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Catbalogan police doubles up effort as election period starts

January 12, 2010

CATBALOGAN CITY  –  Catbalogan City police doubles up efforts in maintaining peace and order in Samar’s capital city as election period started Sunday, January 10, 2010.

Catbalogan City Police stationIn an interview with Catbalogan City police Chief Superintendent Joseph N. Pensotes, he said that they have established two checkpoints on Sunday, in Barangay Silanga and Barangay Socorro.

He also added that they have operations like Operation Kapkap on Sunday night though it yielded only bladed weapons.

Operation Kapkap, Pensotes said will be done in areas where the PNP thinks is necessary.

Further, his men said Pensotes,”are ready and on call for 24 hours.”

As to the checkpoints, Pensotes maintained that no bodily search will be done, it shall be that the police will be on the look-out for dubious personalities in plain view.

“The city of Catbalogan is not listed as an area of concern, but just the same, my men are on alert and ready for any eventuality,” said the chief who replaced Supt. Ramil Ramirez not so long ago yet.

Presently, Catbalogan projects a peaceful and orderly city albeit with the usual drunkenness and petty crimes perpetrated by minors that are readily resolved in time.

Pensotes urged his ‘kababayans’ not to indulge in heated discussions as to the merits of their candidates but to remain calm in political discussions.

Finally, the chief of police of the capital city of Samar assured the city populace of the commitment of his men to maintain peace and order this election period and even beyond their call of duty.  (PIA-Samar)