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Name:   Frederick White
Pittsburg, California, USA
Date:  Nov. 01, 2005

Hello. Kumusta kababayan. Taga Taft, E. Samar ako, pero nag ukoy guihapon ha Taclobna City 1979-1992. Visit my site

Name:   Ryan de los Reyes, PT
1885 McKelvey Hill Dr., Maryland Heights, MO 63043, USA
Date:   October 29, 2005

Just droppin by to say hi to all ma friends who are still in Catbalogan....ol ma cuzins and SHC HS Batch ' my dear mom and dad...Rudy & Mila de los Reyes......just wana say I miss Catbalogan badly...I miss riding my ancient and antique motor gets me around thoug pretty good....sano dawla ako makakabalik ha akun bungto nga hinigugma-on.....kunta harani na.....

Miss you all guys....u guys take it all easy...and stay safe......all the love and kisses...from ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI, USA

Name:   John Santiago
1120 Malaybalay St., Bago Bantay, Quezon City, Metro Manila
25 October 2005

Ha mga nabasa ko nga nag post hin message usa an nakakuha han akon atensiyon, an tikang kan Engr. Donald Pensotes. Utrohon ko iya gin post. Mabuhay kita ngatanan! Suportahan ta ini. Para ha aton, ha ira, mga bisita NGAN HA BUG OS NGA KALIBUTAN. Ta di harin. Siguro tig api ini hiya ug siguro ansya na.  HAHAHAHAHAHA. Miskan gudman diin pero hala maupay ito kay sering pa pirmi angay aada ha prente.

Name:   Joseph Henry B. Espiritu
Address:   Guerrero District, Poblacion, Bato  6525,
Leyte, Philippines 

Very nice website!!

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Name:   Edith Egargo
Antwerp  2500, Belgium

To Ms. Marilou Llacer good luck in ur bar exam!!! when I see u again I’m sure that I will be talking to a lawyer.....hehehe

Name:   Cesar Torres
12 October 2005

Excerpts from:

Military Demoralization
By Antonio C. Abaya
Oct. 04, 2005
For the Standard Today, October 06 issue

But Capt. Jarque was not alone. I have the permission of Army Col. Ricardo C. Morales to mention his name and to quote excerpts from his paper "Transforming the AFP," parts of which had been published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer more than six months ago.

Col. Morales commands a brigade of Marines in Davao made up of five battalions or 3,000 men. He is a PMA graduate, class of 1977, and holds a master's degree in national security from an Australian institution.. He is on leave right now preparatory to leaving the military permanently.

While his "Transformation" paper, 12 pages long and drafted in September 2003, deals mainly with internal military matters, his comments about what ails the Philippine military bear repeating:

"Even the most optimistic apologists will have to concede after the July 27 (2003) Oakwood mutiny that the AFP is suffering from a deep-seated and long term affliction. In the previous mutinies (in 1987 and 1989), the leaders of this incident were still schoolboys. Nothing substantial has been done during the interval about reforms despite public pronouncements by the AFP leadership and the government.. . Only the blind and the prejudiced will deny the dismal situation in the defense establishment. The Oakwood incident is only one outward sign of a fundamental and long-running flaw within the AFP. These flaws have been gnawing away at the foundations of the AFP and, if left uncorrected, will certainly result in a sudden and catastrophic collapse.

"The AFP is quickly making itself one of the most resented sectors of Filipino society today. Not only has it been ineffective against the local insurgencies, it is also becoming a burden and a threat to society."

What ails the AFP? "The dismal state of the AFP is due to the debilitating culture within the organization that has emerged because of the absence of a defeat experience. Deprived of this stimulus, the AFP has developed what Festinger identified as 'cognitive dissonance' a discrepancy between perception and reality.

"Defeat in the hands of Napoleon compelled the Prussian reformers - Clausewitz, von Stettin, Scharnhorst and Gneisenau - to re-examine and discard Frederick the Great's outmoded methods and establish the tradition of military excellence that Germany has since been known for...Germany's defeat during two world wars does not diminish the fact of its military excellence that remains to this day.."

"Incompetence and corruption are the by-products of the AFP's culture of cognitive dissonance. If the AFP wants to totally eliminate internal restiveness, it must get rid of this flawed culture. Eliminating corruption and incompetence alone is insufficient..."

In a letter to Defense Secretary Avelino Cruz, dated May 23, 2005, Col. Morales laments that "the men and women of the AFP have lived the nightmare of insurgency for all their active service. Still we see no end to this national agony and face the ironic but real prospect of paying 'revolutionary tax' after retirement..

"Everything being done in today's counter-insurgency campaign has been done before - SOT, strike operations, all-out offensives, negotiations, political accommodation, economic assistance - still the insurgencies show no signs of abetting and are, in truth, quietly gathering strength.. Under these conditions, foreign investors will continue to shun the Philippines. Our economic take-off will never materialize. Worsening poverty will unravel our society and cause its collapse. The long-suffering Filipino people do not deserve this future. We in the AFP do not deserve this future.."

In a letter to another official, dated September 08, 2005, Col. Morales gives his reasons for wanting to leave the AFP. "Like the society it is supposed to defend, the AFP is severely decayed; it has lost its ability for self-correction and rejuvenation. Matindi at malalim ang kabulokan ng AFP. I know this from direct experience in the (Gen. Carlos F.) Garcia case. Were it not for the Jarius Bondoc expose, the AFP would not have investigated Caloy Garcia. Ganyan din mangyyayari sa election fraud case.

"I am leaving the Service because there is nothing more that I can do about it. My children will take up nursing or health care giver something because this will provide them an exit from this cursed society.

"I am leaving because neither the NPA nor the Moro rebels are in danger of winning. These two groups are so stricken by internal rivalry and material weakness (mga Filipino din!) that victory for them is only a dim possibility. But they can keep our society poor and growing poorer.

"I am leaving because there is no use fighting a war government does not intend to win. This political system has lost the ability for self-preservation and self-correction. It will make itself extinct.

"The AFP leadership must present a simple proposal to its political masters: end the war or sue for peace, but don't waste our soldiers' lives any longer. Give the soldiers something worth dying for, not this miserable excuse for a nation.."

Name:   Cesar Torres
3 October 2005

This is great news Ms. Fernandez! Re CANDLES!  Please invite Ms. Loudette Avelino of "Building Futures Together Foundation" and Ms. Charo Nabong Carbardo, Ms. Christine Casurao of FPOP, and Mr. Don Mabulay of Tandaya Foundation, and Ms. Kezia Badulid.  All of them are members of Gugma Han Samar Cyberspace Movement.

But I hear that Charo is coming to America sometime this month. So this leaves us with Christine, Don and Kezia.

Since Don may have some wherewithal, we will just pledge for the expenses of Christine and Kezia.  I think Loudette Avelino can send someone from Calbayog to Catarman to represent Building Futures Together Foundation.  We will request the assistance of Mr. Quint Lambino Doroquez for funding support.

Incidentally, I hope Chay Dionco, also of Gugma, can attend.  She has special relations with Catarman, even if she is from Bulacan.

Are you inviting people from the NEDA and other regional offices?  How about the UP at Tacloban?  I had a hand in organizing that UP unit.

Bangin na man puro la ini daldal ha? Do you mind if you give us a brief background of your group and its organizers.  As far as we are concerned, you can look us up in the Gugma Han Samar Website.

Salamat!  And carpe diem!  Kon diri kita, hin-o man?  Kon diri yana? San-o pa?

Padayon!  Frente Amplio! A Broad United Front! Bag-o nga Katilingban!

Name:   Sir Christoph S. Eberle, KR
Address:  Order of the Knights of Rizal,
Europe Area, Bremen, Germany
September 29, 2005

To the Knights and Ladies of Rizal in Samar and Leyte:

Dear brother Knights,Dear Ladies for Rizal,

To all of you this greeting from Germany combined with the wish that you are fine.

The beginning for better exchange among the general membership of our Order, foreign and Philippine, is here. To enhance our communication, to support our programs and mission, to work for mutual meetings in the spirit of Rizal's spirit. I come before you today to ask for exchange of our mailing lists to get in constant touch on Chapter level.

Mabuhay! Non omnis moriar!

Yours in Rizal,

Sir Christoph S. Eberle, KR

Name:    Edwin Guimbaolibot
Homonhon Island, Guiuan E. Samar


Name:    Jun Colinares
Riyadh  11431, Saudi Arabia
29 September 2005

"Happy Fiesta to all Basaynon" My best wishes to all my relatives. Maiha na nga waray ako maka attend han fiesta ha Basey ha iba nga panahon bangin kami makapamiesta. Salini ako niyo han iyo andam kay basi ako makatilaw han gaway nga magpilit, pati an bahal nga tuba padis na an litson. Hangyo ko nga mag marisyo yana nga patron, waray mga hinabo nga magraot, puro la unta kalipayan. Happy Fiesta ha iyo ngatanan mga Basaynon.

Name:   Ronda Fe Suguitan
Address:   Bacolod City


Dear Ray,

Been surfing and I'm very thankful to come across  Please, I need your help and the help of your group.

I'm helping my friend find her relatives who live in Boao.  Is it part of Catbalogan? a barrio? She really would like to be reunited with them after long years of separation. We'd like to go there personally and find them, but then, nowhere in the map of Samar can we find this place called Boao. Please help us find this place and the people we are looking for.

My friend's name is known to be Violeta Cunningham, and she's looking for her aunt and cousins who live in Boao. Their names are as follows: Consolacion (or Salvacion?) de los Reyes – auntie;  cousins: Susing Cordova, Esa Cordova and Herminia de los Reyes.

For any information regarding their whereabouts and the location of the place Boao, kindly email me at this email ad:

Thank you very much, more power to your website, and looking forward to hearing from you soon as well as from your friends who could help us locate them.

Name:    Nena Fernandez
Organization:    Consortium for the Advancement and Development of the Local Economies of
Samar  (CANDLES)
99 Matimtiman Street, Teachers Village, Quezon City, Philippines
28 September 2005

Attention all Samarnon organizations abroad!

The Consortium for the Advancement and Development of the Local Economies of Samar, or CANDLES, is a group of peoples and organizations coming together to share and contribute what they can for the development of Samar’s local economies. CANDLES is also a forum where ideas for development are exchanged and investments are facilitated. In a situation where Samar cannot do its economics yet, CANDLES proposes to do it for the island, with a little help from friends like you.

Thus, CANDLES is currently drumming up interest on how to turn around the plight of the island of Samar, encourage meetings and orientations amongst government and NGOs on the sectoral level, bring in the national and local government line agencies in the development work, set in motion a three -year planning stage for investments, bring in those investments by year 2010, and move the various stakeholders to make a conscious decision to help build the local economies of Samar, not tomorrow, not later, but NOW!

Come November 9, 10, and 11, 2005, the Consortium will be hosting a Trade & Investment Conference to be held at the University of Eastern Philippines, Catarman, Northern Samar, a three-day fete that promises to be a major event in the island of Samar.  Aptly themed Move the Economy – Samar!,  the conferencer promises to be the gathering of the most brilliant and visionary minds in the fields of government, economics, education, trade & industry, and development work.

It is the Consortium’s privilege to invite you to participate in this major event in the island. We hope you may be able to join us in this exciting opportunity to turn around the local economies of Samar.

Please contact CANDLES immediately so we can send invitations to groups or individuals who are interested in joining the conference.

For inquiries, please contact the Secretariat:   Nena 426-1126; Eve (0918) 256 3821; Jun (0919) 577 6150; Fax: 435-3655

Name:   Edith Egargo
Address:   Brussel 2500,

Happy fiesta to all Gandarenos, especially to my family and friends!

Name:   Myrna L. Recamara
Address:   Brgy. 13, Patag District, Catbalogan Samar,
Western Samar 6700, Philippines
26 September, 2005

Hi Ray,

I am in Canberra, Australia right now as guest speaker on 9th October, 2005 for a fund-raising campaign of the "Friends of Samar" group (composed of Filipinos/Australians) to help set up college scholarship fund for underprivileged yet bright students in Catbalogan, Samar.

A friend from Catbalogan, Samar named Jessamin "Jingjing" Aragon-Villarin now based in Calgary, Canada responded to join this prestigious activity.

My warmest regards.

Myrna L. Recamara
cell # 09196259275

Name:   Danny Flores
Address:   Krenken 6-a, Odda  6750,
Date:  21 sept. 2005

Halo sa mga anak kong nasa Kassel og ang mahal kong Mrs. na paalis papuntang France. Ang nagmahal nyong papa na andito sa Norway nag hanap buhay, ngan han akon mahal nga asawa na si Roselyn Toreno.  Lyn happy trip nala han imo pag lakat kay waray man ako dinhe ha Pilipinas, magkita nala kita next year pag tikang na ako dede ha ira Inday ha Norway. Sege ingat kana la ha airport. An nagmahal mo nga asawa ngan waray na iba kundi hi Danny.

Name:   Marita Flores Strand
Address:   Krenken 6-a, Odda 5750, Norway
Date:  21 Sept.2005

Halo sa lahat ng mga kamag-anakan ko dito sa Samar and Leyte. Bing and Toto na taga Kassel og Maikel, GG, Glyn og Tony see you next year sa Norway. And good luck sa darating na fiesta sa Silanga sa okt. Hello to Hayde na andyan trabaho sa parlor ng Catbalogan, d ko alam kong ano pangalan ng parlor. Kumusta malapit nabang matapos bahay nyo sa Silanga???  Helo to Melba na sa Catbalogan din na kapitbahay nila Hayde. Greetings from ate marit sa Norway.

Halo sa ka batch ko ng 83 to 84 sa SNS Komusta na kamo yana waray na ako balita kon hain na kamo. Amit, remember me ? Jocelyn na ada ha likod han Smart komuusta na waray naman ikaw tx ha akon? Gin kokomusta ko an nga tanan na 4rt year, section 2 ngan an aton adviser hi Munoz nga mahosay ngani. Waray ako kontak na kon hain na kamo yana kon ada ba ha abroad. Dere ako naka attend han alumni ha Samar High bisan usa man la. Kairo gad nakon kay waray man nag sering ha akon. Dako naba an pinag bag-o han Samar High naton? Maiha na ako dede ha Norway kay kon hino man an mabasa hini pls. send naman ng message kay kaiha na nga panahon. Regards to Mrs. Blanca Labro han akon teacher nga paborito.

Name:   Adelbert S. Batica
207 West 31st St., Minneapolis, Minnesota 55408, USA

On Mano Profesór's piece on Santa Rosa de Lima: Excellent write-up, Mano Profesór! Villahanons should be proud of their Patron Saint, as Santa Rosa is not just the Patrona of Villareal, but she is also the Patrona of the Philippines and the Americas (that's North and South). She has that distinction because she is the first saint that the New World produced.  More than that, she founded Peru's (and the Americas, for that matter) first social service movement by opening up a shelter to house the poor, orphans, and homeless people on property owned by her well-to-do family. Villareal is indeed blessed to have Santa Rosa.

Name:   Edwin Guimbaolibot
San Diego, CA  92154, USA

Para han informasyon han mga taga SAMAR, labi na gud han mga taga Eastern Samar, May ada na AMA Computer Learning Center ha Guiuan. Kun an eyo mga pag umangkon, bugto o kapamilya nga karuyag mag eskuyla hin Computer courses, May ada na Guiuan. ACLC GUIUAN. Damo nga salamat ha eyo, labi na gud ha emo Mr. Ray G.

Name:   Danny B. Flores
Kassel City, Tacloban City, Philippines
Date:  18 Sept.2005

Hallo Bing og Toto malapit na akong mag uwi dito sa Pilipinas.  Ngayon andito pa ako sa kay tita mo sa Norway na malamig at malongkot. Happy trip to France ngan komusta kay bayaw ngan kuya Doming.ngan komusta an akon inanak nga hi Ellen Marei ha Tyssedal, an imo ninong Danny.

Name:    Tomo Magdadalos
September 18, 2005

Wow! the past four weeks have been fun! damo an fiesta han Samar, just this evening I was invited to a fun Laonganon (Northern Samar) fiesta at the Kowloon house in Quezon City. BOY! it was fun, I never enjoyed like this for a long time. The Tuba was very nice, together with the Kinilaw (ni mano Nalding D.) was perfect!  Congratulation to the hermano! (forgat the name, hubog na ako HA!!!)

The music by Marci. D. was just right, I was able to dance the disco to the beat of the swing! HA!hA! MAUPAY NGA PATRON HAN LAOANG and VILLA, I forgot hr 3'rd town. MAUPAY NGA PATRON HAN AKON HINIGUGMA nga MGA SAMARNOON!!!!

Ha iyo mga hinigugma ko nga Waray Upay! An akon kasingkasing ada permi para han kaupayan han aton bungto! Hasta han katapusan han akon kinabuhi. An Maupay nga mag sarankay diri gudla harumamay, bisan la guti an tagay kakarawton kay sankay.( lyric from one of my favorite waray song)

Iyo Sankay nga magdadalos, at 3am. September 18, 2005.

Name:   Edwin Guimbaolibot
San Diego, CA 92154, USA

Maupay nga aga, udto, kulop, gab e, ha eyo ngatanan. Maupay ine nga may ada ta na web site para ha aton nga mga taga samar.  Malipayon gud it mga taga samar hin it aton isla nahhingadnan hit mga news og mga maupay nga proyekto, para naman it aton mga igkasi Samarnon,, magkamay ada hin maupay nga kabubwason.. Salamat ngan mabuhay it SAMAR.

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