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Name:    Antonio Morales
Address:   Catbalogan, Samar
Date:    Jan 27, 2007

The death of Daram Mayor Benito Astorga is an upfront to democracy. It should be condemned by all means. No political interest is more sacred than human life. Whether it was politically-motivated or not, such acts of violence should be stopped. The courts of law should be resorted to redress a wrong. Bloodshed is an anathema of democratic processes.

Samar has become a killing field of politicians. Some say it is good so we can get rid of them but I always believe that each one must have a day in court even the lady governor whose graft cases are now pending before the Sandiganbayan. Elections are meant to be the venue to battle ideas so that guns won't be fired to resolve issues. The upcoming battle of the titans between political demi-gods in Samar is slowly claiming its collateral damages. May the death of Mayor Astorga be the last in this election season. Let justice prevail!

Name:    Pedro
Address:   Calbayog City, Philippines
Date: Jan 27/07

Ms. Floreza Ruedas Tomiko ....may nakit an ko nga website an Napuron-on…adi an link han ira website...related ka ba kan Mr and Mrs Antonio Ruedas han catbalogan?

Name:    Marilyn Shreve
Address:    North Carolina 27320, USA
Date:   1/25/07

My condolences to the Astorga family for the untimely demise of Mayor Benito Astorga. Vering, we are with you in this hard times alam ko mahal na mahal mo ang kapatid mo. He is now in the Lords hands. It only showed that life is so short kailan lang nandyan tayo sa Daram we were eating at his house during the fiesta now he is gone. To Vering, Mike and family, we will pray for you that God give you strength and most of all peace. Salamat hin damo for your hospitality.

Name:   Jude Centino
Address:   Laguna, Philippines
Date:   1-25-07

Maupay nga adlaw han ngatanan nga mga nabisita han Hitungod hini nga site nagkamay -ada kita contact han aton mga kababayan han iba nga dapit han iba nga lugar…Dako an akon pagpapasalamat han nag organisar hini nga Sana an ngatanan nga nag log labi na an mga nagamit han chatroom, please.....please…mag kamay ada unta kita responsabilidad ha kada usa ha aton…

Musta an akon mga friend nga mablabad ha chatroom friend. Labi na an mga taga BASAY ha BRGY BALUD..musta kamo...

Name:    Floresa Ruedas Tomina
Address:   Naka-ku Honmoku, Osato cho-31-4, Tyokohama city, Kanagawa ken 231-0823, Japan
Date:   january 25, 2007

Hello to all Napuro-on! I'm native from Napuro Sta. Margarita and much happy upon knowing this website. I missed all my family there my sis, Ann Ruedas and brothers. Hope to see you all there in Napuro and send me a mail. God bless you all! and love you all!

Name:   Nancy Salentes
Address:   San Pablo dist., Catbalogan, Samar
Date:   01/25/07

Para sa mga Daramnon ito na ang tamang panahon para magising tayo at matuto. Ipakita natin ngayon ang ating pagmamahal sa ating mahal na Mayor na walang ginawa kundi ang pagsilbihan tayo ng tama at walang pag-aalinlangan. Ang masasabi ko lang dito sa gumawa ng krimin, ito na ang umpisa ng pagbagsak mo. Walang kunsensya, virus ka sa Lipunan. Sana husgahan ka na, sa masama mong gawain.....

Name:   Cristina Bugarin
Address:    Buena Park, CA, USA
Date:    1/24/07

My condolences to the Aban Family for the loss of their father. To my best friend since Gr. 1 @ UST, Tes- I pray for you, your Nanay, and your family that you all pull through this difficult time.

Name:    Antonio Morales
Address:    Catbalogan, Samar
Date:    01/25/07

The decision of the Ombudsman to deny [read news] the motions filed by Samar Governor Mila Tan is definitely an indication that there is hope in the search for the truth in Samar. With the case now before the Sandiganbayan, let us hope that those responsible in abusing their power be punished to the full extent of the law. I hope that this would serve as a lesson to all politicians that public office is sacred and should never be abused to benefit one's self.

I am glad that Mila Tan's support of GMA (she was one of the governors who rallied for GMA during the mock convention organized by Lito Atienza and cohorts that shook the Liberal Party) was not factored when the case was decided by the Ombudsman. Let justice prevail!!!

Name:    Rastin
Address:    12 Metery Farmandary, 4th block, Lar 74317, Fars, Iran
Date:    01/25/07

Hi all...I try to find one of my friend...his name is Bryan Zosa...he live in Catbalogan Samar 6700....if anyone see him or known him...ask the send for me their email...

Name:   Girlie Grimaldi
Address:    New York City, New York, USA
Date:    23 January 2007

Bravo SSU for a job well done! Congratulations to the recent Nursing Board passers. Likewise, Pres. Dr. Simon Babalcon, Nursing Dean Dolores Arteche, officers, deans, faculty and staff of Samar State University (SSU) in Catbalogan deserve to be commended for this impressive feat. Keep up the good work!

Name:    Anabelle Ostulano Casper
Address:    Texas, USA
Date:    1/22/07

Salamat sa website nyo, at least may page ng puyding mag surf ang mga Samarnon. Would like to send my warmest regards to the rest of my family na taga Tambongan. Musta na kayo Mama, Andrew and Bing, Miss you all, I'll see you all on November sa Fiesta, uuwi ako and hope to take my kids with me all my friends from Gandara and Tambongan, or whoever remember me and my family, pls dont hasitate to keep in touch.

Name:   Job O. Javines
Address:   CMOG, PA, Fort Bonifacio, Makati, Metro Manila
Date:   21 Jan 07

To Madam Alma Alcantara Villanueva of Michigan, USA. Madam maraming Alcantara Family sa amin, Calbayog especially in Oquendo but I am not sure specifically who among them is your real RELATIVES? I suggest you may use DYOG RADIO NG BAYAN for PANAWAGAN for widest information and possibly positive result with your query. In this behalf, contact number of DYOG RADIO NG BAYAN Calbayog 055-2091597 Thank You.

Name:   Ray Misa
Address:   7540 Abercrombie Drive, Richmond V6Y 3J8, B.C.
Date:   January 19, 2007

Hi... I just want to know if I could trace the root of Cinco Family of Catbalogan, Samar. And if there is a record of Don Fernando del Fierro (he was a captain in a Royal Spanish Navy and alcalde mayor of Samar during 19th century). I would appreciate any information regarding this. Thank you very much...

Name:    Job O. Javines
Address:    CMOG, PA, Fort Bonifacio, Makati, Metro Manila
Date:    19 Jan 07

Sa akon mga igkasi Oquenduhanan maupay nga Bag-o nga Tuig og salamat sa Senyor Sto. Nino nga bisan pa man iton an panahon waray makiusa san pagsaurog san papistahan pahitungod sa iya nagin mabungahon ngan malampuson an bug-os nga Kasaurugan. An ikaduha ko nga pasasalamatan an akon mga kasangkayan og labaw sa tanan akon Nanay Esing og mga kabugtuan nga bisan anuman an kahirayuon san amon lugar nga gin-iistaran nagkahiurusa gihapon tungod san maupay og paggiya siempre san Mahal nga Senyor Sto. Nino. Hinaot unta sunod nga Kapistahan san aton Mahal nga Santo magkirigta gihapon kita og Marayhak pa an Kasaurugan.

Ramil, Reneboy, Joel, Venus, Jona, Myra, Michael, Bitoy og san ira mga tagsa-tagsa nga mga asawa og mga anak labi na sa amon Nanay Esing salamat ngan maupay nala nga panlawas og giya, pagbuot sa Ginoo nga malikay kita sa mga Kataladman sugad man an bug-os nga katawhan nga nahigugma og natuod nga Sagrado kaupay an aton nag-inusahan nga Kinabuhi...

Name:   One-Stop Training Center
Address:   UEP Campus, Brgy. Mambog, Pinabacdao, Samar
Date:   01/19/07

Maupay nga Bag o Nga Tuig ha aton ngatanan mga Samarnon. An Munisipyo han Pinabacdao in nalilipay nga magpasabot nga abre na an ONE-STOP TRAINING CENTER ha Brgy. Mambog, Pinabacdao Samar.

Ngan nakarawat na hin mga mag enroll para han Special Computer Class sugad han mga masunod:

I. Basic Computer 30 hrs.
* MS Word 2003
* MS Excel 2003
* MS Powerpoint 2003

II. Programming
* MS Access '03
* Visual Fox Pro
* Visual Basic

Ngan nakarawat liwat hin JOB ORDER: Encoding, Printing, Scanning ug CD Burn

Nahimo liwat kami hin:
I. Invation Program / Souvenir Items
for: Wedding, Birthday, Graduation , Christining, Thanksgiving
II.Personlized Calendar, ID Card, Calling Card, Poster, Brochure,
Flyers ngan iba pa.

Bisita ha amon opisina para hin dugang nga impormasyon! Contact Bhyhie - 09108467933

Name:    Mrs. F. Morris
Address:    United Kingdom
Date:    18th January, 07

Good day to all SAMARNONS. And thanks to your site for a chance perhaps to reunite with my dear friends from your area.

If anyone knows of SUZETTE, EVELYN (ROSADINO) and MYRA whom I worked with years ago but more a family than a workmate, could you please inform them a friend (IRENE) has been looking for them for years. As I recalled they often mention a place called BARIGA, close to the beach.

Please-please let a relative know about these search and replies can be send to my email add…Thanking you. "GOD SPEED TO ALL SAMARNONS"...

Name:   Ellie Kässer
Address:   Germany
Date:    18th of January, 2007

Hello to all users and readers of Samar News, I am looking for Ricardo Rellita Tan, who is working at present in Saudi Arabian, he is a cousin of mine and we don`t have any contact for several years from now, it will be a great help if somebody know him and give to him my email add, am looking forward for this. Thanks in advance.

Ray Gaspay and staff, thanks very much for this site. More power to you all and keep up the good work. God bless. Warm regards to all my friends here in Samar News.

Name:   Luzvie Varela Kuhlman
Address:   6204 Claremont Ave., Raytown, MO 64133, USA
Date:   01-17-07

Mana Letty and mana Linda Roa ha Catbalogan, Kumusta kamo ngatanan. Thanks for attending my mother 78th B-day ha Sabang. Sana magkaurosa naman kita next time. Send me a note sometime. Heres my #816-356-1137

Name:   Uncle Del
Address:    Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Date:   17 January 2007

Congratulations to Woodrow Menda Lacanlale of SSPC for passing the Nursing Board Exam (December 2006). We're proud of you! Sano man imo blowout?

Name:   Rufino Yul Saba
Address:   Pasco, WA
Date:   January 16, 2007

Wishing all the Catbaloganons the best in 2007. Kinahanglan la naton nga maging maduruto, mabulignon, ngan maging malipayon. I am still hoping nga iton aton mga bugto dida ha Catbalogan og ha bug-os nga Pilipinas makatilaw kunta hiton kauswagan nga natatagamtaman hiton aton mga kabugtuan nga mga sinwerte. Kumusta iton akon mga kasangkayan dida, I hope to see you all hiton akon pagbakasyon yana nga February.

Hello to all my batchmates ha SSPC. Kun karuyag niyo mangumusta, email me at Promise I will reply. Noel Gabieta ine nga akon sangkay--maupay ine nga tawo...kumusta iton imo dida pamilya, pati hira Josephine Jasminez Tan og an iba nga mga LDS (mormons) ha Catbalogan.

Name:   Luz Fallorina
Address:   Liberty, SC 29657, USA
Date:   January 15, 2007

Congratulations to Lynette Gavani for passing the Nursing Board! I have no doubt that you will make it. Great job!

Name:    Lito Ferreras
Address:   Marabut, Samar
Date:   15 january 2007

Maupay nga adlaw haiyo ngatanan nanawagan ako kung may mga taga Marabut nga naabri han Samarnews o maykilala nga taga Marabut alayun gad pagsiring kon pwede nira ako kontakon ha email ad ko o cell no.09065139696. Damo nga salamat ha tanan nga staff han Samarnews.

Name:    Mr. W. Aray
Address:    Samar
Date:    Jan 14, 2007

It's an exercise of futility for people of goodwill to continue to wish for a yellow road in Samar, filled with concrete, topped with silver and gold. Samar roads have always been liken to prehistoric routes where only four-legged creatures can traverse without discomfort and pain.

So, instead of dreaming heavenly highways to heaven or within Samar, people must revert to the mule, horse or carabao mode of transport to get from point A to distination B. It's cheaper, convenient and practical.

Name:    Anarica
Address:     Alabang, Muntinlupa 6722, Philippines
Date:     01-13-06

Hi PoH,

Good day to all!! Naghahanap poh kasi ako ng lot na benebenta…Gusto ko po sa Catbalogan town mismo, or beach front in Catbalogan samar...Kung my alam poh kayo, just e-mail me...

Hi to my friends there in Zumarraga Samar...The VERZOSA BOYS namely Dexter, Alden, Kim, and Bryan of St. Mary's College of Catbalogan. Also to Novielyn and Randy Donaire of Samar State University...LOL!! Hope you are ok..see ya soon!!

Name:    Alma Alcatara Villanueva
Address:    Michigan, USA
Date:   1-12-07

I would like to address this message if anyone knew of my mother’s brother and sisters in Calbayog City. Their last name is Alcatara. My mother’s name Paulita Alcatara residing in San Andres Villareal Western Samar.

Kong mayroon kayong alam nanawagan ako sa kanila to forward. Anak ako ni Paulita Alcatara maysakit ang mama ko na colon cancer her days are number so please! Hindi namin alam kong nasaan ang mga kamag anak nya hindi namin kilala kayo bago manlang mawala sya makita kayo. Manawagan kayo dyan sa calbayog para kayo mag-kita-kita or contact me at this e-mail address  I thank you.

Name:   Domino Larue
Address:   Princeton, New Jersey, U.S.A.
Date:   12 January 2007

Thank you very much Mr. Ray Gaspay for this wonderful site. You make Samarnons and Warays from all four corners of the world proud and connected despite the distance. I'd like to take this opportunity to greet my friends in Catbalogan City especially Bobby Chan, Eric Latorre, Girlie, Dennis, Shana, and Ria. Hope all you guys are doing great. I can't wait to visit Catbalogan soon. We'll surely have a blast! Ciao!

Name:   Archie Caadan
Address:    Villareal, Samar 6500, Philippines
Date:  12/01/07

Hello to all Villahanons!

Hello to my dearest mother Flora Caadan and my father also. Hi to my friends specially Joe nga addict hn una yna magpapadi na, heheheh

Name:   Aurea
Address:   Catbalogan, Samar
Date:   1-9-2007

Hello to all readers in Samar News, kon hino man it tipalet hit hotel dd ha Catbalogan known (MAQUEDA BAY HOTEL) genbabalegya pati an iya balay ha tabok hit hotel sali packaged deal na tanan contact my email for inquiry kay malakat naman ini hiya para nagdto hit iya anak kay widow naman ini hiya.

Hello to my friend Edna salamat han imo mga tea friend dako na salamat. Kan Aslyn salamat han imo bulig ha akon salamat.

Name:    Anthony F. Bencivenga
Address:    109 S. Covert Ave., Elmont, New York 11003, U.S.A.
Date: 1/8/07

Hello to the Yadaos in Hernani! Thank God nobody was killed or even injured when the typhoon hit that area recently. God Bless!

Name:   Jun Mescallado
Address:    New York City, USA
Date:   January 7, 2007

MAUPAY NGA BAG O NGA TUIG! Ha iyo nga tanan.

If you are my elementary classmate at Sacred Heart College: + Fritz Munoz (condolence to Munoz Family), Rolando Quimbo, Cesar Singzon, Cecilia Valley. You know who you are (sorry I forgot your name) and knows me, it would be nice to hear from you guys.
To visit my site click (or copy paste to your browser):

Name:    Luzviminda Cañete Bacsal
Address:     B12 Lot 14 Villa Lolita Cogon, San Jose, Tacloban City
Date:    01/06/07

To all my cousin kahit saan man lugar mga auntie, auncle gusto ko po sana kayo makilala ako po ay taga Samar din piro lumaki po ako sa Tacloban City at dito na po ako nkapagtapos ng pag-aaral ko. Mga magulang ko ay si Rowena and Francisco piro died na po yong tunay ko na tatay sa stepfather ko nlang ako lumaki sana po makilla ko mga cousin ko kasi diko pa cla na memeet lahat…kon saan sulok man kayo nais ko sana kayong batiin ng.......Maligayang bagong taon sa inyo!!!!!!

Kun mabasa ako sulat kung ito puwede nyo akong tawagan (053)323-1541 / 09193781971

Name:    Bart M. Bartolome
Address:    Brgy. 10 Patag, Catbalogan, Samar
Date:   Jan. 06, 2007

MR. RAY GASPAY, MAUPAY NGA ADLAW. Karuyag ko la manawagan han batch 81' han Samar College nga magkakamay ada kita hin meeting yana nga Lunes Jan.8, 2007 ha Shangrila Plaza Mall ha Mandaluyong, 4pm. MADAMO NGA SALAMAT...

Name:   Andrew Tune
Address:   13 Abotts Bury Road, London w14 8es, UK
Date:   Jan 5, 2007

Hello, Samar Philippines I am 21 years old looking for single lady age 18 to 23 with good family background send pectures no pectures no responce okey thank you Samar News Com.

Name:   The Rock....
Address:    Catbalogan, Samar
Date: Jan 5, 2007

On the statement of Asian Human Rights Commission on execution of Saddam Hussein..........kulang pa gani iton ginbuhat ha iya, maupay na torture iton hiya. Kun sugad na la kita pirmi, damo na tawo madako an ulo kay maaram hira may ada sugad ha iyo na mga ognanisasyon na makapot ha ira....thou indeed ur right on one hand, however, paano na la iton????

They must somehow suffer the heaviest punishment........obvious na iya guinbuhat, damo pa gihap mga kumentaryo.....tsk tsk tsk.....damo pa ak karuyag ig yakan, anyway, good luck on your advocacies, better yet go to the mountains, get involve and see for yourself of what is really happenning around......ggggrrrrrr. Next time damo na ak ig surat....damo buruhaton.....heheheheh

Name:   Nenita Surber
Address:   Modesto, CA 95354, USA
Date:   1-4-2007

Hello Buraknon and Catbaloganon,

Happy new year to all, sa anak ko Raffy and his wife Arlene, my wonderful sister Nida, thanks for taking good care of my little business, my two beautiful nieces, Joy and Jen-Jen and to all my cousins and friends, I hope you all have a wonderful year. I can't wait to see all of you this September Fiesta of Burak.

Hello to Ate Beth Sizemore, I just want to say, I'm really proud of what you did when you guys went home, I heard about your christmas meal for the children, it was a great idea and God Bliss....I wish we all can be there to celebrate the fiesta. I miss you and Emilda, regards nalang kay ate Nida and your family hope to see you soon. Please call me, I don't have your # if you have mine, still the same. If not email me nalang and i well call you. Also Justine from L.A good luck for your vacation to Catbalogan, tell Capitana your good friend I said hello, I'll see her nalang September for sure.

Name:   Andresito R. Geli
Address:   178 Finborough Road, Londodn SW10 9AH, England
Date:   Jan. 3, 20007

Greetings to my first cousin manager and Director region 8 Forestry office Manolito Ragub pinsan belated merry christmas and happy new year and family kumusta nala ha aton sana nasa maayos ang kalagayan mo riyan kami didi ha London antos gihapon okey see you soon and ones again thanks to Samar news com.

Name:   Jenny Feliu
Address:    Ronda Universidad, 33 Barcelona 08007, Spain
Date:   03 January 2007

Hola to all kababayan,

Just want greet everyone here a MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A PROSPEROUS HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR 2007...Hasta luego y besos a todos desde Barcelona con Amor.

Name:   Andresito R. Geli
Address:   178 Finborough Road, London, England SW10 9AH, UK
Date:    Jan. 3, 2007

Pagbati hin bag-o nga tuig hiton akon mga tatay nanay mga kabugtuan kapaturan dida ha Villareal pasinsiya la anay kamo ha akon happy New Year haiyo ngatanan at salamat ha Samar pagbigay daan and more power and god bless mabuhay ang Samar.

Name:   Percy
Address:   166 Totsie dr, Pepper, Fuquay Varina, NC 27526, USA
Date:   12-31-2006

Hi everybody maligayang pasko sa inyong lahat ako ito maraming ta-o dito sa bahay ko pero puro manan mexicano well have a very happy new years 2007

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