative in making sure this happens.

For example, some trusts are ring-fencing posts for local nurse graduates and where sufficient substantive posts are not available, for example, are taking them on in flexible pools where they work in a range of different settings according to the needs of the service and are provided with mentorship and support.

For those Trusts who are still finding it difficult Maximising employment opportunities in a changing NHS offers practical support to Trusts to help NHS graduates into employment.

NHS Employers are working with the Council of Deans for Nursing and the Professions on a number of immediate and longer term strategies.

Paul Turner, Head of the Council of Deans said:  “The Council of Deans is working jointly with NHS Employers to improve and share intelligence on employment opportunities and career development for newly qualifying nurses.

“We will continue to advance and develop strategies that positively promote nursing as a career choice and continue the development of pre-registration programmes that have a well-balanced community and hospital focus with balanced and well supported placement experiences.”

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