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Name:   Adelbert Batica
Address:   207 W. 31st Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55408, USA
Date:   26 June 2008

Pastilan - mga kasangkayan ngan mga kabugtuan...ayaw ta na gadla ig-inupod-upod iton Ginoo hit aton iro-istoria dinhi. Hi ako, diri gud ak natuod hiton nga sinesering nga "maldicion", kay maupay man udog kon it Dios surog-surugan nga matuod la ha aton nga mga tawo. Kunta yana, pagsering ko hit Ginoo, o sino kan Senor San Miguel nga, "Uy, ikaw - milagrohi daw ak anay!" nga "magmi-milagro" iton?

Nag-iba na yana it panahon, tungod hit nga sinesering nga "global warming" o kon baga hin pagka-"politically correct" pa..."climate change". (Aguidaw, ano - nga perestihon, hin ka mag-upay gud nira "magpanday" hin vocabulario!) Ma "global warming" pa ini o "climate change" - asya la gihapon it resulta - bagyo, buhawi, uuran, baha, linog, "tsunami" pa ngani. Diri ini kanan Ginoo pagbuot, kay an Kalibutan iguintapud man ha aton nga mga tawo, kundi kay mainuyaton man liwat magrinuba han mga bahandi nga hatag ha aton han Kalangitan...sanglit asya iton - hi kita la ngahaw nga mga tawo iton "guinlalarogan" hini nga aton diri maupay nga buhat.

Ano iton mga nakakadugang hit "climate change"? "Environmental devastation", "pollution". Ano iton mga ejemplo hin "devastation", hini nga pagruba hit aton kapaligiran? Damo la, sugad hit inamasang la nga pag-mina, pag-logging, "denudation of the forests". Asya iton - it nga pagpinatakas hit nga pagpinahak hit aton kabukiran ngan kagugub-an, it nga waray na katapusan nga pag-inukad hit tuna hangtud ha kahangturan - gutiay la nga uran, gutiay la nga pagkurog hit tuna...adto na - disgracia na!

Kahuman, an sinesering liwat nga mga "industrialized nations", labi na gud iton Estados Unidos - "carbon dioxide emissions", "green gases emissions", "chemical dumping", o kon ano nala nga mga nahimo para hit sinesering nga "progress" ngan "development". Han una nga agosto - linog ha Peru, damo an patay; dungan liwat in buhawi ngan bagyo ha Caribbean - pati ngadi ha Minnesota, rapas kami, may pa gud padis nga uuran, baha, "tornado". Ini ngatanan nga mga kasugad, sugad hit waray na katapusan nga huraw o waray katapusan nga pag-inuran...diri la ini kanan uusa la nga nasud sugad hit Pilipinas. Kay it iba liwat nga nasud, nag-babaguod hini nga kasugad. Bisan didi ha amon, it iba nga dapit hit estado may huraw, makuri it irrigation systems pagpadalagan, mas makusog pa usahay iton ihi hit baka it awas. Ha Florida man liwat, nga tabi la lugod hin dagat...aadto na - "water rationing" and "water recycling".

Sanglit, diri kita angay makasering nga hi kita la iton hinmumurangtan hit Kalangitan. Kay kitaa nala ha Burma, di nala nga an mga nagkakamatay na hin gutom, dinugangan pa gud hin bagyo ngan buhawi. Bisan iton uuran o sino baha didi ha Minnesota - danay makalukat hit aspalto ha highway, danay makaanod hin mga tulay. Ada, "America" na ngani ini. "Climate change" is a global problem. It is everybody's problem and challenge.

Name:    Marcial Lo
Address:   New Jersey 07103, U.S.A.
Date:   June 25, 2008

Thank you very much Tonyboy Morales, for taking my friend Chito dela Torre to task, re his article about the damage done by the FRANK.

Hundreds if not thousands has died and Billions pesos worth of infrastructure and agricultural damage has further sunk my poor old country. I am an atheist and have been one since the 1970s. I am amused by the religious beleifs of some people. Whenever a tragedy strikes a place, it is always said to be punishment of some kind by some diety for the mistakes/sinfulness of some people.

Mr. dela Torre's response to the typhoon Frank tragedy is typical esp. re the damage to the Balyuan Tower. It reminds of an incident way back in the early 1980s when the Visayas (the whole country I think) was suffering to a very dry, hot rainless year. It was said to have been caused by El Niño phenomenom. Eastern Visayas was also suffering from RED TIDE. Hundreds were said to have been poisoned by the Red Tide affected seafoods. It almost wipeout the TAHONG & the Fishing industry in Leyte and Samar. It was also going to be that, for the first time in the history of Tacloban Fiestas that the Hermano Mayor will actually be a HERMANA MAYOR… a woman, hermano mayor… the wife of the Dictator Marcos - IMELDA ROMUALDEZ MARCOS… the aunt of the present City Mayor of Tacloban.

I was riding in a jeepney to work and I overheard the other passengers talking about the Red Tide and the problems/hardships it was causing the people. One woman said in waray…"GABA NA ITON HA ATON. NASISINA HA ATON ITON SEÑOR STO. NIÑO.. KAY BABAYE AN GUIN HIMO NGA HERMANO YANA NGA PATRON..." and the other passengers agreed with her saying "puros na manla iton hira iton Hermano kada tuig"... another one said "kay hira man an damo iton kwarta para magasto ha patron".



Whenever Imelda Marcos is interviewed, she always mentions that they are well blessed and protected by the Sto. Niño. I guess the Sto. Niño must been helping them loot the Philippine economy while they were in power… and maybe helping them deposit the loot in foreign countries. Maybe Marx was right...RELIGION IS THE OPIUM OF THE PEOPLE.

Name:    Antonio Morales
Address:   Catbalogan
Date:   06-24-08

The Wrath of Sto. Nino and the Clogged Sewers of Tacloban:

Mr. Dela Torre tries to spin the wheel so fast that the mayhem in Tacloban on June 20, 2008 as he tries to paint it was now due to the wrath of Sto. Niño, patron saint of Tacloban. How about those who perished in the sea off Romblon while aboard a Sulpicio vessel? Was it because they've offended some middle-earth gods or that the white lady Carolina from Biringan City fetch some new workers for her Bermuda Triangle-like paradise? Truth to tell, the current global warming side effects are being felt all over the world with stronger typhoons in the Pacific Rim, stronger cyclones in the Indian Ocean, stronger hurricanes in the Atlantic, stronger tornados in Midwestern USA, torrential rains and tectonic earthquakes that caused flooding in China, and other catasthrophes all over the world. Sto. Niño, the child image of Jesus, must not have caused all these maladies the same thing that the Lady of Penafrancia did not cause the tragedy during her feast some years back.

Don't blame these icons of peace and faith for cathastrophes made tragic by human neglect and omission. When you don't clear the "imburnals" during summer time in preparation for the rainy days, what you get is flooding even with an inch of rain. When you allow illegal constructions on waterways that would impede its free flow, what you get is flooding. When you throw garbage to rivers and canals that would clog its normal course, what you create is a perfect recipe for inundation. When you don't prepare for the rainy days because you've been lazily basking in the sun during summer time, then you deserved to be watered down when the rain comes. Even the lowly ants mastered how to build their homes above flooding zone and gather food well in advance during the sunny days so when the rainy days come, all they need to do is adjust a little bit and sing "I'm singing in the rain... or pumapatak na naman ang ulan sa bubong ng bahay..." Have we deteriorated our level in the Kingdom Animalia that ants are now brighter than human beings?

To blame everything on God and His heavenly saints is rather irreverent and illogical. If Manny Pacquaio loses his bout with Diaz this coming Saturday, God forbid, please spare the Sto. Niño of the blame. Don't blame him if David Diaz is a better boxer than Manny.

God is good. It is the evil portion in the human heart that is not good. That evil that doesn't care for the environment, that evil that doesn't honor honest-to-goodness governance in the local government units responsible for clearing the waterways, that evil that professes faith in the goodness of God but blames Him for their sufferings, and worse that evil that doesn't recognize with humility his/her own guilt. So, please stop blaming God on things He is not responsible and instead face the mirror to see who's the culprit. If you want to blame Him all the time, it is better for you to be an animist (one that believes in the divinity of animals and things) because you can easily make your God your scapegoat.

For Taclobanons and those under water, keep afloat!!!

Name:    Mary Ragaodao
Address:   U.S.A.
Date:   June 22nd, 2008

Looks like a dream coming true for my family in that "uncivilized" area of Golden River. So many have hoped for a way to enter and exit their homes along the River for many many years. Thanks to the efforts of Estorninos and others that is being achieved. I remember constantly inquiring to Manila about the progress of the road to my home of Panugmonon for years talking to various authority to get that job done and finally it is getting done. I remember contacting the Bill Gates Foundation on Agriculture for grants to assist the local farmers along the Golden River but I only got negative replies from the Foundation to help out.

Early years back I carried California Navel Lemon seeds to my barangay and had gotten the trees developed and fruiting with very tasty lemons. I delivered one to Region Eight Department of Agriculture in Tacloban and to my amazement the Director asked me what I had showing to her! She did not recognized that it was a Lemon and was just smothered being amazed to see such a crop being developed in my local Panugmonon barangay outside of the bustling soon to be city of Basey, Western Samar. I then was directed to the local Basey Ag. Department to a certain "Roy". I was told that a visit would insure and lo there came several from the Department to visit my poor family's home where the sole lemon tree was heavily laden with amazingly huge California Navel Lemons.

Several came that day where I took a video of my visitors and all gave their names on my tape. I felt after giving some lemon and one of the sapling to Roy that it would be taken care of and planted in Basey like I was told but no one ever contacted me again regarding this. I was trying through my own personal effort to give another way for locals to make a better living by starting a new crop such as this. I got no one to assist me in this endeavor but did succeed in establishing a market with Gussepi in Tacloban. The lemons were to be sold for 25 to 35 peso each at that time in 2003.

Name:   Bystander
Address:   City of Angels, USA
Date:   22-Jun-2008

This guy Morales seems to know a lot about politics and effective governance. Maybe he should join the fray and run for public office. Writing and taking potshots at sitting officials just won't do it. Samar will continue to be what it has been.

Name:    Maria Kimimoto
Address:   Japan
Date:   June 21,2008

Maupay nga adlaw haiyo ngatanan mga SAMARNON & LEYTENON!

I’m just wondering kon may-ada ba bahay amponan ha Tacloban o ha Samar? Kon may-ada man please paki email nala ha akon iton address nira.

Damo nga salamat mga kababayan MABUHAY tayong lahat.

Name:   Tonyboy Morales
Address:   Catbalogan
Date:   June 21, 2008

On Samar's "roads to perdition" and the politics of patronage:

Ungod ito Mr. Teddy Mirabueno nga kun hin-o an harani hit kaldero, madali makasikop hin kan-on. Fortunately for Eastern Samar, Evardone and Libanan are stooges of Arroyo. While Uy and Tan though allied with the president have no clouts like the two estehanon. Why? We are not getting the right people to congress to champion our causes in Samar. Qualified candidates for public offices are shying away from the electoral process because it is based on the 3G (Guns, goons, and gold). Who has the cash reserve and political might to topple these useless politicos? As of now, waray pa. The people of Samar who are easily swayed by a kilo of rice still has a way to mature as voters. Guin-iinuwat la pirmi it mga Samarnon.

Maybe we need an Among Ed Panlilio (priest-turned-Pampanga Governor) to correct the problem. I just hope that my schoolmate Fr. Noel Labendia, Isog Han Samar convenor, will consider ending the politics of 3G. Hopefully, educated and courageous young people will have the power to correct the system of patronage politics in Samar.

Democracy they say is crazy. We cannot impose our own personal will to the mob but we can certainly persuade our family members, our neighbors, and our friends to vote wisely. Until then, we have to live with the fact that our political maturity as an electorate is only as strong as the political illiterates of our society. As long as there are people willing to sell their votes, people willing to side with those who give them rice, or people willing to sacrifice their right of suffrage to the dictates of their stomach rather than their brains and hearts then we are stuck with this painful reality in life. But, living in demo-crazy Philippines is far better than living behind the iron curtain of autocratic North Korea or Cambodia. Freedom, after all, is still is the best commodity we all could have.

The politics of patronage is showing its evil face in the prioritization of road projects. Samar is at the end of the huge pile. Go to other provinces and you will see how beautiful their roads are. Point in case is Bohol. They have marvelous road networks. Why can they do that while we can't? It's leadership, folks. Over $70 million per year is given to each congressman as pork barrel that would have easily covered needed road repairs yet our previous and current congressmen have not allocated their pork barrels to do that. Question: where did the money go? Only their bank accounts and properties could tell. Very sad.

These are lamentations but hopefully, people will be awakened to realize that they deserve better from their leaders.

Name:   Teddy Mirabueno
Address:   Brill Street, Olongapo City, Zambales 2222
Date:   20June08

An infrastructure han gobyerno naton ay nakabase hit political run rate. Dida ha western and northern Samar permi perdi an administratyon pero ha eastern maupay it delivery hit botante para admistrasyon. Facts are Evardones and Libanans are given juicy positions and eastern Samar is now feeling the rewards.

Kay nauli man liwat ako dida pero dire na ako nagrereklamo kay waray man pulos it mga opisyales naton. Ito hira Claudio, si SolGen Nachura waray it labot hit karsada kondi it ira la mga pwesto.

Didi ha Luzon maturo it em laway hit kamag-upay hit karsada. All of Zambales has all roads leading to everywhere of the province. Last week umagi ako han Subic-Tarlac tollway sus kay maupay it nga karasda pero kon tutuusin the old road is enough to to serve this route pero naghimo pa hira hin tollway. Malipong na it ulo ko kon kay ano nga uusa la it nga karsada dida ha aton nga dire nira hatagan hin budget. Tingin ko dahil puro taga Luzon it nagiging presidente. Siguro pwede na it federal system to balance the distribution of infrastructures.

Name:   Samarnon
Address:   Canada
Date:   June 18, 2008

Troy just said that he will never go back home using the "same route again. Meaning, he will still visit Samar and his folks via alternate routes. Uuwi pa rin yan. Sometimes we are prone to say words we don't mean to do.

Actually I have met lots of immigrants, Filipinos included, who have not visited their home countries for as long as 25 years, yet still proud and remember of their roots and identity.

In all honesty, traveling is too expensive. Most of them prefer to send their savings to their folks rather than spending the money for travel vacations.

What I am saying is that not having the opportunity to visit your roots is not tantamount to self denial.

Name:   Taga Catbalogan
Address:   Catbalogan City
Date:   June 18, 2008

Salamat, Mr. Morales, nga nahi-api ako han imo ginpasalamatan ug gin-ngaranan. Sering pa namon dide pirme puntos an imo mga pamulong dinhe. Sugad man kan Samarnon, napakiana liwat ako kun ano an relasyon mo han mga Morales nga nag-ukoy anay ha Salug? More power!!!!

Name:   Samarnon
Address:   Tacloban City
Date:   June 17, 20008

Mabuhay, Mr. Tonyboy Morales you hit the point:

After five years, bumiyahi ako tikadto Catbalogan as in grabe na gad an kamarimadima han aton kalsada goin to Calbayog and Catarman kay tungod han aton mga opisyales nga mag-upay hinduro nga ira serbisyo han bungto han Catbalogan kaya sugad ini an aton kalsada. Pero bisan sugad pa man an kalsada tikadto ha Catbalogan, nalilipay la ngahaw ako nga nakabakasyon ako han bungto han Catbalogan. Nagpapasalamat ako na maupay an amon biyahi.

Name:   Tonyboy Morales
Address:   Catbalogan
Date:   06-18-08

To Girlie, Beth, and Taga Catbalogan... and Troy of USA too:

Thanks for responding to my original message. It pains me (more than the pain I encounter when I travel the sad roads of Samar) to know that some filipinos have abandoned their true identity as a people. I strongly believe that a waray will always be a waray the same thing that Annabelle Rama will always be a cebuana no matter what or that Miriam Defensor-Santiago will still speak English in an Ilonggo accent.

Glitter and glamor will not erase the trace of our identity as a people. Ang pinoy kahit saan mang sulok ng mundo pumunta ay pinoy pa rin. Amoy adobo, isip bibingka, at kulay lupa (not all of course, this is just to awaken your senses). One nationalist Filipino scholar studying in the states was asked by his co-workers in the cafeteria to drop his Filipino accent. He told them that he will change his accent if they (his co-workers) master their spelling first and foremost. They never asked him again and were afraid to show their written notes to him as they knew fully well that the Filipino scholar was far better off in the written word than them who were native English speakers.

My point is not for us to learn how to speak the way Americans speak but not loose our identity as a people. They are doing just that in the call centers and dollars are coming into our country because of the talented Filipinos who could easily mimic the American accent. I am proud that we are far better than our Indian friends. Yet, my Indian friend says that they speak better English than we do. In the end, we agreed that we are both good because we are getting the jobs and America is losing these jobs to Indians and Filipinos.

We don't have to display the Philippine flag in our yard to announce to the world that we are Filipinos but we show our compassion for our suffering kababayans who were not able to cross the border of prosperity. The same thing that I do not chastise the lowly Mexican laborers in the US because I feel where I came from. I could understand their struggle as a people. It is not an issue of people crossing the border but the border crossing people. I know that if there is a bridge between the US and the Philippines, half of our population will be willing to risk crossing the bridge to find prosperity. But, I continue to salute those who have found the gold at the end of the rainbow and continues to identify themselves as filipinos and not be ashamed of their heritage as a people.

Thank you Girlie, Beth, Taga Catbalogan, and hopefully Troy for trying to find the filipino portion of your hearts. You may color your hair blonde or change your accent or whiten your skin or lift your nose or put some blue-colored contact lenses or eat Subway or drive a Ford or wear a Levi's or follow Oprah or consult Michael Gurfinkle or send balikbayan boxes or vacation to Disneyland or fly Northwest as PAL is always late or whatever. But, never never forget the core of your being as a filipino, waray, or Catbaloganon. You forget that, your forget who you really are.

Name:   Girlie Grimaldi
Address:   New York City, New York, USA
Date:   17 June 2008

The City of Catbalogan now has its official website. Please visit it at

Name:   Samarnon
Address:  Canada
Date:   June 15, 2008

Thank you Mr. Tonyboy Morales. You always have something GOOD to say for everything.

Yes, there is always an internal instinct for a person to go back to where he/she came from no matter what. The love and longing to see the place where you grew up, the old friends and relatives is worth it more than all the hardships a person may encounter in getting there.

I go back home every two years and always go to Catbalogan everytime, except last year due to time constraints. Given the opportunity – leave of absence from my work and resources, I would love to go there every year!!! Although, I would love to see the roads repaired and some progress in the place, but as it is - they don't bother me.

I love Samar. I have traveled to several great cities in the world but Samar is still number one in my heart.

Mabuhay ka Mr. Morales. How are you related to Moraleses who once lived in Salug Catbalogan City? I quess they originally came from Northern Samar...? They were good people as far as I know.

Name:   Han
Address:   Pangasinan
Date:   June 15, 2008

Roy said "that I promised I would never go down that same horrendous route--ever again, for as long as the that so called "road" exist." Bangin magsakay hiya via barko o helicopter na para kitaon an iya mga relatives. So what is the big deal totoo naman talaga grabe it kalsada. Aminin na natin.

Yes of course iba ang feeling pag first time mong Makita ang mga relatives from years of being away. How about the following year? If the road is good maybe masusumo it aton mga relatives pagkita hit aton mga nawong kay pirme la kita tikadto ha ira pagbisita.

Name:   Girlie Grimaldi
Address:   New York City, New York, USA
Date:  14 June 2008

Amen to Mr. Tonyboy Morales' enlightening piece.

I, too, with my family visited Catbalogan City a few years back after being away for more than two decades. The road from Tacloban to Catbalogan was horrible, to say the least. The scenery was rustic and beautiful and people along the way seemed friendly and always had smiles. The drive, though difficult, was fun for all of us. The kids even made up a game of "multiple choice" as our van driver had to expertly maneuver different ways to avoid the huge potholes and gaping cracks. Thankfully, we all reached Catbalogan City safely.

As correctly noted by Mr. Morales, the "homing instinct" in all of us, Catbaloganons included, exists. Being in Catbalogan once again and being surrounded by family, friends and familiar faces were more than enough rewards for our trip. We enjoyed very much our brief sojourn in Catbalogan City and appreciated the hospitality given to us. Mr. Morales says in his piece, "the destination is far more compelling than the journey." I couldn't agree with him more. I'd love to visit Catbalogan City again. Hopefully soon.

Name:    Beth
Address:   USA
Date:   06/13/2008

Mr. Tonyboy Morales: You are too funny. My butt (not black-eyed) was on the floor balling. Troy, I know exactly what you mean but the point was well made by Tony. Good day.

Name:   Taga Catbalogan
Date:   June 13, 2008

Well said, Mr. Morales. You hit the nail right in the head. I feel we are still lucky here than those who are wallowing in the "smoothly-paved highways and byways of America" but whose minds are plagued with colonial mentality.

Name:   Tonyboy Morales
Address:   Catbalogan
Date:   June 13, 2008

To Troy of USA:

Which "road" are you talking about? The Catbalogan-Calbayog route is not by technical definition a road much more a highway. The God-forsaken road is due in part to the fact that politicians in Samar have off-road vehicles that could traverse the horrendous route with ease. In Cebu and Cagayan de Oro, they build off-road courses so rich boys can test-run their 4x4 vehicles. In Samar, those who can afford off-road vehicles just simply travel from Catbalogan to Calbayog and back. So, do not go back to Samar using the same route again. Instead, buy a helicopter so you could directly fly to Catarman. Word of caution, though, do not fly low because the NPAs might mistakenly identify your helicopter as one belonging to the military so you may unknowingly end up a char-broiled fil-am.

Since you've promised that you would no longer take the same "horrendous route again," you won't be back in Samar for a very long period of time because the politicians responsible for all these road maladies in Samar have just started to spawn with new relatives as deadly as they are occupying government offices.

But, as a true and full-blooded Samarnon, the end usually justifies the means. Finally meeting your relatives in Catarman after a horrible roller-coaster ride is the pinnacle of your trip. If you love your relatives, you will visit them even if they live in the highest ranges of the Himalayan mountains. There is always a homing instinct built in your system to go back where you really belong. Having tasted the smoothly-paved highways and byways of America only made your trip to Samar's "roads to perdition" even more unbearable. But, Troy, your relatives in Samar have to endure all these travails in their daily travels. They think that riding in a bus that ply the roads from Catbalogan to Calbayog and back as a pilgrimage to sainthood. So much suffering a long the way but the destination is far more compelling than the journey.

So, if you mouthfully promise not to go back to Samar because of the road condition, think again. Your relatives are far more precious than your black-eyed butt.

Name:    Waray Ako
Address:   Rome, Italy
Date:   June 13, 2008

Happy fiesta to all the people of Bagacay ang Cansolabao, Hinabangan Samar!!! May you continue living the examples of our patron saint, St. Anthony of Padua despite the many other things...Keep moving my dear home land!!!

Name:   Troy
Address:   USA
Date:   June 11, 2008

More than a year ago, I went through Catbalogan and Calbayog, on my way to Catarman. I was so disgusted with the road condition, that I promised I would never go down that same horrendous route--ever again, for as long as the that so called "road" exist. So to all my dear, fellow waray, can someone tell me if that governmental embarrassment is a thing of the past?

Name:   Leo Ramirez
Address:   Narra Street, Bgy. 10, Munoz, Patag Dist., Catbalogan City, Samar
Date:   June 10, 2008

To All Zumarraganhon,

Maupay nga pagsau-rog han iyo fiesta yana nga Hunyo 13, 2008 in honor of San Antonio de Padua. I could just wish to be around during this significant day of the year in this beautiful Island and sandy beach place of my childhood days.

Para ngadto han Ramirez, Castillo ngan Flosa Clans ug iba pa nga mga kapaturan ngan mga kasangkayan ha Buntay, Zumarraga, Samar, Maribhong ngan Malinampuson nga pagsa-urog han iyo patron. Upaya an pagsayaw han Curacha!

Warm Regards to All!!!

Name:    Wilma Villamor Orale
Address:   38 DoverRise, #07-04 Dover Road, Singapore City
Date:   06-10-08

Any one know how much the cost in one year if you gonna study in COMPUTER IN ENGENERRING in ESSU Catbalogan?

Name:    Tennie Cruz Jubane
Address:   WA, USA
Date:   06/09/2008

Congratulations to Inday Cruz Jubane's son Wilfredo Jubane Castillo who graduated "cumlaude" at Hartnell College Salinas, California...good job Catbaloganon!!

Name:   Jean
Address:   Brgy. M. H. del Pilar, Dulag, Leyte
Date:   07-06-08

Hello sa mga taga Boronggan pls.. baka kilala nyo si Lorna Naing…friend ko. Pls tell her to send me email. Thanks

Name:   Delia Jadion Baldo
Address:   Brgy.96 Lumbang 2, Calanipawan, Tacloban City, Leyte
Date:   June 8.2008

Maupay nga patron haiyo ngatanan ngadto han mga taga Binalay. Hinaut unta nga aada ka kamo hin mahimyang nga fiesta…labi na gud ngadto hiton akon mga elder bro…kuya Tito and kuya Bal and to their wives and kids...ngadto gihap hit ak mga anty mga cousins nagdto kan Rudy Cabus and his wife Rowena...thanx haiyo ngatan.

Name:    Alicia Clifton
Address:   Tromsø 9018, Norway
Date:   June 7, 2008

Maupay nga Adlaw mga Waraynon og tanan nga mahilig magbasa hini nga page! It seems that waray-waray are starting to come forward and speak their mind, openly without any hesitation of abuse and threat from the subject of the discussion. After all we have this so called 'Freedom of Expression'! But the question if there is freedom after expression is, more often than not, a dead end discusion, at least for now yes we have that, but what about our fellows over there in Philippines particularly in Samar who are constantly threaten by the people in power?

Iton mga journalist dida ha region 8 sayod kon tiunano gingagamit hiton gobyerno iton militar para magtanon hin kahadlok ha kada kasing-kasing ilabi na ha mga parag uma ha kabubkiran. I myself came from a small peaceful village in Samar which is in constant threat because they think that people from upstream villages are supporters of NPA, which is a big irony! The massive militarisation in Samar causes fear and even cost lives! An sinisiring nga balik baril program hiton gobyerno, maupay ito, but the question is, seryoso ba iton gobyerno pagsuporta hini nga mga rebel returnees, if so, for how long?

We all know that these rebel returnees needs complete rehabilition and support, not just in financial aspect but in psychological aspect. After all, they spent their lives in the jungle, fighting for a cause, a cause that this corrupt official are dumb to understand!

Makuri mahisurat iton akon kabido ngan kangalas hiton gobyerno. The government keeps on denying us the good life that every filipinos deserve! One more big irony is what Sec. Domingo said...what comes on my mind when people start to complain about the leaders? Election is not the best way to choose good leader because the fact is...people who runs for a certain position in the government has only one and serve his\her own purpose. Iton pulitiko ha bug-os nga kalibutan, nubenta porsyento haira papriho iton kinaiya...hakog ngan dunot!

Name:   Loida Brazil
Address:   6503 East Myrtle, Baker, La. 70714, USA
Date:   06/02/2008

Hi, mga taga Dulag, Leyte may ada ako sangkay nga hi Easter Arias sangkay ko hiya hadton year 1978-1980 ha Angeles City. Nag abroad hiya ha U.S. naurhi la ako mag abroad, kon may bogto hiya o oropod hiya dinhi ha Dulag, kon poydi pakihatag la it akon email address haiya. Madamo nga salamat.

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