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Name:   Cesar Torres
Date:   16 May 2007

On the Katbaloganon Fishermen from Buri Who were Killing the Dolphins

Dear Aron,

First of all, I received an e-mail from my niece that those fisherman have posted bail in the amount of P40,000 each. I thought that if they can post bail like this amount, I think the P5,000 I had in mind which I was going to send to Lai Minh Mabulay and Charo Nabong to assist the fishermen would have been embarassing. Too insignificant. Chicken feed la. So waray nala ako magpadara. But Tom Marcial in New York says that he will try to raise funds to educate our fishermen.

Anyway, I just feel sad that this would happen. When I was growing up in Catbalogan, in Solangan, and in Villa, I never saw a dolphin. I saw a lumod one time. But that area in Maqueda Bay, where Buri and Solangan are located was so rich in fish and shell fish. That was also before that contemptible bridge was constructed linking mainland Samar (Silanga) to Buri ostensibly for that contemptible airport nga guin kinawatan la hin mga trapos.

Those are bygone days when Maqueda Bay was so rich, when Silanga and the nearby areas was so rich in fish and shellfish -- buraw, hasa hasa, karawasan, rompe de candado, kabasi, silag, buris, other types of fish. In the Catbalogan wharf, sabulod was all over the pantalan. Nobody would pick them up because they were supposed to be poisonous. Sapyaw was all over the place -- from Zumarraga to Catbalogan, to Solangan. As a boy, nangangawil ako ha pantalan in Catbalogan. Kadamo han saguisi-on nga nasibad. I don't even know what we did with the fish we caught. Guin paksiw seguro. But I did not have to do that. There was just so much fish in the Catbalogan market, caught in Maqueda Bay.

I don't know the situation now along that Buri, Silanga, Punta de Jesus area. But I believe nga waray na adton panahon han ka hura hito nga lugar hin isda ngan mga crustaceans.

Of course, those people, the fishermen from Buri, may have committed a crime. No question about that. It is possible they knew what they were doing. But inasmuch as there are so many criminals in Samar, in the Philippines, including killers, and they are not caught and punished, those fishermen were probably thinking that they could do what they did, and they will not be caught and punished, anyway.

There are untold number of criminals in our jails, Aron. In fact, so many children are in jail. Because of a contemptible judiciary, with corrupt judges and lawyers, we have children languishing in jail. And probably many of them are innocent. All because they are poor. CNN has shown our children in prison. It was shown in America several times.

What I was saying in our discussion list was that there should be better ways of making people pay for the crimes that they have committed. Flippantly, I was suggesting that instead of languishing in the provincial jail where they might die of hunger or are brutalized by the system, they should be made to clean the pantalans of human excreta from Basey to Allen, from Allen to Basey until they have served their sentences. In addition, they should be made to study about our marine resources and the seas so that they can appreciate the importance of protecting our marine life. Madali la pag priso, even to kill people. But it is very, very difficult to change people and make them productive human beings in a poor community like Samar, like our country, the Philippines.

Name:   Alma Villanueva
Address:   Michigan, USA
Date:   5-17-07

To all my family and Friends in San Andres Villareal Samar happy fiesta and god bless you all, i wish i was there and be with you all but i can't so have fun everyone. For my sister i know its hard for you because of mom passing away. This is our first time not all together just hang on there sis. The time well come. i love you all.

Name:   Maricris M. Laporto
Address:   805 Twin Oak Terrace, Tannersville, Pennsylvania 18372, USA
Date:   05-17-2007

Pls. help me I hope someone give me an answer. I wanna help my mom. It’s been 44 yrs. Since she left Catarman Samar. She wants to know if her parents are still alive so her brother, sister. I cant wait to meet them. I love my mom. My mothers' name is Aurora dela Cruz Diaz. Her parents name are Emilia dela Cruz Diaz. Elucadio Diaz. Her sisters' name Adela, Luminosa brother junior. She escaped when she was 12 coz her mom want her to marry a guy that she doesnt like.

Her mom ay nagpapa-anak at that time. Yung father nya dating kapitan tapos nagresign nag-aalaga ng mga baboy nagkukopra. Nung tumakas sya mga 1935-60 may mga kapatid na lalaki ang nanay nya (Emilia) Cadio, Sising, Dodoy. Yung tatay nya (Elucadio)may kapatid Felipe, Antonio (dead). Dead na rin ung kapatid ng nanay nya si Mayet ang name.

Gusto kong magkita sila ng pamilya nya. Sana sa pamamagitan nito magkaroon kami ng komunikasyon. Gusto kong ma-meet mga pinsan ko. Yung tatay nya si Elucadio diaz ay taga Talisay Cebu tapos sinundan nya ang asawa nya na si Emilia sa Catarman, Samar. Sana matulugan nyo ko sa panawagan ko. Gusto kong puntahan ang lugar dito sa Samar alam kong napakaganda dyan. Uuwi kami ng nanay ko malaman ko lang kung buhay pa ang pamilya nya. Saan nakatira, ilan ang pinsan ko. Ito lang ang makakapagpasaya sa nanay ko. Umaasa ako sa tulong nyo. Salamat sa inyo.

Name:   Leo Ramirez
Address:   30 Amaretto Ave., Milano Heights, Dannemora, Manukau City, Auckland, New Zealand
Date:   17 May 2007

Dear Ray,

Nangangaro ako hin pabor ha imo kon may ada ka updates han partial result han election, specifically Samar Province down to Municpal levels. Labi gud an partial result ha Catbalogan City. Damo nga Salamat.

Name:   Hon. W A Ray
Address:    Samar
Date:   May 17 Two Zero Zero Seven

Suddenly, we have many pretenders to the name of W. A. RAY at Samar dot com. Like the real winner of an election, will the true blue and legitimate gent named WA RAY please standup. All other identity thieves please remain seated. There can only be one winner in election and so a one and only WA Ray in town. For all we know, WARAY's the election's winner among impersonators.

Name:   PAW2x
Address:  Canlapwas, Catbalogan, Samar
Date:   May 14, 2007

I would like to express my hatred for lossing my opportunity to vote this 2007 election, because of the unsystematic election that was held this day here in Catbalogan....I was so confident that the COMELEC will provide a good and clear list of people who will vote and to where exactly these people will vote.

This day I have experienced a unsystematic election. My name was not found in the list where my neighbors are...and where I supposed to vote. There were no ushers and usherettes who we can asked of where should we go and what's the room of the certain place we should go...Bolok talaga ang systema ng election natin...sayang naman ang boto ko....I have felt that I have lost my freedom and right...Sana baguhin na ang sistema sa election...I want to address this problem to the COMELEC itself kasi sila naman ang responsible dito...nakakainis lang talaga...!!!!!

Name:   Pics Colinares
Address:   Basay
Date:  14th May 2007

To All LRDHS Alumni

The 5th Leyte Research and Development High School reunion will be held 1st July 2007 at the Leyte Provincial Capitol Grounds, hosted by Class 1977. Programme of activities as follows:

4:00 pm Project Blessing
4:15 pm Motorcade Around Tacloban
5:15 pm Meetings
5:45 pm Programme
7:00 pm Dinner etc.

For Class 78 please contact the following coordinators: Malou Tapitan - Mob. No. (63)9173063394; Raul Aguilos - Mob No. (63)9286054670. See you there.

Pics Colinares, Class 78

Name:   William J. Bargar
Address:  691 Crescent Ave., Lemoore, California 93245, USA
Date:   05/13/2007

I was looking up a way to get a hold of my wife Nenita who is visiting her mom in brgy Balud (May 10-about the 25th or so) and I came across your website. Very interesting discussion. If any one there can help me, please have my wife "Nenita" in brgy Balud contact me. Thanks.

Name:   Nene A. Spillane
Address:   London, England
Date:  13 May 2007

Kumusta kamo na mga taga Samar, ngan Ma have a wonderful birthday. Ngan, happy, happy fiesta liwat dida sa mga taga San Isidro Nothern Samar, and also I would like to say thank you to Mr. Ray Gaspay who created this site.

Name:   Alona Mastelero-Strand
Address:   Skarvet 29, Tyssedal 5770, Norway
Date:   05/13/07

Happy Mothers Day!!! Mga kababayan ko na taga Samar, good luck sa election! Sana vote wisely kamo!!! Sana lang maging peaceful ang Election day bukas... God bless you all!!!!!!!

Name:   Luz Nacario Cajipe Jackson
Address:   4099 Maxanne Dr. Kenessaw Ga., USA
Date:   13 May 2007

Good day Sonia. How are you and your family? You are correct, I’m from Sta. Rita. I did not know that there are Cajipes in Calbayog too. If you go and surf in websites, type on Cajipe and you will see them. Some of them are well renown artist in Europe and USA. So maybe we are relatives? Please check if we are really. Mail me or txt me. Here's my roaming cel.pon.09206532369 or email me. Ok dear? Thank you for posting this. Love you all!

Name:   Luz Clark
Address:   South Carolina, USA
Date:   13 May 2007

Happy birthday and many happy returns to Miss Alvie Mae Gavani Fallorina of Catbalogan Samar!

Name:   Dhemos Vacunawa
Address:   Australia
Date:  12-may.2007

Kumusta mga taga Samar, lalo na god an mga taga Allen Northern Samar, thanks for this site…mabuhay god bliss.

Name:    Aron Billon
Address:   Catbalogan, Samar
Date:   May 11, 2007

To comment to Mano Cesar plan to solicit donations to defray for the legal expenses of fishermen caught with dolphins. First of all, these fishermen should go to jail. It would be a great deception for them to claim that they are ignorant of the law. To believe that they are ignorant, then I say unequivocably that Don Mabulay and Charo Nabong had failed miserably in their quest (kuno) to help the impoverished fishermen all around the Maqueda Bay area. The truth is these fishermen are the one who dynamite with abandon and destroys the fishing waters of Maqueda bay.

Kaya Mano Cesar, stop your plan in helping these kind of people, if you want that Catbalogan will be great. In all probability, the fishermen could have dynamited first (as always the case) the dolphins. Thank you.

Name:   Bany Rivera
Address:   Manila
Date:   May 11, 2007

P A I N T I N G !!!!!!!.......Maupay nga adlaw sa lahat. Gusto ko ipaalam kay Mr. young_entrep ng Cebu na madami akong Painting sa mga laban ni Manny Pacquiao Kung gusto mong bumili o kaya kung sinuman ang may gustong bumili mag email lang kayo sa akin. Para ito sa mga Fans ni Manny Pacquiao. Salamat po.

Name:   Sonia Cajipe Lumiares Bacalso
Address:   Bgy Mercedes Catbalogan City
Date:   11 May 2007

I just want to ask Luz Cajipe Jackson, king saan ang galing ang family nila. Kasi ang karamihan sa mga Cajipe ay mga taga Sta. Rita, sana mabasa mo ang sulat kong ito. Ang mga iba ngayon ay nasa Calbayog.

Maraming salamat sayo kaibigan. Sana sagutin mo ang sulat ko.

Name:   Jude C.
Address:   Laguna
Date:   May 10 2007

Mga Samarnon,

4 days nala maabot na iton adlaw hit pag botos..sana maging ikmat iton kada tagsa ha aton nga dapat iton kandidato nga may ada usa nga yakan para hiton mga taga Samar..

Maaram na kita nga tanan nga kinahanglan gud pilion naton iton ibobotos nga maaram hiton mga kabutang hiton mga kablas nga sugad ha aton. Iton nakakabati hit tingug hit mga pobre..

Sering pa every 3 years la kita nakabotos. Sana di masayang ngan mangadto hiton waray gamit nga kandidato iton aton uusa nga botos..

Huh...oi pinag isipan ko yan ha, hirap mag isip anu...hehehehe

Name:   Dondon
Address:   Al Dabab St., Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Date:   9 May 2007

Kumusta na mga San Polihanon ngan mga taga Borongan...WAZZUP!!!

Name:   Dympna Escober Kimmorley
Address:    17 Wynter St., Bundaberg, Queensland 4670, Australia
Date:   May 9, 2007

I am now a resident of Bundaberg Queensland Australia. After 23 years of Australian residency I am still interested with news from overseas specially Northern Samar. Does your news coverage extend that way, if so can you also include news from that province? Thanks so much.

Name:   Dave & Jo
Address:   England
Date:   8th May 2007

We're an English couple travelling around the Philippines, and we've just been through Samar. We could have spent a lot longer there, such a great place we'll have to come back. We met some guys from Oz that suggested that some of you may be interested in our blog & to post it here, so here it is  if you visit it'd be great to hear from you. All the best, Dave & Jo.

Name:   Niño Ver Donaire Hermosa
Address:   Australia
Date:   08-05-2007

Hello Samarnon! Just wanna say advance happi fiesta San Isidro Zumarraga Samar diz comin May 18 & 19. Have fun people. Regards to all ma relatives.

Name:   Mr. Sa Mar
Date:  May 6, 2007

Mr. W.A.Ray,

You are good at your accusations but what have you done for Samar?

Name:   Renie Conjurado
Address:   Foshan City, China
Date:   May 6, 2007

Kumusta ha nga kapadihan namon dida ha Catbalogan, onta may mag email na usa ha iyo, and more power kuya Rey.

Name:   Lito
Address:   Marabut
Date:   May 3, 2007

Dear Samarnon,

Maaram na kita nga tanan han balaud han pagdagat nga igindidiri na an pagdakop han lomod ug pawikan ug ibapa nga endanger species ngabubuhi ha aton lugar dinhi ha Samar nga kon kay-ano nga nahihinabu pa ini? Ayaw nagad naton igbaliwalaini! Magkaada na konta kita hin responsabilidad kada tagsa bisan kita pobre waray iniskoylahan waaray makaun damo pa itba ngapaagi para mabuhi kita. Sanglit nanawagan ako igkasi ko mga Samarnon ngakon mayniyo mabubulig para maidukar pa it iba palihug gad. Salamat sir Ray maupay nga adlaw.

Name:   Mr. W. A. Ray
Address:   Villareal, Samar
Date:   May 3

Re Cesar Torres' concern on the plight of the "ignorant and impoversihed" fishermen who were caught with dolphins appears to have been born out of a long detachment from the realities and concerns of Samar.

Perhaps more apt is to describe this as romantic or a lame excuse to once more indulge in unaudited solicitation efforts which is his standard response to the social ills of his kababayans. Not so few solicitation efforts were launched overseas and elsewhere for the sake of the hapless Samareño. I wonder how much of these good intentions found their way to help the beneficiaries of the donations? What Torres should instead do is to come home and stop pretending that he is another JOMA in exile.
Even Palparan does not know him from Julius Caesar, much more take unnecessary pains to discredit him. He should squarely answer accusations hurled against him as "a government agent of the Marcos regime posing as militant" and/or allow concerned citizens of Villareal take a peek at the solicitations he did in the name of a better Villareal - Kasang-an road.

What would Don Mabulay and the Tandaya people say about his alluding them to help the hapless fishermen knowing fully well that they did was meant more to "educate" rather than persecute them? On the other hand, is it because there are less gullible donors here in the Philippines that Torres prefer to stay abroad? Just asking. More power to Mr. Gaspay and thanks for this wonderful site!

Name:   Elvie Gabon Eleosida
Address:   135 Village Creek Drive, Lake in the Hills, Illinois 60156, USA
Date:  May 2, 2007

Maupay nga gab-i sa iyo nga tanan mga Paranasnon. Mabuhay!!!!!!! kamo dida mga kababayan ko.

Name:    lovecolinares
Address:   USA
Date:   05/02/07

Hi am looking for my good friends from Eastern Samar. Anybody that knows their whereabouts pls. give them my message that I really want to see them when I come home for a vacation. My friends names are Lucy Glino and Margarita Gillo from Cabay Balangkayan and Emy and Baby Caigoy from Sulat Eastern Samar. Waray pa kami magkirita since we graduated from nsg. school and they never answered my letter. Pls. get in touch with me guys…miss you. By the way I am using their maiden names...more power.

Name:   Borongan
Date:   30 April

Panawagan han mga taga Borongan! May-ada ta Online Based Community Forum. Bisita ha  See you there!

Name:   Josephine Repuesto
Address:    12 Jupiter St., Constellations Homes, Zabarte, Camarin, Caloocan City
Date:   April 29, 2007

Hello Calbayog people! I have a friend in Calbayog City who's name is Ms. Joan Hechanova, a resident of Tinambakan, Calbayog City, but now she's already married. She was my former classmate in high school at St. Francis Educational Institute in Allen, N. Samar since 1987-1990, and my bestfriend too. Up to now am still looking for her. If anybody know/s her, pls. inform Joan to send me an e-mail and I am glad/excited and look forward to see/know where she is right now.

I've been to Calbayog since 1998 if not mistaken, but no idea where to find her. Thanks a lot Calbayog people.

Name:   Talahib
Address:   Calbayog City, Samar
Date:   April 27

Have a good day to everyone especially to Mr. Ray Gaspay who creates this site not only for those who are Samarnon but those who wander in this site who create and contribute their concern in Samar. I'm Samarnon and 10 of my colleagues we salute you SIR. I’m so astonish the time I discover this site, it was 7 years ago when I left my fatherland and force to fight the chaos life in other place. Everything, anything in my days I want it prompt because I want to come back to my fatherland with the things I've learn in my struggle, there's no time in my days that I doesn't commemorate my childhood experiences in the MATAM-IS NGA TONA.

Sir we are so proud of you and to all Samarnons who are in continues support for the site you made and I hope our populace will be united even though we converge our ideas only here. "Thank you and more power"

Name:   Elizabeth Lopez
Address:   Alicante, Spain
Date:   april 26,2007

Hello to everyone, hello to you sir Ray, thanks for giving us this chance to post our message, I just want to ask an advise to all of you on how to find a person through this messages, I'M THE ONE WHO IS LOOKING FOR MY MOTHERS FRIEND whom he never seen. She lives somewhere in Samar, can anyone give us some advise what are the other options? To all the relatives, friends or family of FLUCIRFIDA MABANSAG, Manawagan ko sa inyong tanan if where is she now can one of you let us know,please...Magpasalamat kaayo ko ug dako sa inyong tanan.

Name:   Minda Encila Borders
Address:   1515 Markham, Tacoma, WA
Date:   April 26, 2007

Hello everyone! Happy Fiesta dida ha Natimonan, Gandara, Samar. Hi guys! Anyone who graduated in Samar College batch 2003, I would to communicate with. You can contact me at my email add

Name:   Cesar Torres
Date:   26 April 2007

To Ray Gaspay and Don Mabulay:

We will try to raise P5,000 to help defray the legal expenses of those ignorant and poor fishermen who were apprehended because of the dolphins that they caught and were being sold.

But they have to be taught, to know, to learn that we need to protect our marine and fisheries resources. It is terrible to contemplate the possibility that our future generations will not know what dolphins are or to behold a lifeless sea. That area surrounded by Solangan and Buri used to teem with fish, shellfish and other marine life. Now, it is almost lifeless.

Perhaps, Don Mabulay and the Tandaya people should assist in resolving this case of the ignorant and impoverished fishermen along Maqueda Bay. Don, we will send the money to you.

How about other Samarnons all over the world? When the Catholics are celebrating their fiestas, especially the Katbaloganons who worship the Patron Saint of the Fishermen, St. Bartholomew the Apostle, can you allocate a portion of your gala to help the poor fishermen along the Catbalogan seashores and Maqueda Bay? Don't spend too much on food also. Anyway, magtambok na kamo and laden with cholesterol. Share with our fellow believers in San Bartolome who are malnourished and starving.

Wishing I am there

Name:   young_entrep
Address:   Cebu
Date: 26 Apr 2007

I found your website while browsing for supplier for bamboo. I needed materials for my handicraft and i was glad i saw your website. I hope you can also provide links to your local DTI with their email address so I can contact them or maybe DTI Eastern Visayas and see if they can assist me in getting suppliers from Samar too and help the local economy in the provinces especially since we are all visayans.

And it had always been my goal to help my fellow visayans prosper. I know some might call that "regionalistic" but to me it's only my way of helping my community.

Name:   Ana
Address:   Makati
Date:   April 26 2007

Maupay nga adlaw ha iyo nga tanan nga mga nabisita hini nga site, ngan kan Mr. Gaspay, sir mayda gadla ak request unta magbutang ka hin damo nga picture hiton aton city, kay para makita hit bug os nga kalibutan nga maupay it aton lugar, para damo it maging turesta hit Catbalogan ngan bug os nga Samar. Salamat nga madamo.

Name:   Y. Kwan
Address:   Houston, USA
Date:   April 25, 2007

Hi everyone, I enjoyed visiting your website and also the photos of the pretty beaches of Calicoan Island, the caves and lagoons. I would like to meet some local girls from the Guiuan area for friendship. Looking forward to hear from some interesting Filipina. Please feel free to email me anytime. Thank you.

Name:   Luz Cajipe Jackson
Address:   4099 Maxanne Dr., Kenessaw, GA 30144, USA
Email:   luzjak@yahoocom
Date:   April 25, 2007

Thank you Mr. Ray for creating this website. This makes me happy whenever I'm chatting here. From this I gain new friends from all over the world. They were nice people. Please if anything that you need to keep this web site going email me if I can help. God be with you and the staff'.

Name:   Peter
Address:   Sta. Margarita, Samar
Date:   April 25, 2007

To: Samar

I really appreciate that you were able to reach the reading public through the internet, for free. It gives the internet user a clear picture of what is Samar and what's going on in this side of the world. No wonder, most people who know this website may from time to time log on to update them of the real scenario.

As in my case, I knew more what's going on in Samar through the net than living here with no access to printed materials.

Name:   Ana Maria Mandreza-Posadas
Address:   San Francisco, California, U.S.A.
Date:  21 April 2007

There is no rhyme or reason in Calbayog Mayor Sarmiento's very strong opposition to Catbalogan's cityhood except for his selfishness or envy of Catbalogan. As a Samareño (or is he?) and Secretary General of the League of Cities of the Philippines (LCP), he should have used his position to advocate strongly for the cityhood not only of Catbalogan, but Borongan and Baybay as well. Instead, he and his ilk sued these newly-converted cities in the Supreme Court and asked the Comelec to withhold the plebiscite to derail their cityhood status.

What a shame and waste of money, time and resources!

Name:   Ka Edong
Address:   New Jersey, USA
Date:   04-21-07

I know that this is a Samarnon website, but can you also post the list of LOCAL CANDIDATES for the Leyte Province in your ELEKSYON 2007 webpage. I have been trying to look for the list pero waray naman yana active nga Leyte websites.. amo gadla.. salamat hin madamo

Name:   Marilou P.
Address:   Calbayog

Akon gadla konta ginpapakiana sa mga nangatungdanan san Calbayog City mahiunong san amon GSIS remittance nga kay nano nga diri na kami nakaka loan. An siring san GSIS Catbalogan waray man kuno remittance an Calbayog. Pirme nala ini kon san o an tiharani na an eleksyon, mao kami nagkakaproblema sa GSIS. Nakakapinsar ak lugod nga an akon pinaglan sa gobyerno pagparatrabaho, mao siguro an igbabayad san mga botante yana nga eleksyon. Kinahanglan na siguro ada mag mata an mga empleyado. Kasakit sa buot nga gin lilinuko na kita. Mga Calbayognon maupay ba ini?

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