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Name:   Kelguy
Address:   Leyte
Date:  5 Sep 2011

Now is the time to ask yourself: "Am I better off now than before the last election?

More questions to ponder.

1. Are elected/ appointed officials any less corrupt? Same? Better Worse?

2. Are the roads in and around my Barangay the Same? Better? or Worse?

3. Is medical care or treatment for the poor the Same? Better? or Worse?

4. Is the local school performing the Same? Better or Worse?

5. Is the material condition of the school buildings Same? Better? Worse?

6. Is my Barangay the same, safer, or more dangerous?

7. Are more people employed now than before elections?

8. Is my formerly unsafe water now safe to drink? Same? Better? Worse?

9. Is my LGU supporting the needs of the community? Same? Better? Worse?

10. Is the Provincial Government supporting the needs of the LGUs and Municipalities. Same? Better? Worse?

I would bet that 70 percent of the above questions would either be the same or worse than before.

I am not talking about National Government at all. From what I can see... not much has changed in most areas. So my opinion is that the election process has done very little to enhance the human capital so that fewer people were Dependents of Government. I.e. no one has won anything while we lose another 3 year voting investment locally.

People need to wise up and be part of the solution instead of supporting the same old stuff different day. As long as we are stagnant in trying to move forward with progress; "We all lose."

Name:   Adolfo Mabulac
Address:   Zone 2 Paranas, Samar
Email:   amabulac@yahoo.com
Date:   August 21

Lahat ng mga k batch k nong 1984 attend kmo han alumni ha paranas yna nga december 29 attend me kc pg usapan ntin ang batch ntin kc kruyag han mga nsa abroad sa summer uli mg reunion kita tnx…

Name:   Basilio A. Balasbas
Address:   539 Ricarte Ext., San Antonio, San Pedro, Laguna
Email:   basilio.balasbas@yahoo.com
Date:   August 21, 2011

To: Mr. Anonymous II

I do not use pen name, you see what I say, you know where I am, because I mean what I say, for the furtherance of the province of Samar. Come out in the open introduce yourself and let’s help one another. You can rest assure that I am doing this because I do not want that what happened to my parents will also happen to your siblings. My parents were not given the care and the protection that they are suppose to get in our provincial hospital in Catbalogan, they both perished without being attended properly by a registered physician. What is disheartening is the fact that no medicine was ever provided to them by the province, why?. When I arrived they were already dying, they were brought to the hospital and nothing came out, no bedding, no ventilation, no medicine, may I ask why? despite the millions of pesos for the purpose, come on Mr. Anonymous II. Aren't you the medical representative who delivered the medicines for the purpose?, aren't you the official who is In-charge to pay for this medicines? come to the open Mr. Anonymous II. You may not feel what I've been through since the death of my parents in the hospital they called Monalisa.

You do not want upright people to manage the province?, you want the thieves, now that the recall election is approved ready to be contested by the same corrupt politicians, you can make my day. I am not saying that you are a thief, I am not saying that you are corrupt unless you identify yourself I can say you are.

God bless us all.

Name:   Bonbon
Address:   Catbalogan City, Samar
Date:   8-19-11

To all the people behind the recall of Governor Sharee Ann Tan Delos Santos and Vice Gov. Tan.

I would like to appeal to you that, if you want to push-thru this recall kindly include those board members on the first district.

The Governor and the Vice Governor is doing there duties and responsibilities..anot rason nga egrerecall... kay ano nga dere nala hulaton it 2013 election...masyado man ini ka immature nga ira rason nga lack of confidence nga waray paman ngani adto kaproprobari hi Governor Sharee Ann Tan-Delos Santos...Kinikita man it trabaho yana hit governor...damo man it proyekto...Ngan myda man hiya plano hit Samar... It ak pakiana, ano man it nahimo na hini nga mga board member ha 1st district dinhi ha aton? pamati ko ngan obserbasyon waray kay dere naatend hit session.

Ako en usa la nga mulopyo hit Catbalogan, nga andam umugop hit mga tawo nga nagtratrabaho dere kay puro pamolitica...unta it pamolitica tobtob la hit election...dere kay bisan human na an election karuyag pa otrohon... paghulat nala kita hit 2013...pano paman mauswag it Pilipinas kun kada tuig kita magpipili hit leader.

Name:   Edralyn Dabaja
Address:   Pagadian City, Zamboanga del Sur
Email:   juelle_akp@yahoo.com
Date:  august 15, 2011

...ammph i would like to join dis site in porposes that gosto kong makita c Pedro Buhay a 20 IB military hope he contact me this #09084437449 or 09286791039.......pls tel her kong sinu naka kilala sakanya importante jd kau kai 13 yrs na kame walng contant...tanx

Name:   Anonymous II
Address:  Catbalogan, Philippines
Date:  Aug. 7, 2011

To Mr. Basilio B.

If you really, I mean really (pardon my redundance), want to help Catbalogan and Samar change from its present condition, then come over and live here. Help with the leaders during or not during election time...help to change for the better and not to be elected to the office and become a politician...and eventually be one and among them.

I am getting tired of reading your posts - being critical and laying out your plans...we need some actions! If helping is really your ultimate purpose, start it now! Not for political gain someday, somehow. Bow.

Name:   James Galman
Address:   UAE
Email:   jgalman@yahoo.com
Date:   4august2011

Para kan Mr. Basilio Balasbas,

Sano ka paman pag kakandidato para maiboto ka na namon, hadto han hirayo pa an election nag pasangyaw ka na nga makandidato ka bisan waray kuwarta kay siring mo pa an tawo na an bahala pumili kon hain hira, han hirani na an election waray ka na, waray kana ngani magpasabot kon hain kana...kon ako ha imo, ayaw nala anay pag yinakan dinhi o pagsinurat nga subra an imo malasakit han aton higugmaon nga samar kay an ginagawasan nag bibinowa ka la....

Kunta tumanon mo an ngatanan nga imo karuyag mahitabu dinhi ha aton ha Samar...so pagkandidato yana nga sunod nga election.... mag daog ka ngani bangin dida na mawawara an mga corrupt dinhi ha Samar.

Kasama mo kami sir.......

Name:   Basilio A. Balasbas
Address:   539 Ricarte Ext., San Antonio, San Pedro, Laguna
Email:   basilio.balasbas@yahoo.com
Date:   August 1, 2011

During my younger days in Guinsorongan, I use to catch fish even at the shallow waters. I use hook line and sinker and I could catch a variety of fish and I was so happy as a kid, but now that my days in this world are numbered, I cannot even catch a single sea creature using the same instrument. What I can catch are waste of varied plastics and the like. What happened?

I can still remember that big fishing boats were anchored in Guinsorongan, it hauls expensive sea foods in banyeras. With the hauls also are coral reefs of varied sizes, small corals, big coral reefs, they were uprooted that after years of exploitation, after years of abuse what are left in our shores are wastes, plastics and disposables. When you take your vacation and take a dive and swim at the resort of Guinsorongan you will encounter floating "T". I once invited a friend from Manila I was so ashamed because when she emerged after her dive she was carrying the floating "T" on her head. I promised not to come back but I cannot disregard the cries of the folks back home. Who will help them if I wont. Actually I can already sit back and relax, but how can I relax when my siblings are suffering from gross neglect. If I wont help them who will? If not now, when?

The very people who are responsible in destroying the seas of Samar are now lording it over in the province as politicians, very corrupt politicians that even medicines for the poor are not spared. Let us now wake up from the long slumber. Help us reform the system. Lets install non politicians who will work for the poor. We just have to have a political well to do it. We can do it. Let us all work together to attain our objective of transforming Samar.

God bless us all........

Name:   Ka Chito
Address:  Pio K. Tabunda, Sulod, Basey 6720, Samar
Email:   delatorrechito@yahoo.com
Date:  July 25, 2011

Wanted: All religions, churches to arrive at points of agreement on biblical claims

Some querulous individuals these past two weeks who had become interested in the worldwide tales or claims about the end of the world had been asking whether the twin biblical predictions about the “return of Jesus Christ” and the “end of world” are one and the same thing.

To them, if both can happen then both have no sense at all. What will Jesus “return” mean if upon the event of His coming will also mean the annihilation of human population and the world in which humanity dwells?, they asked.

A few of them had forwarded their suspicion of absurdity in the fact that up to now not a single intelligent person is so credible and infallible as to be regarded as a final authority on the determination of as to which comes first: the “return” or the “end”.

Filtered into this seeming absurdity, as they said, had been the argument that if the “end” is to come before, then the “return” will be meaningless: what will Jesus return for when there will be no humans in sight anymore; what will Jesus see on His return?

Thus, the conclusion of these independent, rather, “illiterate” (because, if they could read, they had not read the bible, or they finished only Grade V but forgot the letters of the Filipino and English alphabets since reaching age 14 because the government’s education program only succeeded to that far among those who decided they could not continue being educated), opinion makers: all bible-based religions, religious sects, churches and missions should now come together to arrive at common conclusions from common interpretations based on commonly agreed biblical citations, on both the “return” and the “end”. Just which among them will call the shot doesn’t matter. If it will be the Catholic community, so be it, since in fact, in the Philippines, it has the most number of followers. Or anybody. Will the leaders of the other groups respond to the call?

Of course, the clearinghouse envisioned by that ideal social structure would not be able to achieve its desired goal or direction. Thus, there will be days set aside during which each group will need to make decisions for its own selected discussants (or however they may be called, presenters or delegates, perhaps, or maybe simply scholars [ahem!]), plus preliminary days at which to meet with their counterparts from all the participating groups to compare their respective group’s decisions and then to arrive at common rules, and finally days for deliberation and final agreements. The final conclusions arrived at should be signed by them and then made public – via the media (radio, television, newspapers, magazines and other forms of printed media, or electronic [telephone, cellular phone, email/internet]) and public forums.

This has to be so, so that all those who wish to be guided can make their own intelligent conclusions and decisions. After all, every population is a community of humans who are said to be creatures created by God Who has only one set of messages for His own creations, which must be understood, for everyone’s own salvation, according to only one interpretation. Without this event, the social blunder will continue, misguiding more and more people and dividing believers, and the senseless debate on points that are not even debatable will continue to hurt beliefs and faiths, to the heart’s contentment of the Luciferous Satan the Devil. This is their challenge, which I hereby adopt and push for wide and popular acceptance.

The absence of common interpretations, thus the absence of a common understanding, is as real as to apply to even almost convincing claims that the signs of Jesus’s return or of the world’s end had begun unfolding already many, many years ago. Since there are no common agreements among all churches and religions, interpretations and predictions always tended to be false and to fail. And for as long as this culture of disagreement continues, there will be more and more failures to come and happen. Divisive Faith in progress, that is. This is not unlike how leaders behave so as to make peace and order evasive. But there has to be road to agreement. There must be a final call.

Any taker? Who will start calling?

Name:   Kenji
Address:   Quezon, Philippines
Email:  k_kenji79@yahoo.com
Date:  07-20-11

Do somebody know Elias R. Alico Jr of Samar State University. please send me picture of him. your help will be appreciated.

Name:   Gilda Cabrales-del Pilar
Address:   35 Hillcrest Drive, #211 Daly City, California 94014, USA
Email:   delpilarlg@yahoo.com
Date:   July 14, 2011

I have responded to a message from Erlinda Galero-Tejero sent through Samar News. I expected a response but I have not heard back from her. I also would like to touch base with her and hope she reads this message. My brother Sonny Cabrales and Dr. Isidro Corrales also sent her messages but no response from her either.

Name:   Anonymous
Date:   July 13, 2011

Kudos to Daram: From Chismis to Business!

It is wonderful to see initiatives from local government units such as the one pursued by the municipal government of Daram. It is true that Samar has a very high unemployment rate especially the women. However, it is equally true that we have vast unproductive land. Initiatives that try to use what is locally available is laudable.

Instead of just doing chismis the whole day, women with no source of income should be encouraged to do small-scale farming. The first step out of poverty is food sufficiency. It is sad to say that Samar still has to import from other provinces vegetables that could have easily been grown locally. Teaching our unemployed provincemates the art and science of farming is one way to making them productive members of our society. Not only will they be able to feed their families with nutritious food, they could earn a little more.

The baby steps to economic progress is slow but if done right and everybody does the same thing it will uplift the conditions of thousands of Samarenyos who are living in poverty.

Kudos to the Daram LGU!

Name:  Marianito J. Hernandez
Address:  Chicago, ILLINOIS, USA
Email:   nitoy_h@yahoo.com
Date:  July 11, 2011

Fight the good fight of faith, [CFC-FFL SAMAR] people of God! Run the good race your sons of the Most High, and inherit the Crown of Life from our Lord Jesus Christ!

CONGRATULATIONS and God bless! on your CFC-FFL PROVINCIAL ASSEMBLY on Sunday July 17, 2011; VENUE: Fame Hotel. Address: 6th St. Brgy. Muñoz, Catbalogan City, Samar.


WORSHIP is the vocation of every Christian. It is the core of our relationship with God. It is indispensable to one who professes to live a life for God.

Now worship is such an amazing privilege, which many Christians are not fully aware of. As such, they are missing out on much of what God has in store for them.

Do you know that when we worship...
- we come into the very presence of the King of kings?
- we attend a lavish banquet?
- we can bless God?
- we are practicing for when we go to heaven?

Find out more. Enter into a lifestyle of worship.

[From the book W O R S H I P by Frank Padilla, Servant General of Couples for Christ Foundation for Family and Life (CFC-FFL)]

Name:   Tonyboy Morales
Address:  Catbalogan, Samar
Date:    07-07-11

Inday Inday ni Sara

The Dutertes of Davao are known to be tough or to say the least they want to be perceived as tough. Dad Rody, former mayor and now vice mayor, has been dubbed the "punisher" by Time Magazine for the numerous cases of extra-judicial killings he alledgedly orchestrated. He is suspected as the brains behind the Davao Death Squad (DDS), a vigilante-type organization that kills lawless criminals. There are numerous claims however that there were innocent civilians killed due to mistake of identity or as a collateral damage. The Commission on Human Rights have been trying to pin down Rody Duterte but no one is brave enough to stand up as a witness. It is true that Davao is one of the safest places in the country but you just have to pray that you will not be at the receiving end of the Duterte's wrath or you may be "silenced" next.

Sara Duterte is merely showing her being the daughter of Rody. Being tough in Davao city politics is important. She was merely playing a toughie role to please the crowd when she punched the sheriff who was ordering a demolition.

Was it justified?

Tanggol Bayi says it is! I think, it is not! The greatest test of one's quality is not on how you can control others but on how you can control your self. Anger Management is one thing that she has to take. Of course she did punch the sheriff knowing fully well that she got a bus-load of bodyguards. In this country of ours, showmanship is a political tool. As you can see, people are divided whether what she did is right or wrong. In civilized societies, what she did is wrong. Decency requires settling differences in amicable and civil manners.

For the poor!

I am always astonished how politicians, press people, and even bishops use the excuse that whatever they did, even if patently wrong, is justified when they do it for the poor. The end still does not justify the means. So many times we invoke the name of the poor to justify grossly wrong actions. So many times we use the name of the poor people to justify illegal transactions.

For Inday Sara, Mayor of Davao City: Punching another person whether he is a court official or not is wrong unless you are defending your own life of course. In the Youtube video, she was merely trying to put her anger in the proper face (should have been a proper place, it landed on a face). No amount of justification especially if the name of the poor is invoked will ever suffice.

For the Samar Island Press Club: Compromising the independence of the press especially towards the politicos is wrong. No amount of justifications that the medicines are for the poor will make the ugly marriage of the press and the politicos look good.

For the Bishops who got luxury SUVs and payolas from the PCSO: You always say it is for the poor. The poor's name are always dragged as if it justifies everything. It's okay if it is for the poor but the source of it all is from the government that is corrupt and trying to influence the stand of the CBCP on certain issues in the land. Plus, how could you preach that you are against gambling when you profit from the biggest gambling operator of the land, the PCSO?

The end does not justify the means, period!

Name:   Tonyboy Morales
Address:   Catbalogan, Samar
Date:   Jul 6, 2011

Bishop De Dios: A Rotten Tomato

Butuan Bishop Juan De Dios's was caught with his pants down. His letter to former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (GMA) asking for a birthday gift was the biggest evidence of how he used his influence as a prelate to seek favors from the former president. GMA should have discouraged the release of the SUV to the bishop but since she owes a lot from De Dios for saving her ass during several impeachment moves, she has allowed herself to be corrupted. Well, she already is. She was just trying her best to be consistent.

Who should be criminally charged? Well, GMA broke the doctrine of the separation of the church and the state. In the guise of helping the poor, she has released millions of government money to favored bishops so she could be protected during several attempts to unseat her. GMA and her appointed apologists in the former PCSO board should rot in jail for scandalous transactions that are grossly disadvantageous to the government.

Is Bishop De Dios liable too? Oh yes, if not legally, he is morally liable. He should be sent to Timbuktu for some soul searching. I wish Pope Benedict should know this so he can do some corrective action to spare the entire catholic church from shame.

As a rotten tomato, Bishop De Dios should be taken off from the basket lest the entire catholic hierarchy be chastised for cuddling grafters and corrupters.

Por Dios, por santo!

Name:  Girlie Grimaldi
Address:  New York City, New York, U.S.A.
Date:  1 July 2011

I was very pleased to read from the Philippine Star, July 1, 2011 edition, about the Supreme Court's decision with finality concerning the constitutionality of Catbalogan's cityhood and 15 others. In the end, justice and fairness prevailed, as the article correctly noted.

Many thanks to the countless people who worked hard and spearheaded this worthwhile endeavor. Kudos to you all for your unwavering faith and perseverance despite vehement opposition from the League of Cities of the Philippines and selfish politicians whose motion for reconsideration was junked by the Supreme Court.

Mabuhay Catbalogan City! Padayon kita!

Name:   Adelaida Bulaon
Address:  London, UK
Email:  info@balitapinoy.net
Date:  1 July 2011

Balita Pinoy Launches Its News Agency To Cater For Citizen Journalists

Balita Pinoy is launching its news agency, which is essentially for 'Citizen Journalism' - the news service where you tell the stories. Send us your news stories, images and video.

These will then be placed up in Balita Pinoy, and also where newsworthy on a wider scale, will be offered to other agencies, newspapers and magazines for sale. The fees from such sales will be split 50:50.

There are many times every minute of every day when something happens and news reporters from the major agencies are not there on the scene to record it. Or in fact the big boys may be there but miss something newsworthy while you get it recorded on camera or video.

Nearly everyone now has a cellphone with a camera/video facility in it. Put it to use.

You may also have a story of your own local community or group you wish to get more exposure, send it to BPNA to get it aired.

You could also be an established journalist who wants to get more exposure, or have a story their editor will not publish. This type of freedom of speech gives the man or woman on the street a voice and a platform.

Whether they're in Albay or Zamboanga, or for OFW's, in Alaska or Zimbabwe. Anyone, anywhere may contribute.  For full details: http://www.balitapinoy.net/citizen_journalists_section.html

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