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Name:    Tonyboy Morales
Address:   Catbalogan, Samar
Date:   02 Nov 2008

To J. Marco:

I have one of the most interesting conversation about Samar and its future with another Marco, also from Burak, while I was on board a fastcraft bound for Cebu from Ormoc in the latter part of the 90s. He is a Samar National School alumnus who graduated among the top of his class. We immediately had a connection because we both are Samarinan but what strike me most during that conversation was his clear and fresh ideas about Samar. I learned that he once served during his senior year at Samar High as Samar's provincial youth governor during the Samar Day celebration. He even shared that during that time for one full week there were actually three governors in the province. Tony Bolastig, the suspended governor, Vice Governor Terry Uyloan, the acting governor, and himself as the youth governor.

Interesting enough, I told him to go back to Samar to pursue a career in politics but like most young people he believed that his idealism does not sit well with the real political situation. He pursued a career in the academe and hopefully satisfy his idealism. I thought then that people like him are what we need in government. Honest, talented, idealist, competent, and most of all have a deep understanding of the issues confronting Samarnons. To my delight after much convincing, he promised me though not that he won't abandon Samar and its people. In due time we will see him come back to help uplift the horrifying ordeal of our fellow Samarnons.

I hope that Samar will have a good future with that friend of mine from Burak whose family name is also Marco. You might know him but all I hope for is for him not to renege his promise to me not to abandon the fight for Samar. I hope he will not.

On the sideline, Michael Tan, gubernatorial son, is also gunning for some top posts in the province or even in the city of Catbalogan. Remember that the vice mayor's seat will be vacant since this is the last term of incumbent Van Torrevillas. So maybe Michael is salivating for that post too. Again, that Tan Dynasty must be trashed to the bowels of oblivion! Spare our province from decay!

Name:    J. Marco
Address:   Mercedes, Catbalogan City
Date:   Nov. 2, 2008


HURRAY! Mabuhay ha aton nga tanan. Please let's all help together to topple down the family of MILA TAN in the name of politics!

Thanks to ISOG SAMAR, specially to Father Labendia. Mabuhay ka father LABENDIA! Sana tuloy tuloy na ito. GOD BLESS SAMARNON!

Name:    Tonyboy Morales
Address:   Catbalogan, Samar
Date:   11/01/08

Sandigan's Denial of Mila's Motion to Stay the Preventive Suspension: First Step to Mila's Oblivion

The Sandiganbayan has already dismissed the dilatory tactic of Mila and her cohorts to stay the 90-day preventive suspension. By and large, she will be served with the order in due time before Christmas to avert her gift-giving spree come yuletide season.

Mila has mastered the art of "doling out." Well, she is not "duling" but a "one-eyed jack" who is queen in the kingdom of the blind. True to form, the Samarenyos have generally become blind to all the anomalies perpetuated before their eyes. Legally blind is a term used to determine a person with visual acuity of less than 20/200 or 6/60. The people of Samar in general have become legally blind by virtue of their inability to see the obvious and their decision to be oblivious of what is going on. Well, visual correction is coming our way. Maybe not to the full 20/20 vision but at least no longer as skewed as before. Thanks to the Sandiganbayan.

But, bear in mind that this is only a start of a long march to total visual correction because the trial has not yet started. What the Sandiganbayan has done was only to preventively suspend the grafters so they will not use their positions to alter and repair the documentary evidence and corruption trail. They need to leave the crime scene so to speak so the CSI can sweep the scene to gather more evidence. Let us hope that Isog Han Samar's sacrifices would not just be in vain. Sometimes even in a world of money politics and corrupt justice system, money can't buy everything. Sometimes, conscience seeps into the minds of the most corrupt justices to do what is right even when he or she has already mortgaged his soul to Satan. A clean conscience after all is better to sleep with than a thousand-dollar tempurpedic bed.

Lo and behold, when it rains it pours. So, just as the Roño's were toppled and humiliated, the Bolastigs swept to the sidelines, the Figueroas flushed to the bowels, and those dynasties in Samar trashed to oblivion, so thus those who did not learn well that when you are given the power from the people, you shall use it to empower them and not merely enrich your own family. History does not repeat itself, it is the stupid people who make them happen again.

The raffles may forever be part of our Samar's politics for generations to come but we will be witnesses in our lifetime that crime pays a handsome price – a prison experience.

Be watchful, be vigilant, be involved, and always pray for the best. God is watching us, he is not a "one-eyed jack" nor a "duling" nor blind. God bless Samar!

Name:   Basilio A. Balasbas
Address:   539 Ricarte Ext., San Antonio, San Pedro, Laguna
Email:   balasbas.basilio@yahoo.com
Date:    Nov 1, 2008

We are faced with a gargantuan task of repulsing the power that be in the province of Samar. They are really protected in a fox hole, so to speak, surrounded by rah-rah boys who allowed themselves to be used by this family because of monetary consideration. Mind you the very people who surrounds Mila Tan are professionals and are holding key positions in the national and local government.

In every barangay they have contact persons who deliver the money direct to the electorate during election. They are not afraid to dangle millions of pesos knowing that they can recoup 10 folds whatever money that they will spend during the election period. And it is this kind of political system that makes our province the poorest of the poor year in and year out.

So we have to convince Fr. Labendia to run for Governor and come up with a complete ticket this early so that if we will make some changes in the process everybody will get involve.

We now have to start by coming up with the money that we need to keep the ball rolling. Campaign Hqs in Catbalogan, ask for volunters in every school, seek the assistance of the media (print and broadcast) for financial support and for more volunters. Talk to the people about the move to be undertaken by the volunteers in the barangay, towns and districts. Sustainable campaign from start to finish.

We have to lay out a more detailed, organized and effective OPLAN to put a stop to Mila Tan's family and other corrupt politicians in the province of Samar for progress and development and lasting peace to our beloved province. May God Bless Us All.

Name:   Naruto
Address:   Matuguinao, Samar
Date:   11/01/2008

Thanks for the concern Samarnons who always post their thoughts and comments here in this section. Because of this, we became more aware of those issues and challenges that Samarnons always facing of.

For the last 8 years, since I left in Samar, our situation didn't change. Our political catastrophe is getting worst leaded by the current administration.

Nakakalungkot, habang tumatagal parang lalong dumarami ang kampon ng kadiliman na nagtatago sa kanyuan ng mga politikong makakapal ang mukha. Ang nakakatakot nito, kahit alam natin kung sino sila, bakit parang sila pa itong ating ginagalang at binibigyan ng katanyagan.

Again, thanks for those people who bravely stand out for the truth. May God bless you all…

Name:    Ed Solayao
Address:   Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Date:   31 October 2008

To All My Kababayan,

The political scenario in the province of Samar has indeed reached a tremendously repulsive stage many of us could not imagine how it came to happen. Of course, there’s no one to be blamed but us Samarnons ourselves – fault of one, fault of all. We allowed it to happen, in the first place, right at the heart of the political spectrum – election. Have we not surrendered ourselves to corruption, it could have not been this grave. I’m saying “we” because I believe it’s the majority within the society that navigates the path, whether to prosperity or poverty. And what have we got in Samar, for the last four decades or so – a continuous string of hopelessness brought about by the same laggard mentality where corruption breads so well that many of us seem to either ignore it, live with it, and for those who can’t bear it anymore simply run away from it.

I’ve lived in Samar most of my life. From the time I had my first doze of education up to now, I always have one prayer for my homeland – that our people, us Samarnons, will one day be “resurrected” from this deep slumber. I share the same views as everyone else in this forum who are advocating for change. I feel the same disgust every moment I come across depressing news. All my days, I’ve always wanted to return and see what many of us have been wishing for all our lives.

And I have the same optimism as any of us who pray for nothing else but progress and prosperity in our homeland. The good news is, there is always a way out of this mess. I beg to disagree that we are running out of good people. It’s just that we, as a society, don’t seem to support them. The majority of us are still locked down to a point that votes are just equivalent to a kilo of rice and a few cans of sardines. Look, change took place in Pampanga a few years back. Why can’t we duplicate it here in Samar? CHANGE doesn’t care about our regional identity, color of skin, nor religious inclination. What it cares for is the ONE ACTION that the majority will decide to take on.

While it’s true that “first comes first”, we simply cannot let down our guard and wait for things to fall in front of us. Yes we have the same advocacy, and yes we all care about Samar. Who doesn’t, by the way? To tell you the truth, whenever I read this forum, I'm always inspired thinking that behind all these complaints, uproars, and criticisms, there are the pure and heartfelt dedications of our still hopefull kababayans. Simply put, no one will post their views if they don't care, right?

Let’s agree on a point here. Let’s divide ourselves and focus on wherever we can do better and serve more. One group will converge on dealing with the politics of it, another will promulgate tourism and entrepreneurship. It may sound so idealistic, but I think it’s doable. This time, hitting two birds with one stone is realistic.

If there is a need to march along the streets of Samar, we must all do. We will bear with us streamers of hope for change and placards of proposals to let the whole province know our clamor for real change. And we will assert our ideas to the maximum extent possible. But, let’s start within ourselves – change within us.

Name:    Bukoy
Address:    Matuguinao
Date:   31 Oct 2008

The endorsement of Mr. Tony Morales for Father Noel Labendia as a candidate for governor is the best. In my opinion, I am endorsing MR. TONY MORALES as a vice governor or even as a governor. Mabuhay ka sir.

To strengthen the line up, there should be a back up from ISUG HAN SAMAR group. I will not hesitate to endorse Ms Charo Nabong as a board member or anybody from that group and there is a mayor from Jiabong Francisco Langi, women like Agripina Macalalad and Atty. Kathrina Castillo secretary general of Katungod-sb and to name the few who seems to fit the line up.

Now this is the time for those who are working abroad who are too much concern to lift up the poverty of Samar. Your financial support is badly needed. Show your concern by sending money to finance the candidacy.

Mr. Basilio Balasbas, your chance to shout to teach in, to educate the voters to stand with the right principle.


Name:    Gemma Radam Villanueva
Address:   Guinsorongan, Catbalogan, Samar
Email:    villanuevagemma@yahoo.com
Date:   10/30/08

Mayda ako idea, hi ako maiha na nga nag pipinan miling hin website wherein maigkikirigta ko iton akon mga ig kasi Samarnon, pero yana la ako makatara hini nga website ngan baga nagin active ngan umapi hin mga balyo-ay hin idea, kay tungod nga we have common interest, kita ngatanan mahal naton iton Samar, bisan pa daw diin hi kita ig palid hiton hangin han kapalaran, dire gud naton pwede hingalimtan iton Samar.

Iton akon suggestion, kun pwede naton ig encourage iton mga kilala naton nga mga taga Samarnon bisan diin hira nga dapit dinhe ha mapa, kun may kilala kita mai paabot naton ini nga website. Kun damo iton aware hiton nahihinanabo ha aton mas damo iton mag kaka urosa para hin pag bag-o. Hino ba ha iyo it maaram hiton email address ni Mila Lim? Karuyag ko unta nga hibaruan niya nga mayda sugad hini nga website para bisan papano kulbaon ini hiya.

Sige Maupay nga gab-i ha iyo ngatanan.

P.S. Malipayon nga kaadlawan han akon bugto nga hi Myra Radam kakulop, aada hiya dapit ha may Darahuway nga guti, waray na ak makatawag, pasensiya bugto.

Name:    J. Marco
Address:   Mercedes, Catbalogan City, Samar
Date:   Oct.30, 2009

To: Mr. Morales:

Hi! I'm just asking how true is the news around Catbalogan that the youngest son of Mila Tan is also running this coming election? I knew this boy (Michael) because I'm also from Mercedes. I think he is a special kid because of the way he acts.

Baga pataraw-an, baga maka uurit na gud it nahitatabo dinhi ha aton kon amo ito nga storya. Sobra na gud it pakatamay ha aton hini nga familia sugad man ha bug-os nga Samar. Waray gud ada kita mahihimo hini nga aton problema kay hasta an media hawak man ni Mila Tan. Kon mabulig unta ini hira (media) ha katawhan (samarnon) bangin gadla ini makaya naton patalsikon ini nga gobernadora sugad man han iya mga anak ha larangan politica.

Thanks and more power to you Mr. Morales!

Name:    Basilio A. Balasbas
Address:    539 Gen Ricarte, San Antonio, San Pedro, Laguna
Email:    balasbas.basilio@yahoo.com
Date:   October 30, 2008

Sangcay nga Bukoy,

Pamati ko baga nag-abot kita ha Samar College hadto nga mga panahon. Tutuo iton nga imo mga sering nga makuri mautro an mga panahon nga hi anay Presidente Marcos nakaput han katungdunan, hadto nga mga panahon bisan diri hiya maglabot han pundo han gobyerno puede, ngan dire man liwat kita sayod gud kon diin tikang an iya ka ricohan kay puede man liwat iton tumikang ha mga Aid nga na tikang ha iba nga mga langyaw nga lugar pareho han US AID, amo iton nga an kalsada nahimo niya ngan an iya mga projects natitima gud.

Yana kita an natitima. Kita-a daw ini nga mga komento ni Tony Morales ada tinu-od iton. Ako ngani nga maiha na ako nga waray dinhe ha aton tikang ako lumakat maaram ako han mga nahitatabo dinhi ha aton tikang hini kan Cata, Kan Atty Bolastig kan Ricalde (Tatay ni Jun - nagkita kami ha Customs) hasta nga umabot na hini kan Mila Tan, ada 8 liwat iton katuig.

Bukoy, she mismanaged and abused the trust of all the Samarenyo, our predicament now is how to look for somebody (upright) who will run for Governor of Samar. Fr. Labendia is okey with me but will he run? Now that I am available to help our kabugtuan since my youngest will already graduate this coming March 2009, its payback time. I will personally talk to Fr. Labendia to run including Jun Dacaynos of Bunuanan, bantog hiya nga Barangay Captain yana kay maupay man an iya baga binuhatan, pagkakaintindi ko hiya la an nakapag re-elect, an iba napirde kay nagpaluyo man an mga politiko nga sumusuporta bisan kon eguin pada-og hira hine nga Barangay Captain hadto nga inagi nga election.

I still believe that good and systematic preparation that will involve the youth as volunteers, the professionals, the Nurse, the Doctors, the media (print and broadcast), the church, the farmers, the fishermen and all people who yearn for good governance for peace, progress and development of Samar should rally together to defeat the Tans family, the Figueroa family, the Redajas and relatives (they are all the same), Sarmiento? (I do not know him) and all trapos.

Name:    Marcial Lopez
Address:    Sta. Ana, Manila
Date:   Oct. 29, 2008

To Gemma,

Maupay nga oras ha imo ngan sugad man ha tanan nga igkasi ko Catbaloganon (Samarnon).

Abuyon ako hit imo mensage dinhi ha web site. Oo, damo gud it mag upay pa nga pwede kumapot hiton aton city or province of Samar. Pero ano man it ira mahihimo kay waray man sadang nga kwarta nga ira magagamit oras na hit election. Baman it aton mga igkasi mga Samarnon waray paki-alam hit natatabo ha aton provincia. Sering pa han usa nga tig surat didhi nga bisan an SUPER educated na sisilaw hit mga dole outs ni Mila Tan.

Mga teachers (not all) usa liwat ini hira hit mga causes hit kan Mila ka butang ha pwesto. Mayda ako sangkay nga teacher na storya nga nalilipay daw it mga teachers (not all) oras na hin election kay makaka karawat na liwat hira hin hatag tikang ha mga politicos. Hay naku! kon ungod man ini diri ba hira na kokonsisya hit ira mga gn bubuhat?

It akon bati mayda pa maupay nga potential nga mga tawo, like father Noel Labendia, Hania Tan (ambot kon ano iya relasyon kan Mila Tan kay pareho man hira tan) Tekwa, may usa pa nga baga Uy and Santos apilyedo (ambot kon ano ira ngaran) nga pwede unta suportahan kaya lang mga waray kwarta except hito nga Tekwa.

Ako, I am for Father Labendia kay daku na an iya sakripisyo nga gin buhat againts kan Mila Tan.

Catbaloganon... Samarnon... please pagmata na gad kamo kay maka lolo-uy na hit aton provincia!

Mr. Morales kay ikaw man it maaram, alayon gad pag surat ha presidente o bisan kanay nga aadto ha igbaw nga pwede maka bulig hit aton gn aatubang nga problema.

Father Labendia, please ayaw pag surrender han imo gin tikangan nga gin buhat kay malilipay la ini nga babaye kon imo baya-an an imo gin tikangan. GOD BLESS us all

Name:    Ed Solayao
Address:    Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Email:    aksolayao@gmail.com
Date:   29 Oct 2008

Just now I read this news here (SamarNews.com) that the government of the City of Catbalogan, with the active participation of other stakeholders, is now making serious moves to develop the tourism industry. In fact, Catbalogan aims to be the hub of tourism in Samar.

Folks, THIS IS WHAT WE'VE BEEN WAITING FOR SO LONG. At last, we are seeing light at the end of the tunnel. For us, the people of the City of Catbalogan and the rest of Samar, it's about time we support and make contributions to make this happen. There must be no let-up to it, and people from all walks of life, whatever your position in the society, are all stakeholders. Tourism is not just about a few people planning and plotting strategies; it is also more of the participation of everyone, particularly those living within its boundaries.

From the smiles of the tricycle drivers and market vendors, to the courteousness and friendliness of the business community, and peace in the whole society, every single move reflects the cause. Take note: Tourism is the mirror of the society, people and place.

Let's march on-wards. Let's support this advocacy. If we've been sharing one voice in all our complaints and dismays, let's do the same, but this time, to a more realistic and positive way.

Name:   Basilio A. Balasbas
Address:   539 Gen Ricarte Ext., San Antonio, San Pedro, Laguna
Email:    balasbas.basilio@yahoo.com
Date: October 29, 2008

Para kan Bukoy han Matuguinao, sugad man kan Gemma Radam Villanueva ha Saipan USA

Natuod ako hito nga iyo mga sering nga makuri gud pag hunahuna-on nga bisan diin ka lumingi labi na gud iton mga nakapot han aton gobyerno puro tikasan, yana nga umabot na hi Jocjoc Bolante kita-on dawla naton kon ano man iton ira hihimoon yana.

Iton akon la masesering yana paghibulig-bulig kita yana nga maedukar ini nga aton mga kabugtuan nga diri na kumarawat hini dos mil palit han ira boto para matuman ini nga aton pangandoy nga diri na paglabtan pa ini nga pondo han aton probinsiya.

Name:    A. Morales
Address:   Catbalogan
Date:   10/28/08

Father Noel Labendia for Governor!

I am not a great fan of self-righteous religious leaders like Bro. Mike Velarde and Bro. Eddie Villanueva nor of catholic bishops who oppose gambling but accept dole outs from PAGCOR and PCSO. I like the likes of Fr. Panlilio of Pampanga who took a break from merely adhering to his priestly vows to living them. From time to time, a godly man is needed to get rid of too much evil in this world. I think that Samar needs one in 2010.

Mila Tan is on her last term as governor and is planning to switch places with her daughter-congresswoman. Can you imagine Mila now in congress trying to escape the penalty of plundering the meager resources of the province by invoking some privileges and immunities of a congressman? Well, can you imagine Sharee Ann presiding over the old capitol with the same managerial skills as her mom? The possible alternatives are not also pleasing to our senses.

Possible provincial gubernatorial candidates are Cong. Ining Uy of the first district, Calbayog City Mayor Mel Sarmiento, Vice Gov. Jess Redaja, former Congressman Cata Figueroa or his wife former Zumarraga Mayor Nelipta. Uy is bloody red for Samar. His reign of terror in the first district must stop. Sarmiento is administratively good but has danced gracefully with the murderous reign of his patron Ining. Jess is an odd ball. He is perceived as the darling of the media but has not performed well in his 3 terms each as Catbalogan Mayor and as vice governor. He is tainted with corruption by constructing the DECS building bearing his name with funds from the local school board evidently against laws and good taste. Well, even the public market hullabaloo and the aborted plan to transfer the jail. The Figueroa couple should rather spent their last days here on earth repenting on their sins and buying a better wig for Cata and a lighter make-up for Nelip.

Mila will run and will win in the second district because no one with enough money can stop her from doing that. The Supreme Court salary and perks of Eddie Nachura is not enough to resurrect him from his political grave. So, the Tan dynasty will continue to linger in the province if they continue to endear the people by raffling out rice and noodles. Only two major events can change the political landscape of the province. One, if the Sandiganbayan finally rules against Mila for her graft case and the Supreme Court affirms the conviction sending Mila first to the provincial jail she once ignored and left unattended when she was governor so she could taste how it is to stay alive with no budgetary allocations from the provincial government because the governor has spent the money intended for jail management for something else. Another is when a viable candidate for governor can win in the elections that will calibrate the needed change in the province.

The last event could only happen if the right man comes in the forefront and I believe that only pure good can surpass evil. Anything less than good will have no chance to kill evil. I hope that Father Labendia could do a Father Panlilio to right the wrong in Samar's capitol. Once and for all, we should long to breath a fresher air because we have been too deeply entrenched in the holes of graft and corruption. We need a leader who can transform our province.

Many pundits will disagree with me having one wearing a cassock take the throne of the province. Let me assure them that I am not a catholic so I am no fan of priests in general but Father Labendia is one of a kind. He took the courage to stand firm on calling the governor a thief when others sat down in the bleachers. He has endangered himself when he stood out to fight the giant but he stood still and defiant against all the pressures within and without. He fully knew that the courage to stand up for what is right is more powerful than the might of a thousand armies.

I hope that Ang Kapatiran or other progressive political parties can have that moral courage to support and encourage a person like him to lead usher in a new hope for some desolate places in the Philippines.

My hope may just be like a coin tossed in a wishing well but hope springs eternal in the heart of an optimist. Maybe all these evil are merely prelude to a brighter good future for my beloved province. I wish!

Name:    Basilio A. Balasbas
Address:    539 Gen Ricarte Ext., San Antonio, San Pedro, Laguna
Email:    balasbas.basilio@yahoo.com
Date:   October 28, 2008

Sangcay nga Ed Solayao,

I am with you with your advocacy for the promotion of Tourism and Entrepreneurship 100%, but isn't it that your objective for coming up with this undertaking is to improve the economic condition of the province of Samar? When you invite tourist to the province it will generate income for the hoteliers, resort owners and above all income to the province.

LOOK... Samar Governor 4 others were suspended for 90 days over Graft charges. What will happen to the income derived from our sweat and blood if this same people will continue to lead our province? What good will our hardship and sacrifices do to the province if we will not prioritize the things that we will undertake for the province in order to sustain peace, progress and development in the province of Samar. C'mon Ed, first comes first. Let us first install upright people in the provincial government so that we can work with them harmoniously promote tourism and even help our Kabugtuan put up a capital for whatever business that they will come up with, of course a feasibility study is to be conducted first to insure success.

Name:    Gemma Radam Villanueva
Address:   Guinsorongan, Catbalogan, Samar
Date:   10/28/08

Para kan Mano Ed Solayao, salamat hiton nga website about Samar Tourism. Makabulig manta iton para ma uplift iton aton turismo. Pero kinahanglanon gud maayos anay iton mga kalasada ha aton ngan iton pina ka ugat hiton problema nga corruption kinahanglan ma utod na iton. Mayda paba qualified para magin gobernador ngan mayor ha aton? Pamati ko ngatanan nga mga qualified waray na didto ha aton. Gin babrayaanan na han mga matadong nga mga pwede kumandidato.

Name:   Hagi
Address:   Cor. Mascardo & Yague Streets, Guiuan, Eastern Samar
Date:    27 October 2008

Part Two - A Lesson in Minimalism

There was this enterprising couple who decided to start a small variety store (sari-sari) where they live by extending the front of their house to make way to a ‘makeshift store. People and neighbours start buying things from the store when Phil and Pina their next door neighbour of husband and wife followed suit in putting up their own sari-sari store.

Despite being next to each other, both stores enjoyed the patronage of their neighbours and the rest of the community that the sales volumes of both shops have remained strong as days and months passed. Phil and Pina the second couple of husband and wife decided to extend and enlarge their store to cater for the growing customers with ostentatious signs of progress like glass display shelves and huge signboard of the store.

While the first store owned and managed by ‘Akong’ and his wife has remained as it was when it first started its business. As days passed, the two stores had gone more stronger in their business that customers noticed that at first, there was one then followed by another until there were 4 tinderas (sales assistants) manning the store of the second couple (Phil and Pina) while from the other side, Akong and his wife Ching-ching struggled in serving their customers but have managed to stay as a ‘husband and wife’ team.

On some days, customers and buyers of both stores have noticed a new four-wheel drive parked in front of the second store and would occasionally see Phil and Pina come out of the vehicle bejewelled in gold watches, rings, bracelets and earrings and in their signature clothes and shoes. They could be seen and soon they are gone after ‘clink clangs’ of noises of store registers being opened and closed and hurried instructions to the people (tinderas) looking after their store. Night time comes and everyone in the neighbourhood become still and quiet and yet Akong and his wife Ching-ching still busy closing their shop before retiring and changing to their night clothes from his usual ‘camisa de-chino top and Ching-ching his wife in her home sewn duster.

Days passed and there is hardly any face of Phil and Pina around in their business premises leaving everything to their tinderas the day-to-day management of the store.

The morning came when the usual store customers of both stores were greeted by big red signs of Store Close and House for Sale sign in front of the second store of Phil and Pina. Turning their heads to the other store, they were met by the usual meek and friendly smiles of Akong in his camisa-de chino top and Ching-ching in her faded duster signifying that they were ready for the day’s business.

Name:    Bukoy
Address:   Matuguinao
Date:   Oct 26, 2008

Para kan Sir B. Balasbas,

Sir kaupay gad pamaitun hiton umo nga plano kunta matuman. Han naeskuwela pa ako kada rally an gin sasangyaw patalsikin hi Marcos kay tuta han kano ngan makawat kuno, sumulod ha akon huna huna nga maraot hi Marcos, so I go along with the others without asking how, why basta para la matanggal hi Macoy nga sabi nga nira para mahangu tayo sa kahirapan. Tumalsik nga!!!!

Yana na nga panahon balik ta an estorya han marauot nga highway, kon aton pipinsaron waray hino nga presidente an naka himo hin kalsada tikang ha Pasay ngadto ha Davao, concrete an kalsada pati mga tulay. YANA PAG REPAIR LA HITON NGA KALSADA TIKANG HA SAN ESIDRO NGADTO HA SAN JUANICO BRIDGE DIRI MAGAWA!!!! ASYA ITO AN SIRING HAN AKON SANGKAY NGA E KON MAKAWAT NA LIWAT AN SUMALIWAN?????

Sir kunta magkatutuo an imo mga plano pag aghat han ngatan nga tawo nga diri magsala pagpili han ira bobotusan. MABUHAY KA!!!!!!

Name:   Gemma Radam Villanueva
Address:   Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands 96950, U.S.A
Email:   villanuevagemma@yahoo.com
Date:   10/26/08

An Pilipinas usa ha pinka pobre nga bansa, tapos an Samar usa pa gud nga pinaka pobre nga probinsya ha Pilipinas. Tapos iton mga aada pa gud ha gobyerno sugad hiton nga gobernadora kurakot pa gud, sigurado ako pati ultimo mga kapitan ha mga baranggay kurakot liwat.

Hagi pastilan mapakain pa ngani iton mga tawo nga mga nag kukuri tungod ha iyo. Kamo nga mga pulitiko nga mga kurakot waray ba kamo mga kasing-kasing? Normal nala ba iton ha iyo nga mangurakot ngan manloko? Waray kamo ipinag kaiba hiton mga kriminal nga mga holdaper ha kalye. Samar usa ha pinaka pobre nga probinsiya ha Pilipinas! Malooy manta kamo ha mga taga Samarnon! Ginoo kunta magka may ada hin bisan guti la nga kauswagan iton amon probinsiya.

Name:   Basilio A. Balasbas
Address:    539 Ricarte Ext., San Antonio, San Pedro, Laguna
Email:   balasbas.basilio@yahoo.com
Date:   25 Oct 08

Sangcay nga Samarnon, baga binati gad ako hiton nga Atty Bolastig agi kay Abogado man iton, maaram man kita nga an mga abogado imo ngani ibutang ha roweda puro debate iton imo mapapamatian ngan maaaram man kita udog nga baga makarit man iton hira hin pag bari hin balaod kay maaram man hira managang.

May ada gad kita maproprobaran nga dire TRAPO (Traditional politician) ngan maupay an eguin agi-an ngan naedukar nga pobrehanon kay maaram ito hira pumaid han kakablasan. Kinahanglan la naton nga maeducar ini nga aton mga kabugtuan para paliton ngani iton ira mga boto andam na hira magsakripisyo hin kadaliay la para matagamtaman naton an tinuod nga pag uswag han aton probinsiya han Samar. God Bless Us All.

Name:   Ed Solayao
Address:   Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Email:    aksolayao@gmail.com
Date:   25 October 2008

Hello again, good fellas & kababayans! Let's break (again) this path of point-and-shoot, let's change the topic please. Isn't it better to talk about something else (new, relevant, positive driven issues) where we can possibly work on & immerse ourselves so we can change the atmosphere of our beloved Samar?

Again, I would like to invite you all to join in our advocacy to promote tourism & entrepreneurship in Samar. I made a weblink in www.flickr.com where we can post photos & videos related to Samar Travel & Tourism. Here is the link to the group - http://www.flickr.com/groups/samartourism/

I hope to see your participation in the website.

Name:    Basilio A. Balasbas
Address:    No. 539 Gen. Ricarte Ext., San Antonio, San Pedro, Laguna
Email:    balasbas.basilio@yahoo.com
Date:   October 24, 2008

Sangcay nga Bukoy han Matuguinao,

Kinahanglan nga baga mag sakripisyo kita nga baga magutom anay hin kadali. Kay may sakripisyo ngani matatagamtaman naton an baga maiha nga kaupayan. May ada na kita masasandigan nga magdadara hini nga aton lalawigan, kay diri ngani naton urangahon an madali nga pagkita hin kuwarta matatagamtaman naton an kamurayao ngan pag asenso han aton minayuyo nga probinsiya han Samar.

Kinahanglan la naton ipahibaro han aton mga kaprobinsiya nga gutiay la nga sakripisyo an kinahanglan para makab-ot naton eguin uungara naton nga pag uswag hini nga aton lalawigan. Makuri ha una but we have to believe in ourserlves, tap the youth, the professionals, the upright, the church and the populace in propagating the good news that graft and corruption can be eliminated if we will not sell our votes kinahanglan la naton an political well. Sakripisyo nga magutom la hin gutiay nga panahon and then we will reap the fruit of our hard labor but remember to vote for the upright person diri TRAPO.

Name:   Jena J. Jamandre
Address:   Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.
Date:  October 24, 2008

To Taga Mercado of Allen, N. Samar:

Thanks for putting me in the league of Mr. A. Morales of Catbalogan City. It is, indeed, a compliment since Mr. Morales is such a gifted and insightful writer and I'm a fan of his. I can assure you without an iota of doubt we're not one and the same. I'm a pure-blooded Catbaloganon who cares about our place and Samar. Best regards!

Name:    Samarenyo from Tate
Date:   10/24/08

To Taga Mercado of Allen:

Mr. Gaspay can check whether A. Morales and J. Jamandre are one and the same person by their IP Address. I doubt that they are one and the same though. Their writing styles are different.

I am one of the many fans of Tonyboy Morales. He is one of the most articulate contributors here.

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