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WWIII may not be caused by gasoline but by water – DENR-CENRO

By ALICE E. NICART (PIA Eastern Samar)
March 25, 2010

BORONGAN CITY, Eastern Samar  –  Information Officer, Ms. Dorinda Labro of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR-CENRO) warned the public, as she quoted a world report that says, “should water shortage reach a global scale,  the Third World War may not be caused by gasoline but by water”.

Labro said that there is about 2,000 cubic miles of ground water which the whole world gets from, and should it be contaminated, trouble might just take place in any given time.

Philippines might not be spared of the scrambling for drinking water, because even if we might have sufficient supply for all the Filipinos, foreigners would come and plunder our water.

“Let us not forget that water is more important than the solids we take,” Ms. Labro spoke on air over Radyo ng Bayan-DYES through Soc Aberia’s afternoon program, “Info Centrum”, in connection with the World’s observance of the World Water Week.

The DENR Information Officer has been going around the province and the Region to advocate for a better and protected environment in order for man to save himself and the planet from global warming.

At present, she is a hospitable host to another environment-friendly lady volunteer from Germany, Maria Kleimann, whom she said she has conducted to several areas in the province.

In a brief telephone interview, the 19-year old German lady informed this writer, that cleaning and greening is a big thing in her country.  She also said that, in her rounds with Ms. Labro, she noticed that people have cut several rainforest and burnt them, unlike in Germany, when they plant and cultivate trees and manage well their trashes.

Dorinda said her guest does not even eat meat.  She prefers vegetables instead, cooked with coconut milk, because eating meat adds to the emission of methane gas, she jibed.

In order to save the environment particularly, water, Labro advised his listeners to maintain a simple lifestyle: put off the aircon unit when coolness has prevailed the room; don’t swing the electric fan when only one person is using it; unplug appliances when not in use; never fill the glass to the brim with water, when you can’t consume the whole amount, otherwise you will just throw away the remaining water; if you can use up a pail of water when bathing, then, spare the other pail for others’ use.