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Name:   Bystander
 29 April 2006

Whew! This is getting too personal and adversarial. I hope I'm not getting into Tonyboy's nerves. I may have to take a little respite from this message board. Besides, we are taking too much space that others may be hesitant to post their own messages.

All I can say is as long as Samar has all these revolutionaries and leftists taking potshots at sitting officials, it will forever remain in the doldrums that it is now.  Turn back the pages of history and see if anyone with leftist leanings has risen to lead the province to economic stability and prominence. Note the words stability and prominence. Nada, zelch, zero.

Someone in Samar News' discussion forum has initiated a campaign to improve and develop a barangay in Samar, devoid of political influence of any kind. The group is still small but pledges have been made and guidelines being drafted. I challenge Tonyboy and other concerned readers to join in and show that you really care. This movement will commence with one barangay but surely will mushroom to a town and eventually the whole province.

Btw, the impression that I am on Cong Figueroa's side doesn't make me a Calbigan.  I could be Tonyboy's next door neighbor.

Name:   Tonyboy Morales
Address:    Catbalogan,
Date:   29 April 2006

To Mr. Bystander: Libel is a silencing tool used frequently by Mike Arroyo to suppress the sentiments of the people against her queen, Gloria "Makakapal" Arroyo. In almost all instances, his over-reactions were rebuffed by the courts of law. Public Officers are subject to scrutiny of the people they serve. Every single centavo they receive as salary or compensation is taken from the tax that the people, including myself 'cause I pay my taxes regularly, painstakingly pay to the government. By the way, are you paying taxes to support the Philippine government? Since you are in a foreign land enjoying the luxury life you are in, you are exempt from paying your dues to the mother land. Am I right? Occasionally, thank you for the dollars that you send to your relatives (esp. to Calbiga during fiestas) and please keep sending more to keep the Philippine economy afloat. And since I pay taxes that these politicos devour, I have every inch of a right to demand that they make account of every single centavo that they spend. See: that should have been the most ideal system of governance.

We, the people, are the customers and our political leaders, the servants. Generic reminders to politicians to focus on solutions to the real problems in Samar are not libelous. The term "enriching themselves at the expense of Samarenos" is a phrase that should remind them that when they receive their paychecks, it is through the labors and sacrifices of the common man (I'd like to underscore the poor common man) in Samar that made them receive fat salaries and bonuses. That they should be mindful of paying back the people through outstanding public service is nothing but a fair request. Without malice, a libel case won't prosper. I will not personally benefit since I am not running for any public office nor supporting anybody. For the interest of public discussion and to answer your points, I am free to say what I wanted to say as guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. Freedom of expression, I may add, is superior than any other right as amp

Try to read the columns of Neal Cruz and Conrado de Quiroz in the Philippine Daily Inquirer ( in order for you to have good examples of how every Filipino can demand nothing short than outstanding service from their leaders. But, since you are now an American, you can understand this better. Americans hold dear the right of the citizens to redress the wrongs committed by their leaders. Oh, America, being the bulwark of freedom is now suppressing the freedom of other people in the Middle East and in the UN to have other voices different from theirs. No wonder then that you are acting like you are America.

Moreover, I am thankful that there are people in Samar like Lingaton and Abaigar-Jaboli who have balls and guts to tell the emperor that he is naked. To you Mr. Bystander, may you have balls larger than your myopic eyesight. Again, my thanks goes to this forum ( that values freedom of expression more than anything else.

Name:   Bystander

One doesn't have to be physically in Samar to understand the conditions prevailing in that province. Everyone has access to the internet, cable TV, telephone and text messages. I am aware of what's happening there - I can tell how many Bayan members have been killed since Palparan assumed command till the time he was relieved; the major skirmishes between the Army and the NPA's; the plight of the prov'l hospital and the myriad other problems confronting the province and its citizens. Nothing in all my previous posts will give the appearance of contempt on my part against the poor people of Samar. I still consider myself to be one of them.

I am amazed at how you know who manages to put a spin on almost every item I posted. He must be very experienced at doing this. Consider the following –

While I mentioned the names of Rosales, Veloso, Yancha, Rono and Nachura, nothing was said about these honorable men getting rich at the people's expense. He did.

When I said anyone can get an education, I didn't mean an Ateneo education. That would be unrealistic for a poor student from Samar to study at Ateneo for a least 4 years unless he gets a full scholarship. One can get educated right there in Catbalogan!  Eddie Nachura attended public elementary and high schools and went to Samar College for his pre-law, yet he landed 7th place in the '67 bar exams. Why be so ambitious kung wala talagang panggastos?

I didn't say it is the poor people who waste time in the cafes and whine and put blame on others for their miserable life. I was referring to u-know who.

I will jump into anybody's defense specially if he or she is the underdog. You can't say Figueroa is my beloved congressman - you put him in office so he must be your man!

Even if I'm in the other corner of the world, I have done several philantrophic acts for the Samar folks, even to people I don't know and those I haven't even met. As an OFW, I have done my share of helping the Philippine economy. I would be embarrassing myself if I have to tell how much I have remitted the past 3 years. I wonder what he has done for Samar, besides posting all this rhetoric and incendiary articles?

Name:   Bystander

It's grossly unfair and irresponsible when a person is being pilloried and defamed in the media and those behind the smear campaign have nothing in their hands to back up those allegations. They should refrain from publishing libelous statements or they just might get what they wish for.  Clear enough, Tonyboy?

Name:    Tonyboy Morales
Address:   Catbalogan,
Date:   27 April 2006

Mr. Bystander's admission of the fact that he has not been to Samar for a good number of years (25 at that!) is an admission of ignorance of the true state of Samar. The comfortable life you are in right now, Mr. Bystander, is far from the conditions your kababayans are experiencing. You are simply detached from reality and your "holier than thou" contempt against the poor people of Samar is evident of your gross misunderstanding of the real issues in Samar. You mentioned the long list of politicians who have enriched themselves at the expense of the people of Samar - Rosales, Veloso, Yancha, Rono, Nachura, and I may add Garduce and Figueroa.

And if you want the lady Governor to be included in that list, I would gladly agree with you Sir. Include the name of Mila Tan who should be blamed and should be made accountable for the sorry state of the province especially the provincial hospital. What's the common denominator for all these politicos? They have betrayed public trust by enriching themselves forgetting the Samarenos. They've continued to allow the "band-aid" mentality of problem solving rather than look for genuine solutions for the problems in Samar.

When you asked me if "is it the congressman's fault that the young are out of school or out of work?" My answer to that is he is partly to be blamed because public policy, as exercised by Congress, can correct the mistakes of the system.  When you said that "everyone, rich or poor, has an equal chance to earn an education" is correct to some degrees if you are talking about public basic education. Which unfortunately is in a dying state. Equal chance means that one, whether rich or poor, could study in Ateneo if one wants to without paying the price at 100,000 pesos per semester, right? Or, you now have a different tune to say about that. Why? Because the poor people are always asked to "sacrifice and persevere and not waste their time going to internet cafes and whine and cast blame on others for the miserable life they are living" and this is equality you are talking about. You cannot talk about equality Mr. Bystander if your bases are all erroneous. Try using other terms like equitable which is more proper and politically-correct. To say equal and one is lesser than the other is mathematically improbable, right?

Lastly, the problem with you is your rabid defense of Mr. Figueroa and my problem is my rabid defense of the correct impressions made by Lingaton and Abaigar-Jaboli about how to prioritize government projects. Now, I am simply defending the right of these people to voice out their piece lest they may simply join the chorus of the silenced and indifferent people of Samar. And, I respect your defense of your beloved congressman. My hope is for you to respect my opinion, too. I'm not in that position yet to file a case before the Ombudsman because that constitutional office is being made a political bargaining tool of Malacanang. But, voicing out the wrongs committed by the politicos is a must---it may simply be a still voice out of darkness. Thanks for Samarnews to be that voice in the wilderness called Samar.

Name:   Antonio "Noynie" Casurao
United Arab Emirates
26 April 2006

I would like to call on my classmates in elementary at Gandara Central Elementary School Batch '80, how are you?  And even my classmates at St. Michael's High School, First Year SY 1980-1981. Nahinomdom pa kamo sa akon?  Please e-mail me, those who recognize and let us share our experiences since then.

Huhulaton ko kamo.  My e-mail add is or  Chow!

Name:  Bystander

Tonyboy Morales' response to my post is typical of a disgruntled citizen, someone who must have pledged his loyalty to the wrong politician or got left behind by the bus. It's a fact that in poor or developing countries like ours, the government and the incumbent always get the blame when people don't have jobs or food to feed their hungry stomachs. With all those who preceded Figueroa - from Rosales, Veloso, Yancha, Rono, Nachura, the list is long, how come you are still yearning for livelihood projects? Why are you blaming the incumbent when he just inherited the huge problems the province is facing? Why is nothing being mentioned of your lady governor?

Is it the congressman's fault that the young are out of school or out of work? Everyone, rich or poor, has an equal chance to earn an education, bakit hindi ninyo magawa? I've seen so many coming from poor families succeeding in their respective fields. Why? Because they sacrificed and persevered and did not waste their time going to internet cafes and whine and cast blame on others for the miserable life they are living.

Fact is, Tonyboy, I came to know Cong Figueroa only through the internet. I haven't seen this guy for the simple reason that I haven't been in the Phils for 25 years. I am nobody's puppet, I don't take sides. It just irks me when people gang up on somebody, without giving him a chance to air his side.

Tonyboy used terms like "bucket", "pockets", "mansions and minions", all of these alluding that the congressman is making a financial killing out of these projects. If you really have solid proof, Tonyboy, why don't you present your evidence to the Ombudsman and make a case out of it? If you really believe that public office is a public trust, by all means, be a hero by playing your cards right.

Name:   Jojo
Address:   Catbalogan,
Samar 6700
25 April 2006

We are inviting all bike enthusiast & cyclist in Samar that there will be a "Tour han Samar 07" a 6 days bike tour/race/fun ride around Samar island, a 500 plus KM., it will happen on august 2007.

ITT - Gandara, Samar (30km)
Catbalogan - Oras
Oras - Borongan (140km)
Borongan - Guiuan (110km)
Guiuan - Basey (95km)
Basey - Gandara (115km)

Sponsored by:  Al Figer & Family

Name:   Dae
April 25, 2006

Looking for Jeramay Arnold. Very very important.

Name:   Tonyboy Morales
Address:  Catbalogan,
Date:   24 April 2006

The points raised (on what public work projects need to be prioritized) by Ivy Lingaton and Mr. Bayani Abaigar-Jaboli are valid and Mr. Bystander's frantics are merely in fanatic and somewhat lunatic defense of Cong. Figueroa. Are you the congressman's PR specialist? It is without doubt that politicos in Samar are interested only in those projects where they could announce to the whole wide world that they're the benefactors of such projects forgetting that it is public money that they are using and to such extent abusing and misusing. As a result, there are more waiting sheds and covered courts than livelihood projects.

The headline of Mr. Bystander that "(m)oney spent for those covered courts is just a drop in the bucket compared with the benefits the Samar youth will gain" is a good PR statement. But, whose bucket is it? And, whose pocket will it enrich? The problem is that politicos are only busying themselves with "band-aid" solutions to humongous problems of illiteracy and poverty. And he added that "(i)nstead of having drinking sprees or drug binges, you will see the younger ones playing their favorite games or socializing with other citizens." Such a statement is perfect for a political propaganda but Mr. Bystander forgot that the reason why these people are wasting their youths is because they're most likely out of school or out of work. You can't simply apply a make-up to a rotting carcass Mr. Bystander. Address first the most pressing concerns of the people and kindly tell that to your boss, Mr. Congressman Figueroa.

And, having the Japan loan approved hopefully will truly finance the project and not the mansions and minions of our politicos. Your advice to them to "stay away from politics and refrain from criticizing..." has always been the reason why our politicians are abusing the public office entrusted to them by the people. Politics is not just for politicians. It should be for all of us who believe that public office is a public trust.

Name:   Marita Flores Strand
Address:   Krenkesflot 6-a, Odda 5750, Norway
  24 April 2006

Komusta an taga Samar ngan Leyte nga ada an akon mga kabogtoan dinhe. Ngan komusta an nakabasa hini nga anak ni Emy ha Cabugawan Buri nga aada ha Taiwan sering han akon kumari nga aadi ha Norway liwat (Alona Mastelero Strand) Ngan an taga Ligaya Parlor komusta kamo nga tanan dida??? Ngan salamat kan Melba nga pinag tanggol daw sila Tony sa kapitbahay nila sa Igot Silanga. Ngan komusta ikaw Marie aada ha Germany ngan an akon mga kamag anak dida ha Germany liwat.

Name:   Rosemarie Moreno
Address:  Machibun 5-49, Olive Branch D,
Kitakami City, Iwate Ken 024-0082, Japan
April 22, 2006

Hello to my friend Rosella Adjie Cano there in Oquendo District, Calbayog City kumusta ka na...

Name:   Bystander
Address:   Land of Milk & Honey

Money spent for those covered courts is just a drop in the bucket compared with the benefits the Samar youth will gain. Instead of having drinking sprees or drug binges, you will see the younger ones playing their favorite games or socializing with other citizens. Can't you see the health and social benefits these projects will bring? Ito naman nga kalsada from Calbiga to Catbalogan, that should have been finished during Ex-Cong Nachura's term. He is from Catbalogan, kay ano nga guin una pa an Calbiga-Tacloban road? 

But don't despair, Ivy and company, the Japan loan has been approved, contracts will soon be awarded and construction will start on the Calbiga-Catbalogan portion of the national highway. Hopefully, it will be world-class just like the existing Calb/Tac highway. Meanwhile, stay away from politics and refrain from criticizing and mudslinging. You are an ABAIGAR who I'm sure has relations in Calbiga. Don't say negative things about the congressman and his town. Else, why don't you come home and try your hand at politics.  Let's see how good you are!

Name:   Lance
Address:  Brunie
Date: 21 of April 2006

Para han mga organizer han SSU alumnni karuyag ko gadla mahibaroan iton mga nahinabo o kalipayan hiton gindadaos yana nga alumnni home comming dinhe ha SSU.  Please share with us on what is going on now, Please publish the latest event here in Samar News.  Para hadton sugad ha amon nga waray maka attend heni nga higayod mahibaroan an karisyuhan dida. And I’m calling the attention of batch 1983 pls get in touch with my email add. I’m YOLANDO C. MACHATE, I really missed you all guys. Hino dawla iton masagot hine nga panawagan ko konta nahinomduman pa niyo ako.

Name:   Bayani Abaigar Jaboli
Tokyo, Japan
Date:   2006-4-20

Thanks to Ivy K. Lingaton for writing about a Congressman who spent the people’s money building covered basketball courts.  He even made sure that a covered basketball court be built also in his hometown of Calbiga.  I agree, Ivy, that repairing our National road from Calbiga to Calbayog or beyond, should have been prioritized.  Siguro diri hiya naagi hini nga kalsada kay eroplano it iya sinasakyan via Tacloban.  From the Samar side of the San Juanico bridge to Calbiga, the road is smooth as it is new, built during the time of the previous Congressman.  I was once a seafarer who traveled to many countries in the world, nakita ko an mga kalsada han iba nga nasyon, ngan an gi-rarauti nga kalsada amo an kalsada ha Samar.  Para kan Congressman, angay gadman nimo planohan pag-upay hit aton kalsada antes magplano pag-pakandidato hit asawa pag ka gobernadora.

Name:   Ivy K. Lingaton
National Road, Calbayog, Samar
April 19, 2006

Mga hinigugma ko nga mga Samareño. . . . .

Please note mga SAMAREÑO, bisan di-in ka nga dapit han Samar, diri Nortehanon, Estehanon o Westehanon, basta Samareño, kay kabutlaw pa han sobra nga pagka localist naton. May usa nga congressman nga nagpa press release nga natima niya an wothr 10 million covered courts in several barangays in his district. . . diri pala maiha, well any fool can do that, even a moron can do that as long as he has money pero an aton ginhihingyap an kalibrihan han gutom ngan pagkawara trabaho nga permanente, por lo menos señor congresista usted pensando para obras de alma y de corazon. Baga ka man an hi Imelda nga may ada edifice complex, kasumo pa han mga infra structure nga wara dako nga gamit! Why build a sport center for people who need to be fed first, at least first give them a good health program so that they can be of sound body and of sound mind, then they can think well and feed for themselves, not nakanganga to the gobyerno para may ada man hira dignidad! Why cover the courts when people do not have enough pavements to dry their palay on? Mr. Congressman, paparo-pasyada gad man para ka mahibaro it tunay nga kinhanglan han imo mga botante! Kulang ngani an kalsada nga bubularan han ira humay kay an mga kalsada damo na ngani an robat!

The mentality of our politicians! What a pity! The landscape of our province is cluttered with waiting sheds, facing each other, reading centers that do not have a even a page to read. Piers that do not have ships calling, unfinished structures of gymnasiums or sportscenter that already cost millions.. .  the list of wastes is endless!  And call upon us "not to ask what the government can do for us but what we can do for the government!" (excuse me JFK) and to do what we can to serve our place when they are doing a great disservice! Lipaki daw hira mga langit nga naghuhusga! Politicians frequently grandstand to discredit another for publicity and mud slinging. . . we have lots of them in our beloved Samar! Politicos aligning, lying, re-aligning and lying again, all for the sake of re-election. . . the sweethearts relationship of party-mates are easily cut-off when they see danger to their respective agenda and turfs. . .

And do not forget Politicos dear, to once again place your respective tombstone marks on your projects, so that long after you're gone, the Samarnons will recall how stupid you really were.

Name:   Genno
Address:   Saudi
Aramco, Saudi Arabia
 April 17, 2006

Advance Happy Fiesta han bug-os nga mga taga San Jose, Dulag, Leyte.

Name:   Yul
April 14,2006

Kumusta an preparation para han alumni homecoming. Kunta maging maupay. To Batch 1980 please post pictures of the homecoming on this website if possible. Also may ada ako suggestion, kun pwede mag wear an mga participants ng school ID with their high school pictures and high school uniforms dun sa parade... FUN... ...I hope to be there.... if not... maybe next time.

Name:   Minda

Maupay nga aga haiyo nga tanan. May mga nakikilala ba kamo nga mga De Paz sa Marabut? How about mga Gavan? Akoy nag hahanap ng mga kamag anak. May kilala ba niyo Chrispin Gavan ay akong tatang.

Name:   Nita Hadoypa Turner
355 Randall Dr., Biloxi, MS 39351, USA
Date:  9 April 06

Komusta an mga taga Balangiga labi na an akon mahal nga Nanay ngan kabugtoan ngan kasangkayan. I miss you all so much. And my special aunt Mary if you read this send me a message maaram ka hit akon Email. Happy Easter to everyone. Komosta SAMAR LEYTE.

Name:  Ann
Ar., USA
April  4, 2006

Hello! komosta kayo lahat dyan lalo na sa mga taga Hilongos, Leyte... Glad to know this website.... Keep up the good work! 

Name:   Fe Donaire Bulan
Chula Vista, California, USA
April 3, 2006

Dear All Zumarraganhons!

I look forward to seeing you all in Zumarraga during your St. Anthony Festival in June 2006.  I hope to meet and see other relatives from the USA, Canada, Europe, and other far-away places.  Please email me if you are from Zumarraga and are planning to be there for the festival.

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